Bob Yonker Releases Album ‘The Seeker’

"Bob Yonker Releases Album ‘The Seeker’"

The songs on this album were almost entirely composed in the moment during the recording session. It was my intent to just allow the musical tones and energy of the Universe to flow through to create an album that will “speak” to the listeners in whatever way is needed.

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Bob Yonker creates solo piano music with the intent of calming the mind, soothing the soul, and healing the planet one note at a time.

Growing up in the northeast, Yonker’s earliest musical memory is of his mother singing and playing the piano in his childhood home. He can remember his curiosity while watching her play and was always fascinated by the sounds created by the piano and how it worked.

At the age of 4, he started playing simple songs all by himself. At 6 he started lessons, but after a year, his teacher realized that Bob was playing by ear and not reading the notes. Bob had had his sister play the song for him and he would then learn it by listening, and was “found out” after playing his piece for a recital in the wrong key. He later did learn how to read, but has always been more comfortable playing his own style and his own compositions best.

Being told by colleges that his style of music was not what they were looking for without classical training, Bob decided to change career paths and received a degree in agricultural science from Penn state, and worked many years helping the environment, while working second jobs in group homes for the mentally challenged, which he enjoyed immensely, as well as being the organist for his hometown church.

In the 90’s, while still working full-time, Bob went back to school and received a triple degree in Special Education, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education, which allowed him to switch career paths once again to become a special needs teacher.

Now “re-passioned” from his teaching career, Bob has returned to his first love – music – and has composed 7 albums of contemplative, contemporary, and meditative solo piano music as well as one Christmas album. His 8th, and latest, album, The Seeker, is comprised of songs improvised on the spot at the recording studio with the intent to bring calm and joy and maybe even emotional healing to the listener. Many pieces were inspired by Bob’s new life in Europe with his wife Karen. Bob has performed for local fans in the town where he lives and has begun working cooperatively with a local therapist in sound healing and breath sessions playing intuitively for those participating.




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Shoshana Michel Releases Solo Piano Album ‘Storyteller’

"Shoshana Michel Releases Solo Piano Album ‘Storyteller’"

Soundslikecafe is proud to present this wonderful solo pianist from the USA.

The music from Storyteller was inspired by and reflects different facets of Shoshana’s life, emotions, people and memories. It is a blend of compositions written not so long ago and those that were, but for one reason or another were not recorded, until now.

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Shoshana Michel is a classically trained contemporary solo pianist. She has performed different genres of music at different venues from ragtime at Knott’s Berry Farm to contemporary solo piano at The Galleria at South Bay in Redondo Beach, California.

Storyteller is Shoshana’s seventh solo piano album. Her music has been used in documentaries, a promo film, has received accolades, nominations and awards and is featured on Sirius XM Radio – The Spa, Calm Radio, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio and many other stations worldwide.

Shoshana’s playing has been described as “graceful and flowing” and “refined and elegant”. Her music will inspire, stir the heart and touch the soul. The music she writes is inspired by life experiences, people and emotions. Shoshana feels that music is healing and is passionate about sharing her music with others. She currently resides with her avian family in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Album Credits

All pieces composed and performed by Shoshana Michel

Produced by Shoshana Michel

Recorded on a Shigeru Kawai SK7L

Engineered and mastered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studio, Sedona, AZ

Graphic art and design by Matt Strieby

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Neil Tatar Releases Single ‘When We Met’

"Neil Tatar Releases Single ‘When We Met’"

 “When We Met” offers an intriguing conversation between piano and violin. It tells a story that is reminiscent of meeting that special someone for the first time. Celebratory in nature, “When We Met” presents a musical expression of some of life’s most meaningful memories.     

“Neil Tatar carries the heart of a romantic around with him. His emotions are rarely hidden and seldom contained. His music is as direct and honest as music can be. He’s not hiding anything and the result is music which is breathtakingly honest and deeply affecting. That Neil writes and performs on both the guitar and piano with equal grace creates a broader palette from which to draw. The result is a listening experience that never for a moment fails to beguile the mind and touch the heart.”

-Will Ackerman, Grammy Award Winner & Windham Hill Records Founder

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Neil Tatar is an award winning composer, guitarist and pianist. An improviser and expressive musician by nature, his composing and performing reflect his meditative approach to music. Influenced by his many years of working with legendary cellist David Darling and guitarist Will Ackerman, his passionate expression is clearly heard in his approach to everything he plays. Neil’s music has been described as “peaceful, reflective instrumental music”, offering his listeners a meditative & healing experience. It can be heard on SiriusXM Spa, Music Choice Soundscapes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Bandcamp, InsightTimer and more. Neil is also a C.A.R.E Channel artist, with his music played in over 1,000 hospitals and Hospices.   

