The Plant Society-Headache

"The Plant Society-Headache"

Here’s a feature tune just added to our playlist to checkout-

The new single Headache from Melbourne’s ‘The Plant Society’

Dealing with Covid19 lockdown, they did what all good artists do when locked away- write and record.

plant soc headache cvr rotate.jpg

Melbourne based band, The Plant Society makes Lo-fi supersonik elektronik synth unpop music and music videos clips. Consisting of 3 member, Hanson on guitar, Aravind on bass/vocals and Teo on keys/vocals, playing original songs and cover songs. This band has been created during the pandemic and the group connected via the music app Vampr. The group is creating a demo catalogue of tracks right now, to be able to perform live once restrictions are over, but in the mean time they will have a few virtual shows online.

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Stuart Dwyer-Wait Another Day Single and Video

"Stuart Dwyer-Wait Another Day Single and Video"

Here’s the new single from Stuart Dwyer’s Debut EP ‘Before The Night’ featuring on soundslikecafe.

stu dwyer.png

Stuart Dwyer is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Sydney, Australia.

There are many ways to describe Stuart, unique, talented and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties them all together and is true to their character: Stuart’s music is Real. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. Stuart’s music does so in just the right way, combining art, story, and song in perfect unison.

 You can get a great sense from the video for the song shot in Tasmania

Stuart’s first EP “Before the night” was released in February 2020 with his next single “Nobody Else” due to be released in October 2020.

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Adam Jones – Fool In The House

"Adam Jones – Fool In The House"

Australian blues, folk-rock and alt-country singer/songwriter/musician Adam Jones’ new single Fool In The House is released 11 September 2020. Adding ‘hip-hop’ to the acoustic blues that features on his first 3 studio albums, this socio-political song in support of racial equality, features a rap written and performed by 22 year old South African artist Sabelo Cyprian.

After seeing on the TV news the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in response to the murder of African-American George Floyd, and some subsequent actions by the US President, Adam wrote this song on the 1st of June during the ‘pandemic lockdown’ in Melbourne, Victoria. Coincidentally, just after the decision had been made to record the song, Sabelo made contact with Adam after seeing his profile on social media and enjoying his music, and a rap was written and added to the song, with Sabelo going in to a recording studio in Durban, South Africa, to track his vocals.

Adam Jones Photo


Fool In The House was recorded at Echidna Studio in Christmas Hills, up the Yarra valley from Melbourne, by studio owner, engineer and talented musician Greg Macmillan, who performs bass guitar, electric lead guitar and congas, along with programming the drums and percussion and mixing the song.  Fool In The House was then mastered by Andrew Beck at Damien Gerard Sound Studios, Sydney Australia.

“He’s the fool in the house on high while we fight on the street and die!”, implores Adam, before Sabelo raps about his experiences of racism growing up in South Africa. Adam concludes that “the righteous will no longer hide” and “we must give this world a better turn”.


Cenzina – New Feature Single – I Want You

"Cenzina – New Feature Single – I Want You"

Soundslikecafe is proud to feature this exciting new singer – Cenzina – self described as an 80’s dance-pop diva inspired by Madonna.

cenzina cvr 800pix

Treading her own path in the pop scene; Cenzina is blasting into the music industry with some older school roots. Inspired mainly by Madonna, she is an independent artist who has been studying voice and piano for many years and currently is coached by David Butler.


Cenzina has ambitions to grow her fanbase and become an overall successful artist; a statement bolstered by her involvement in  Craigieburn Central’s Unity Festival  in 2019, Reservoir Stomp in 2017 as part of Darebin Music Feast, Scorcher Fest in 2016 and her feature on a popular U.S. podcast  “Woman Of Substance” .

cenzina pr

Keeping up her busy schedule, Cenzina  has been promoting her latest single , “I Want You” at open mics around hotels and pubs.

cenzina live

Check out the single here


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Throwing Shapes EP Tranquility Base review

"Throwing Shapes EP Tranquility Base review"

Tranquility Base

 (reviewed by Adam Jones (July 2020))

At its base we find tranquil synths, but as a whole our ears are assaulted with the addition of some enchanting bass and drum electronic grooves. The fourth EP (since 2013) ‘Tranquility Base’ from Throwing Shapes, the innovative and progressive Perth dance music duo – Fox Shannon and Matt Huxtable – delivers some frenetic beats over melodic stylings using piano, bass and some powerful synthesised sounds.

This instrumental dance outfit are known for their energetic and captivating live shows as they garner more interest and entries in dance music compilation albums and Spotify Playlists. From the opening title track through to the moody closer, Throwing Shapes are ‘Defiant, Yet At Your Mercy’, with five solid tracks given some cool titles, such as ‘Wonders To Behold’, ‘Demons Run’ and ‘Marauder’!

