Jessie-May Kitchen releases new single Quirky

"Jessie-May Kitchen releases new single Quirky"

Imagine being born one day on another planet.
Everybody on this planet was given detailed instructions and knowledge of how to speak the language and how the world works. The entire planet is designed for everybody’s relaxation, socialisation, and comfortability.
Everyone but yours.

Growing up it felt like I was ostracised by the entire world. I felt like I was a literal alien and didn’t belong. The loneliness that never leaves you, leads to years of questioning the why. Am I the protagonist of a movie to be mocked by an invisible audience? Am I the butt of some cosmic joke? This is the life of a neurodivergent child.  This is me. A pop single written with my entire heart from the perspective of a neurodivergent individual trying to navigate a neurotypical world.

I was called many things when I was young – freak, loner, weirdo. It never truly stopped, but the language did shift as I got older, once difference became more socially acceptable. Instead of calling me a weirdo on the playground, I would always get the sceptical phrase, “haha… you are.. QUIRKY… Aren’t you…?”

The relief and confidence I felt when discovering I’m okay, I’m not broken – my brain just works differently, was life changing! I hope Quirky can bring representation, comfort and celebration to the wonderful neurodivergent community. Branching further into the pop genre is something I’ve always wanted to do and Quirky was the perfect chance to do it!

Quirky contains fast paced electronic beats, funky bass, whacky harmonies and the message – it never hurt to be Quirky! I want to thank Jordan for the electronic instrumentals, Russel Pilling and Andrew Beck for recording, mixing and mastering this project and of course Marshall Cullen for producing and always believing in me.

 Song Description
This is a new more pop direction for Jessie May Kitchen. Up-tempo, programmed backing, ‘quirky’ keys, bass and guitar and some very ‘now’ vocal fx all go together to make this song a real winner for pop radio.

Jessie May Kitchen – Quirky is out NOW through Foghorn/MGM

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Space Engineer releases album Memory Trip

"Space Engineer releases album Memory Trip"

Great new feature album to check out

Space Engineer is the alter ego of Sydney based song-writer Terry Lyndon, and sees him writing melodic, uplifting indie guitar pop songs for the modern condition.

Terry grew up in Tweed Heads, before moving to Canberra, where he formed bands Mae West, Magic Roundabout and Glowspire (with Matthew Winter, now with Zed Penguin).  Moving to Sydney, he formed Submarine with Paul Read (formally Chosen Few).  After leaving the scene for a time, a chance meeting with Piri Rutherford (Easy Beats Radio,Isola Beats) inspired him to continue his song writing releasing ‘Radio Station in my Head’ album on bandcamp.

Space Engineer is his recording duo featuring producer and musician Mike Caen.  Terry says “With Mike, who is an amazing all round muso, I can realise my songs full potentials.  I’m able to indulge in my experiments and musical ideas”.

The sound of Space Engineer is highly melodic, Indie, pop, rock.  Terry’s influences are The Beatles, Velvets, The Smiths and Go Betweens.  Many have described the Space Engineer sound as a cross between The Beatles and The Beach Boys.  The guys are quite ok with that comparison, have a listen to the irresistible melodies of Space Engineer.


Clink on the album below to Stream/Download from your preferred service:

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Anirban Jee releases new single ‘Move Out’

"Anirban Jee releases new single ‘Move Out’"

Australian music artist Anirban Jee just released his brand-new single MOVE OUT on 19th April 2021. The new track is another contemporary pop-urban crossover, a smashing track with a huge potential to be a hit over the radio waves. As always, an impressive and strong vocal performance, and a lyric that’s very relatable.

 The track is getting picked up by several national radio networks and is currently available for downloads and streaming via iTunes, Spotify and all popular online stores.

Soundslikecafe has made it the number 1 track on our playlist already!!

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 2.51.46 pm

This new single follows Anirban’s previous releases, Mayday (released in November 2020), Deep Down feat. Mary Ann Van Der Horst (X-Factor artist) in 2016 and Undecided feat. Judd Field in 2014. All his previously released tracks received airplay on commercial and community stations and garnered ecstatic media attention.

This success sits alongside Anirban’s numerous awards and achievements collected recently, including Songwriter of the Year 2018 (Australian Songwriting Contest) and Songwriter of the Year 2017 (SongsAlive Australia). 

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Julie-Anne Marshall Releases Dream Pop Single Crossfire

"Julie-Anne Marshall Releases Dream Pop Single Crossfire"

Soundslikecafe is proud to feature the new single from Julie-Anne Marshall “Crossfire” – 

Julie-Anne’s latest song release ‘Crossfire’ has her stepping into the dream pop genre. With her vocals taking on a whisper pop vibe in this song, she still remains true to her lyric driven evocative songwriting style. This diverse songwriter is showing that not only can she write across genre’s but her vocals are more than able to traverse the genre divide.