Each of his albums have received international airplay and recognition, and have reached a #1 ranking worldwide on Zone Music Reporter’s radio airplay chart. In addition, Neil was voted Best New Artist by ZMR for his album ”Where Did The Time Go”, a collaboration with Grammy® Award-winning cellist David Darling released in 2013. Since then he has released “Learning To Fly” in 2015, and “After The Rain” in 2018, recording both at Imaginary Road Studios under the guidance of legendary producer and guitarist Will Ackerman.  

Presently, Neil continues his improvisational approach to composing and recording his uniquely beautiful music, providing his listeners with some interesting new releases.




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Orchestra Indigo Releases Album ‘The Small Hours’

"Orchestra Indigo Releases Album ‘The Small Hours’"

Our first feature album for 2024

Orchestra Indigo is an ambient music project created by recording artist Rick Randlett. Like many new artistic projects, the impetus for it was the the Covid pandemic, with it’s months of isolation and no live performances. Reaching back to his college studies in composition, orchestration, and electronic music, Rick is creating a unique orchestra electronic hybrid with neoclassical overtones that envelopes the listener in relaxing waves of sound.

A message from Rick…

“The Small Hours is a soundtrack for one sleepless night from midnight to dawn. Sitting alone, in a small dark room with drink in hand, a man contemplates his life, and ponders the decisions that have brought him to this place.”

 Track Listing

1. Midnight (4:28)

2. The Small Hours (4:16)

3. Moments Of Uncertainty (5:48)

4. Walking Dark Streets (3:42)

5. After The Rain (6:22)

6. Hour Of The Wolf (4:33)

7. Meditation On Departed Friends (4:28)

8. Sleepless Once More (5:13)

9. 4:44 AM Blues (3:52)

10. Dawn’s Arrival (4:57)

11. Day Spring (5:20)

Screen Shot 2024-01-15 at 9.44.26 am


The fascinating story behind the emergence of new age artist Orchestra Indigo and its beautifully melodic and deeply inspiring debut album ‘Farewell to Memories’ has its roots in the lockdown early in the pandemic, when musicians around the world, with their regular gigs suddenly stripped away, were trying to figure out their next creative steps.

Having released his fifth blues rock oriented album ‘Night Songs’ in February 2020, multi-talented singer/songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist Rick Randlett had every intention of hitting the road in support of the project. That had been his m.o. for years, playing up to 125 regional club and festival dates in and around his adopted home state of Florida for nearly a decade and a half after launching his solo career in 1999 with ‘All Alone’. Three of his releases reached the Top Ten on the Roots Music Report charts, and he collaborated on the album ‘Hauntings’ with fellow blues singer Cassie Keenum in 2017.

Turning his anxiety over the sudden work stoppage into a fresh stream of creativity, he began exploring ambient, new age style compositions. Rick embraced the freedom of composing longer pieces combining piano melodies with an array of dynamic colors he created using synthesized strings.




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Robin Meloy Goldsby Releases ‘Dearest Things’ EP

"Robin Meloy Goldsby Releases ‘Dearest Things’ EP"

We are proud to feature this stunning artist new to Soundslikecafe

Robin Meloy Goldsby has sculpted a place for herself as a master of gracefully played ambient music that elevates the elegance of any occasion. With decades of experience in the world’s best piano rooms enlightening her work and sparking creativity, Goldsby’s 2023 recording of beautiful solo piano music — Dearest Things invites her audience into the musical sphere of European Grand Hotels, castles, and gardens. Robin performs regularly at Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne and maintains a summer artist residency at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden. Her recordings are featured daily at Mediterana, an award-winning wellness oasis in Germany.

“Powerful, emotional music . . .”  Matt Stuart, Time Magazine

Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 3.34.29 pm

Robin Goldsby is a Steinway Artist with over 200 million streams on Pandora. She has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and NPR’s Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland. Goldsby has performed solo piano music at Buckingham Palace for King Charles, for German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, and for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court installation of Chief Justice Debra Todd. Goldsby serves as a cultural ambassador for organizations dedicated to transatlantic relations and women’s rights.

Stream the EP


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Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel Release Album ‘To The Wind’

"Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel Release Album ‘To The Wind’"

Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel Present New Album
To The Wind

When Fiona and Rebecca flew to the USA from Australia, it was to tour and to record with producer Cookie Marenco. Fiona and Rebecca played to full houses in a series of iconic venues that would add a lustre to any artist resume: Carnegie Hall, Dizzys Jazz Club, The Moss Performing Arts Centre, The Hollywood Piano and topped by a live concert at Echoes for NPR.

With the tour done they moved to the studio. Producer, Cookie Marenco, known for her trademarked pristine recordings to DSD256, was ecstatic with the results. The now critically acclaimed “Heavenly Voices” is a testament to their virtuosity. The time on stage meant their skills were honed to a knife edge and “Heavenly Voices” became a heavenly recording.