These guys are to electronic dance music today what Pink Floyd was to progressive rock back in the late 60s and 70s, providing some creative, moving and beautiful melodic sounds over some of the best bass’n’drum electronic beats you will ever hope to find.

Whether you want to indulge your aural senses at home, in the car, or down the club, with some superior quality dance music, go no further than Throwing Shapes and their latest offering.  It will be worth it!

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 6.05.52 pm

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Julie-Anne Marshall Releases Dream Pop Single Crossfire

"Julie-Anne Marshall Releases Dream Pop Single Crossfire"

Soundslikecafe is proud to feature the new single from Julie-Anne Marshall “Crossfire” – 

Julie-Anne’s latest song release ‘Crossfire’ has her stepping into the dream pop genre. With her vocals taking on a whisper pop vibe in this song, she still remains true to her lyric driven evocative songwriting style. This diverse songwriter is showing that not only can she write across genre’s but her vocals are more than able to traverse the genre divide.

Hailing from Adelaide, Julie-Anne Marshall is an independent singer-songwriter who is not limited by musical boundaries – soft rock, easy listening with some jazz, roots and blues and a bit of folk and pop.

Julie-Anne independently released her first album “Bluebird” in 2016 with follow up singles “The Dawn” and “Memory”.

For Julie-Anne the song leads the way and songwriting is the sole reason she performed with bands around Adelaide working on her performing and song writing skills. Piano is her instrument and her vocal style is earthy yet ethereal, with songs that are lyric driven, melodic and wistful yet wishful.

1000JM Photo 05.2020

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Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base

"Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base"

Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base

EP8 Cover Sqaure

Throwing Shapes is Fox Shannon. An electronic and Drum and Bass producer from Perth, Western Australia. Unique and forward-thinking electronic music. With influences from Pendulum, Sub Focus and Shock One to Disclosure, Deadmau5 and Slumber Jack.  

His energetic performances and catchy dance floor hooks have won him growing interest from community radio, with airplay around the country. And seen him feature on numerous compilation albums. And secure billing at local underground dance events, such as ‘Reawakening’. 

Throwing Shapes latest release,the EP ‘Tranquility Base’ is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other streaming services. 



(Tim Fox Shannon)

Track descriptions:

Tranquility Base – (Mid to up tempo) The title track, is up lifting and euphoric. A truly majestic feeling to this track. Angelic choir pads floating over a rolling rhythm section. With synth leads in the chorus that lift you higher and higher. The song is about the beauty and fascination of creativity and fantasy, that we all possess.  

Demons Run – (Mid tempo vibe). A slightly deeper, introspective type track. The verses lend themselves to a sort of fantasy world that then drops away into a large space with a dominating bass synth, in the chorus. Gradually opening up to the more ambient, introspective sections of synth chords and leads. The title is taken from a Doctor Who episode called ‘Demons Run, When A Good Man Goes To War’. 

Wonders To Behold – (Mid to up tempo) Beautiful piano chords that build to a catchy lead synth line in the chorus, with a positive and up lifting vibe but also somehow defiant and proud. It ends with a sort of marching beat. A triumphant feeling of overcoming struggle, on this track. 

Marauder –  (Up tempo) Is probably the heaviest track on the EP but it’s also got the most funk and groove. A rolling, funky rhythm based verse which drops into a dark chorus of fat driving bass synths. The song gradually opens up to more melodic sections with a positive vibe and different chord changes, as synth lines and ambience builds the track to it’s crescendo. All the songs on this EP gradually develop and evolve throughout course of the song and take you on a journey. And this track is no exception. 

Defiant, Yet At Your Mercy – (Down tempo) Is the mellow track with the deepest vibes on this EP. It begins with slow ambient choir pads, chimes and some atmospheric ear candy that builds and drops into sort of swing’ing beat and wide synth chords, that have a slightly sad, introspective feeling followed by a lead bass synth line that drives that feeling home even more. The song evolves further and you’re introduced to a piano lead section which caries the main melody of the song and is a highlight of this release. 

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Young Rising Star Milena Releases Debut Single ‘Will You’

"Young Rising Star Milena Releases Debut Single ‘Will You’"

Introducing Milena – a singer, songwriter, pianist, actress and model that grew up in Sydney, Australia to Montenegrin born parents.

Her debut single is a catchy, beat-driven dance ditty called Will You and is included on the SLC October Playlist


From the age of 9, Milena took up singing and piano lessons as well acting classes, dance classes and martial arts classes and is a former 2-time Australian Karate Champion.

In the past 5 years, Milena has been working in the music and acting industry regularly and has had the chance to vocally back up ARIA-winning Australian artists such as Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian and Samantha Jade, to name a few. She has been involved in several TV commercials, TV shows, telemovies, feature films as well as music videos playing lead roles for major and independent artists.