Hailing from Adelaide, Julie-Anne Marshall is an independent singer-songwriter who is not limited by musical boundaries – soft rock, easy listening with some jazz, roots and blues and a bit of folk and pop.

Julie-Anne independently released her first album “Bluebird” in 2016 with follow up singles “The Dawn” and “Memory”.

For Julie-Anne the song leads the way and songwriting is the sole reason she performed with bands around Adelaide working on her performing and song writing skills. Piano is her instrument and her vocal style is earthy yet ethereal, with songs that are lyric driven, melodic and wistful yet wishful.

1000JM Photo 05.2020

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New March Playlist

"New March Playlist"

Our new additions and playlist changes for March include new releases from Karissa, Fiona joy and Throwing Shapes as well as tunes lifted from current albums by Graham Gouldman, The Mezcaltones, Steve Kilbey, Gareth Koch and more.

  1. Steve Kilbey / Gareth Koch – ‘Stay Where You are’ (from the album Chryse Planitia)
  2. Big Merino – ‘I Lay Me Down (2020 Remix)’ (remix single from the album Sweet Little Angel)
  3. Graham Gouldman – ‘Standing Next To Me’ (from the album Modesty Forbids)
  4. Karissa – ‘Utopian Coma’ (from the album Light at the End of Darkness)
  5. Park Haven – ‘Take Cover’ (single)
  6. Fiona Joy Hawkins – ‘Bushfire Moon’ (single)
  7. The Mezcaltones – ‘Shango’s Surfwaxxx’ (from the album Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music)
  8. Throwing Shapes – ‘Tranquility Base’ (from the album Tranquility Base)

Have a listen to all these songs on Our Soundslikecafe Digital Playlist On Spotify:

downloadScreen Shot 2020-03-23 at 4.24.47 pmLJX121_1400FINAL-Karissa Light at the end of Darkness 3000px

Nick De La Hoyde – A Beautiful Mess Debut Album

"Nick De La Hoyde – A Beautiful Mess Debut Album"

Soundslikecafe is proud to present this brilliant young aussie kicking goals both here and overseas with his modern positive sounding tunes and lyrics – 

Growingup in a multi-cultural home with a Syrian mother and British father, Sydney based, singer songwriter Nick de la Hoyde was exposed to many global influences that he now weaves into his music. Melding his love of hip hop, pop and R&B with introspective lyrics that chronicles a young musician’s journey to adulthood, overcoming life and artistic challenges along the path, Nick and his long-time producer/collaborator/older brother Joseph (ZUZU) de la Hoyde, have together crafted a sound that is simultaneously intimate, expansive and engaging. Having penned confessional, real life anthems, such as High,Ghost, Animals, California,Mirror Mirror, Hold Me Close, and Love Takes Time,that oscillate between moody, textured R&B, anthemic synth laden future-pop and hip hop, combined with a lyrical earnestness that speaks directly to today’s younger generation.  Nick has quickly made a name for himself, cultivating a large and dedicated on-line following and is establishing himself a powerful voice for self empowerment and positivity.

1000 ndlh pr

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Margaret Anne and The Rock It Man Lay Their Souls Bare

"Margaret Anne and The Rock It Man Lay Their Souls Bare"

Margaret Anne and The Rock It Man’s debut album is called Soul Laid Bare. Lyrically it’s an intensely personal exploration of emotional turmoil after a marriage breakup, while musically it’s an exciting blend of Americana, country, roots, blues, funk and rock.

The title track is due for release on the soundslikecafe October Playlist ahead of the long play album march 2020.. It was written while singer Margaret Anne was making the agonizing decision to leave a 20 year marriage, break up a family and family home. The song conveys a search for clarity and expresses the fear and recklessness in making such a massive and life changing decision for all involved.


Growing up in a seaside town on the south coast of NSW, she was blessed to belong to a musical family so classical piano, guitar and song became a big part of her life.

Margaret Anne says she was heavily influenced by her surfing brothers as she grew up. “We would pool our pennies to buy the latest records. My favourites, and certainly most early influences were Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, The Stones, Carol King, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Hair! Anything Woodstock!”

Adventurous and a passionate singer songwriter, Margaret Anne continually touches her listeners with her inclusive heartfelt singing, dynamic stage presence and empowering songs. She currently manages and performs in the successful band Firefly.

Soul Laid Bare is a collaboration with Doug Weaver, a talented multi instrumentalist, producer and screenwrite. He has produced and written music for over 200 episodes of the American TV show The MythBusters and also many local programs including Border Security and Beach Cops.