‘Rather than stop recording, this duo decided to try something new – compose music on the spot and reimagine songs they had recorded in the past. They brought freshness to older pieces with piano, violin and voices. All recorded in one take, live in the studio,’ says Cookie.

“Heavenly Voices” was released globally in March 2021 with great success. With the world still shut down, Fiona, Rebecca and Cookie agreed that those stunning ‘one take’ sessions should be released. They have become the follow up – “To The Wind”.

‘Personally, ‘The Void’ and ‘Blue Dream’ are two of my favourites to play. ‘My Hands Were Busy’ was initially going to be on the Lightness of Dark album, but we ran out of time. The song then became an integral part of the concerts, due to its moving and emotional connection with the audience. This collection brings a true “live” experience, presenting a concert performance with a studio quality sound. No tricks, just two musicians in a studio, recreating highlights from their concerts.’


Fiona Joy Hawkins is a classically trained pianist and singer inspired by Mendelssohn, Chopin and her Celtic heritage. Her song ‘Grace’ was on a GRAMMY ® winning album in 2014. In 2016, she won two categories of the Independent Music Awards. In Australia, she was an ARIA Finalist & MusicOZ Winner.

Rebecca Daniel studied violin and chamber music with Emanuel Hurwitz and the Amadeus String Quartet at The Royal Academy of Music. She was invited to move to Australia to join The Australian Chamber Orchestra, and was Orchestra Leader for Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music & Beauty and the Beast. She has recorded and performed with John Denver, Bread, James Galway and the Chieftains, Will Ackerman, Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand, Men at Work and INXS.

Both virtuosos, together Hawkins and Daniel make for an incomparable team.

‘To The Wind’ is OUT NOW on Blue Coast Records
Available on SACD and Digital


Connect with Fiona and Rebecca:


Shere Fraser Releases ‘Rhyming Poem (Piano & Flute)’

"Shere Fraser Releases ‘Rhyming Poem (Piano & Flute)’"

Just added to our playlist ‘Rhyming Poem (Piano & Flute)’ is a modern classical composition featuring pianist Angel Ruediger and Shere Fraser on flute. It is an emotional piece with a thought provoking melody that opens a calming narrative with the flute. The musical conversation resonates with a correspondence of sound that is in its own special way, a rhyming poem.

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 1.09.00 pm

Shere Fraser is a North American flutist and composer who taught herself to play the flute at age thirteen and later studied classical flute.

She took her music to the skies in her career as a flight attendant and entertained passengers both in flight and on the ground. Shere had the pleasure of playing for many special guests on board her flights, one of them being Michael Jackson’s brother, Jackie.

She was known as WestJet’s flute attendant and was affectionately named, WindShere. Shere is retired from having served the friendly skies for 13 1/2 years and now soars in the art of improvisation and composing with her many flutes, the sky is not her limit!

Shere plays traditional flute, Dizi, Xiao, Hulusi, Quena, Irish Whistles/ flute, Native American, Shakuhachi and Bansuri flutes. Her music is often featured on One World Music Radio.

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 1.10.19 pm

Angel Ruediger is a Modern Classical and New Age Brazilian pianist and composer who started to have classical piano lessons at the age of nine. She nourishes a deep interest in History and
Art that is always interconnected in creative reflections which brings insights into her musical inspiration. Although she plays mostly Modern Classical and New Age music, sometimes she has cross overs with accents into Jazz and Bossa Nova.

Stream on Spotify:


Connect with Shere Fraser:

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Julie-Anne Marshall New Single ‘Mirror’

"Julie-Anne Marshall New Single ‘Mirror’"

Soundslikecafe is proud to present ‘Mirror’ the new single from Julie-Anne Marshall

Melbourne-based independent singer-songwriter Julie-Anne Marshall has just released her 20th song ‘Mirror’. The song has an 80’s synth-pop ballad feel which uses haunting vocal harmonies to add to the reflective nature of the song’s lyrics.

Originally from Adelaide, Julie-Anne is now based in Melbourne. She is a multi-genre artist encompassing pop, rock, blues, soul, folk, alternative, ballads and smooth jazz – all sitting under the umbrella of Easy Listening. Her vocal style is earthy yet ethereal. Her songs melodic and lyric driven.

As a singer-songwriter Julie-Anne’s chosen instrument is the piano and it features in most of her songs released. Her first single ‘Bluebird’ was released in 2015, this was followed by a full album titled ‘Bluebird’ in 2016. To date, Julie-Anne has recorded and released 20 songs, her latest being ‘Mirror’, and she has a further two singles for release this year.

Whilst recording has been the focus for her over the last few years, Julie-Anne has previously performed live with bands around Adelaide and is now venturing back into live performing in Melbourne.

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 5.46.58 pm



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