Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel Release Album ‘To The Wind’

"Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel Release Album ‘To The Wind’"

Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel Present New Album
To The Wind

When Fiona and Rebecca flew to the USA from Australia, it was to tour and to record with producer Cookie Marenco. Fiona and Rebecca played to full houses in a series of iconic venues that would add a lustre to any artist resume: Carnegie Hall, Dizzys Jazz Club, The Moss Performing Arts Centre, The Hollywood Piano and topped by a live concert at Echoes for NPR.

With the tour done they moved to the studio. Producer, Cookie Marenco, known for her trademarked pristine recordings to DSD256, was ecstatic with the results. The now critically acclaimed “Heavenly Voices” is a testament to their virtuosity. The time on stage meant their skills were honed to a knife edge and “Heavenly Voices” became a heavenly recording.

‘Rather than stop recording, this duo decided to try something new – compose music on the spot and reimagine songs they had recorded in the past. They brought freshness to older pieces with piano, violin and voices. All recorded in one take, live in the studio,’ says Cookie.

“Heavenly Voices” was released globally in March 2021 with great success. With the world still shut down, Fiona, Rebecca and Cookie agreed that those stunning ‘one take’ sessions should be released. They have become the follow up – “To The Wind”.

‘Personally, ‘The Void’ and ‘Blue Dream’ are two of my favourites to play. ‘My Hands Were Busy’ was initially going to be on the Lightness of Dark album, but we ran out of time. The song then became an integral part of the concerts, due to its moving and emotional connection with the audience. This collection brings a true “live” experience, presenting a concert performance with a studio quality sound. No tricks, just two musicians in a studio, recreating highlights from their concerts.’


Fiona Joy Hawkins is a classically trained pianist and singer inspired by Mendelssohn, Chopin and her Celtic heritage. Her song ‘Grace’ was on a GRAMMY ® winning album in 2014. In 2016, she won two categories of the Independent Music Awards. In Australia, she was an ARIA Finalist & MusicOZ Winner.

Rebecca Daniel studied violin and chamber music with Emanuel Hurwitz and the Amadeus String Quartet at The Royal Academy of Music. She was invited to move to Australia to join The Australian Chamber Orchestra, and was Orchestra Leader for Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music & Beauty and the Beast. She has recorded and performed with John Denver, Bread, James Galway and the Chieftains, Will Ackerman, Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand, Men at Work and INXS.

Both virtuosos, together Hawkins and Daniel make for an incomparable team.

‘To The Wind’ is OUT NOW on Blue Coast Records
Available on SACD and Digital


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Inside the Secretly Lucrative World of Solo Piano Music – from Rolling Stone

"Inside the Secretly Lucrative World of Solo Piano Music – from Rolling Stone"

Thanks to streaming, a small cadre of independent solo pianists are making a killing.


On October 3rd, Michele McLaughlin got some exciting news: Her music has been streamed over one billion times.

Young artists in popular genres are racking up streams like crazy these days — presumably McLaughlin is an ascendant rapper releasing 90-second battering rams through SoundCloud? Or maybe she’s the guest vocalist on the latest reggaeton posse cut to rule YouTube?

Nope: McLaughlin is an independent artist in her forties who makes contemporary instrumental solo piano music. She’s a star in her field — to the point where another pianist says, “I’m not quite doing Michele McLaughlin numbers” — reportedly making around $250,000 a year. And she’s not alone. “We have a large group of solo piano players that are making a killing, making $7,000 to $10,000 a month,” says Kevin Breuner, VP of Marketing for CDBaby, which touts itself as “the largest global digital distributor of independent music.”

“Some of them are making far more money from their music than the artists than you see on major labels that sell OK but are not crossing the threshold of really having an income stream for years to come,” Breuner continues. “These piano players have cracked that.”

That’s thanks to the rise of streaming services and an accompanying shift in listening habits. “It used to be that, to get signed, it had to be something that somebody thought they could sell to a mass market,” Breuner explains. “But now, music gets used in so many different ways. When we dug a little deeper, this particular genre group and a lot of other genres that tend to be mellow and instrumental perform really well on streaming — there are a lot of dentist offices, a lot of work-office environments where people are putting on quiet, soothing music in the background and just letting it play.”

“I had someone ask me the other day, ‘Are you OK with being known as sleepy music?’” says Chad Lawson, another successful solo pianist. “I think he was trying to take a jab in a roundabout way. But I said, ‘Yeah, I really am.’ I have a running joke: Don’t listen to my music while you’re driving. It needs to have a warning sticker: Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this.”


Read the rest of the article here at Rolling Stone.


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Fiona Joy Hawkins – New Album – Story of Ghosts

"Fiona Joy Hawkins – New Album – Story of Ghosts"

Fiona Joy Hawkins – New Album – Story of Ghosts

Fiona Joy Hawkins – A name that resonates in acoustic music circles as one of this generation’s top contemporary solo piano artists. Having won many awards for her two previous solo piano albums, Fiona is destined to do the same with Story of Ghosts.

Fiona’s third solo piano album takes her fans on an introspective journey reflecting the past year of her life as she deals with its twists and turns (as we all do). The music is provocative and hauntingly beautiful.

Fiona Joy Hawkins 6

“It’s much more classical and very connected to my roots” says Fiona of this new album. “There’s a lot of emotion in it; that part was challenging. But when I get feedback from my audience saying that I’m touching their lives, and in some way making a difference, that makes it worthwhile.”

Fiona has recorded for only two labels, her own Little Hartley Music for standard recordings, and Blue Coast Records – known for its high quality audio file recordings. Working with producer Cookie Marenco.

“Even CD quality is unsatisfying when you’ve heard DSD or SACD, especially when played on a high-end system” says Fiona.

The release in June 2018 marks the official launch date, the album is now available in high resolution down-load and on streaming channels.

Track list

1. Song for Dunnie [3:35]

2. Story of Angels [4:48]

3. Contemplating (Solo) [5:31]

4. Blue Dream (Solo) [3:12]

5. The Solo Tango [5:11]

6. The White Light [3:35]

7. Story of Ghosts [3:27]

8. Twilight [3:41]

9. Story of Insanity [2:52]

10. Before the Light [5:31]

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