Margaret Anne has always been an adventurer, having previously travelled the world for 11 years and visiting 56 countries. This time her attention is turned inwards and the result is an emotive album full of vulnerabilities and strength.

Soul Laid Bare (the single) is out on October 25.

The album of the same name is due in March 2020. 

Download or stream from October 25:


Watch Soul Laid Bare here:

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Young Rising Star Milena Releases Debut Single ‘Will You’

"Young Rising Star Milena Releases Debut Single ‘Will You’"

Introducing Milena – a singer, songwriter, pianist, actress and model that grew up in Sydney, Australia to Montenegrin born parents.

Her debut single is a catchy, beat-driven dance ditty called Will You and is included on the SLC October Playlist


From the age of 9, Milena took up singing and piano lessons as well acting classes, dance classes and martial arts classes and is a former 2-time Australian Karate Champion.

In the past 5 years, Milena has been working in the music and acting industry regularly and has had the chance to vocally back up ARIA-winning Australian artists such as Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian and Samantha Jade, to name a few. She has been involved in several TV commercials, TV shows, telemovies, feature films as well as music videos playing lead roles for major and independent artists.

Stream or download Will You now:


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Jessie May Kitchen Offers New Single ‘Star Child’.

"Jessie May Kitchen Offers New Single ‘Star Child’."

On the heels of her debut single, Coffee Shop and the follow up Teen Love, Central Coast, NSW singer Jessie May Kitchen has recorded a new song called Star Child.-Out September 27

A sweet and ethereal up-tempo indie pop tune, Star Child is an otherworldly self-monologue, written as a letter from Jessie to the Cosmic Forces of the Universe. Jessie tries to capture the confusion in the meaning of human experience, feelings of isolation towards the physical plane and comfort of knowing that one day it will all make sense. Jessie says, “Every time I start to lose hope or stray from the path, the stars are always there to remind me of who I am and encourage me to never give up.”


[photo by Tony Mott]

Superb production from ARIA winner Peter Holz accompanies Jessie’s immediately likeable and familiar style.

Jessie-May Kitchen was born in Hobart and grew up on the NSW Central Coast.  She started writing songs at five and performing arts became her escape from a tough family life.

Jessie May Kitchen – Star Child is out September 27 through Foghorn Records / MGM Distribution. 

Download or stream: 

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Nick De La Hoyde – new single ‘Animals’

"Nick De La Hoyde – new single ‘Animals’"

Our new Number 1 from an excellent response we are proud to feature Nick De La Hoyde on soundslikecafe

Currently clocking up more than 80,000 listens per month at Spotify alone, Nick De La Hoyde is a young Aussie artist who has been making waves both locally and overseas for the past 3 years.

The first single from his forthcoming debut album (A Beautiful Mess) is called Animals. It’s a catchy electro-pop tune that offers an infectious radio-friendly and contemporary sound.

The song has already appeared on the Mediabase Top 40 Activator Chart in the US at #57 ! It’s also being played in over 60,000 retail stores across America!

Locally, Animals has been added to Coles Radio and Collective Noun, while Nick has enjoyed interviews at NOVA Radio and KIIS FM!


Growing up in a multi-cultural home with a Syrian mother and British father, Sydney based, singer songwriter Nick de la Hoyde was exposed to many global influences that he now weaves into his music.
Melding his love of hip hop, pop and R&B with introspective lyrics that chronicles a young musician’s journey to adulthood, overcoming life and artistic challenges along the path, Nick and his long-time producer/collaborator/older brother Joseph (ZUZU) de la Hoyde, have together crafted a sound that is simultaneously intimate, expansive and engaging. Having penned confessional, real life anthems, such as Thru 2 U, Mirror Mirror, Hold Me Close, and Love Takes Time, that oscillate between moody, textured R&B, anthemic synth laden future-pop and hip hop moments, combined with a lyrical earnestness that speaks directly to today’s younger generation. Nick has quickly made a name for himself, cultivating a large and dedicated on-line following and becoming a powerful voice for youth empowerment and positivity. [Spotify]

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 4.15.43 PM


Check out these amazing stats:

CHART Billboard BDS Top 40 Indicator (multiple Billboard prints in top 40)— Mediabase Top 100 Pop-Spotify Future Hits Top 10 (AU)–Changing-Spotify Australian Top 100–Changing-HIT30 Count down (#6) –SCA Hit Network-AIR Independent Radio Chart Top 10(#9) -Hold Me Close-Sounds Like Cafe Top 10 Singles Chart(#1) -Hold Me Close

SiriusXM –High rotation for Hold Me Close -Channel Venus-BBC Radio 1(UK), Kiss FM(UK), Gaydio Radio(UK), KMFM(UK)-SCA(2Day, Hit105, FoxFM etc)KIIS FM, NOVA, SEA, Edge 96.1

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