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CaliCisco – One Last Night EP

"CaliCisco – One Last Night EP"
CaliCisco is the name of the new musical project of songwriter Joel Leffler.  The name was inspired by his love of the Western part of the USA – a conglomeration of the names San Francisco & California.
Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 3.51.47 pm
The ‘One Last Night’ EP follows the story of a couple who had parted ways, leaving one of the parties to deal with different stages of grief.
‘Smoke Clouds’ is the first single to radio from the EP featuring a tight snappy verse structure & a four-on-the-floor disco beat chorus complete with Bee Gees style falsetto vocals. ‘Smoke Clouds’ lyrically touches on flavours of a love that can be so inundating it can literally leave you feeling high.
The EP features elements of mellow piano, funk guitar & punchy synth throughout the 5 tracks, underpinned by dance beats &catchy loops that all enhance the lyrical melody. Songwriter/Producer Joel Leffler set out to create an EP that represented both elements of his songwriting world with tracks like ‘Smoke Clouds’ & ‘Got It Good’ heavy in synth and pop guitar whilst ‘One Last Night’ tells a story through an honest lyrical delivery.
‘Feeling Like’ introduces itself in simplistic fashion with record player static, a piano loop and a close raw vocal. Before you know it the song is in full flight with Synth risers leading into a catchy vocal driven chorus. A strong beat accompanied by a vocal synth melody perfectly illustrates the new sound direction from songwriter Leffler.
‘My Heart’ begins its journey with an earthy assortment of piano, lead guitar and a mellow bass line creating the foundations for a raw honest vocal to enter. When the chorus hits, a bouncy synth bass & keys lead the charge with the return of the lead guitar melody. ‘My Heart’ follows the story of a man who leaves a trail of self-sabotage in love, where he fails to protect his heart while wearing it openly on his sleeve.

‘Got It Good’ starts with an upbeat pop arrangement, settling itself into a beat-driven verse reprieve. A repetitive lyrical hook in the chorus is accompanied by multiple synth melody lines that completes a contemporary electronic/pop sound. ‘Got It Good’ is a story about a female who lives the high life of travel, booze & disposable income.

‘One Last Night’, the title track of the EP & the stand-out storytelling song, is led by sustained grand piano chords & a close vocal that makes you feel like you are sitting in the same room as the singer. The chorus features swelling orchestral strings, harmonising back up vocals,  synth keys & a strong drum beat while lyrically the song depicts a couple sharing one last night of passion together even though they both know it’s over.
Download CaliCisco – One Last Night now:
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Nick De La Hoyde – new single ‘Animals’

"Nick De La Hoyde – new single ‘Animals’"

Our new Number 1 from an excellent response we are proud to feature Nick De La Hoyde on soundslikecafe

Currently clocking up more than 80,000 listens per month at Spotify alone, Nick De La Hoyde is a young Aussie artist who has been making waves both locally and overseas for the past 3 years.

The first single from his forthcoming debut album (A Beautiful Mess) is called Animals. It’s a catchy electro-pop tune that offers an infectious radio-friendly and contemporary sound.

The song has already appeared on the Mediabase Top 40 Activator Chart in the US at #57 ! It’s also being played in over 60,000 retail stores across America!

Locally, Animals has been added to Coles Radio and Collective Noun, while Nick has enjoyed interviews at NOVA Radio and KIIS FM!


Growing up in a multi-cultural home with a Syrian mother and British father, Sydney based, singer songwriter Nick de la Hoyde was exposed to many global influences that he now weaves into his music.
Melding his love of hip hop, pop and R&B with introspective lyrics that chronicles a young musician’s journey to adulthood, overcoming life and artistic challenges along the path, Nick and his long-time producer/collaborator/older brother Joseph (ZUZU) de la Hoyde, have together crafted a sound that is simultaneously intimate, expansive and engaging. Having penned confessional, real life anthems, such as Thru 2 U, Mirror Mirror, Hold Me Close, and Love Takes Time, that oscillate between moody, textured R&B, anthemic synth laden future-pop and hip hop moments, combined with a lyrical earnestness that speaks directly to today’s younger generation. Nick has quickly made a name for himself, cultivating a large and dedicated on-line following and becoming a powerful voice for youth empowerment and positivity. [Spotify]

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 4.15.43 PM


Check out these amazing stats:

CHART Billboard BDS Top 40 Indicator (multiple Billboard prints in top 40)— Mediabase Top 100 Pop-Spotify Future Hits Top 10 (AU)–Changing-Spotify Australian Top 100–Changing-HIT30 Count down (#6) –SCA Hit Network-AIR Independent Radio Chart Top 10(#9) -Hold Me Close-Sounds Like Cafe Top 10 Singles Chart(#1) -Hold Me Close

SiriusXM –High rotation for Hold Me Close -Channel Venus-BBC Radio 1(UK), Kiss FM(UK), Gaydio Radio(UK), KMFM(UK)-SCA(2Day, Hit105, FoxFM etc)KIIS FM, NOVA, SEA, Edge 96.1

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