Steve Rivera – Dividing The Darkness

"Steve Rivera – Dividing The Darkness"

At this point in his ever evolving career, pianist and composer, Steve has taken it to the next level with the release of his stunning new album, “Dividing The Darkness,” To fulfill his creative vision for this project, Steve chose to work with one of the premier new age and contemporary instrumental producers in the world; the Grammy winning founder of the legendary Windham Hill Records, Mr. Will Ackerman. Along with Will’s roster of world-class studio musicians at Imaginary Road Studios, Steve has created an album that has garnered critical acclaim from highly regarded reviewers in the genre, who have described it as having “an astonishing level of sophistication, intensity, and heartfelt emotional expressivity,” In fact, the maestro Ackerman himself refers to the emotional range heard in Steve’s recording as: “a testament to the resilience of the human soul and the power of hope,” And in Steve’s own words: “When one’s talent is realized and pursued in a positive way, its limits may be nonexistent,”

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  1. My Way Home (6:14)
  2. This Ancient Road (5:42)
  3. Help Me to Listen (4:27)
  4. Skyward (5:22)
  5. Beautiful Years (5:03)
  6. So Quickly Gone (feat. Will Ackerman) (4:30)
  7. Delicate Force (5:45)
  8. Valley of Light (3:58)
  9. Skyward Coda (3:47)



Tailor Birds – Wide Awake I See The Storm

"Tailor Birds – Wide Awake I See The Storm"

Currently touring Europe, Tailor Birds release their second album with an Aussie tour to follow soon! This new album is both a stripped down, minimal acoustic feel, through to a bigger more intense electronic sound, reflecting both light and dark, the full range of the Tailor Birds experience. Recorded in both Holland and Australia, in various studios, Sophie Kinston finds each song have a specific place and purpose on the new record. The album features some incredible musicians from Europe and Australia, and of course Sophie’s electric violin – the glue that ties it all together.

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  1. Winters’ Fall (5:47)
  2. Lady Caroline (5:47)
  3. Salten (3:42)
  4. Dancing in the Midday Sun (5:37)
  5. Candied Love (7:07)
  6. Ashen (4:59)
  7. Puppet Maker (8:01)
  8. Marmalade Home (6:06)
  9. Sailboat Dreaming (5:55)
  10. Mabel (6:32)
  11. Candied Lady Love (6:54)
  12. Save You Bible Bookends (5:13)



Slow Club (UK) – One Day All of This Won’t Matter Anymore

"Slow Club (UK) – One Day All of This Won’t Matter Anymore"

Slow Club’s Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor now release their fourth studio album “One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore,” With help from producer Matthew E. White, the master of Southern-gothic folk, and his in-house band at Richmond’s Spacebomb Studios, they’ve created the consistency and tone the album required. Almost every track was played live in the studio, allowing the long-established session band’s natural chemistry to augment Charles’ and Rebecca’s. “One Day…” contains some of the best melodies they’ve yet created. The duo’s knack for writing hooks and melody has, if anything, become stronger over the last ten years of their career.

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1. Where The Light Gets Lost
2. Ancient Rolling Sea
3. In Waves
4. Silver Morning
5. Come On Poet
6. Sweetest Grape On The Vine
7. Give Me Some Peace
8. Rebecca Casanova
9. Tattoo
10. The Jinx
11. Champion
12. Let The Blade Do The Work



August Playlist Receives Warm Welcome

"August Playlist Receives Warm Welcome"

The Soundslikecafe August playlist has received a warm welcome in cafes featuring these terrific artists

Cafes have mentioned they love the variety of genres on this one but still creating a consistent new music experience for their customers…

Slow Club UK – Female Vocal Chill meets Indie

Josh Johnstone – Perth – Indie Folk Rock

Tailor Birds  – Melbourne – Avant Garde feat Electric Violin

Knox – Fiji – Blues with his signature silky smooth voice

Steve Rivera USA- Ambient Piano

The Mezcaltones Sydney- think the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack – a La Dick Dale…




Josh Johnstone – Call In Whispers

"Josh Johnstone – Call In Whispers"

After being based in Melbourne and touring throughout the east coast of Australia, he USA, Europe, and Asia in his various bands for several years, Josh moved back to his home town of Fremantle in 2012. For the past 12 months, Josh has been busy in the studio writing and recording his debut album ‘Call in Whispers’ with Eskimo Joe’s Joel Quartermain. The now completed album was released in April 2016 and is by far Josh’s best work to date. Two singles from the album have just been released; ‘Rain Dancer’ and ‘Front Light’ both of which you will find online with a little help from Google… and if you don’t, then you will just have to go and see it performed live.

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Track List:

  1. Walls (3:53)
  2. Change Like The Weather (3:41)
  3. Brave Tin Soldiers (3:58)
  4. Rain Dancer (3:51)
  5. Call in Whispers (3:29) (Explicit)
  6. Front Light (3:16)
  7. Radiate (3:40)
  8. Only Way I Know (3:12) (Explicit)
  9. She’s a Hurricane (3:31)
  10. Castaways (4:07)

Instagram: joshjohnstonemusic

Julie-Anne Marshall-Bluebird

"Julie-Anne Marshall-Bluebird"

Hailing from Adelaide, Julie-Anne Marshall is a late comer to the music world and has self-funded and independently released her debut album, ‘Bluebird’. Growing up Julie-Anne used poetry to express herself and deal with situations in her life, but it wasn’t until her 30’s that she decided to follow her passion for music. She performed with bands around Adelaide working on her performing and song writing skills making the piano her instrument. Her vocal style is earthy yet ethereal – to connect, uplift, heal, that’s the power and purpose of her songs.

Track list:

  1. BLUEBIRD (3:45)
  3. RUNNING MAN (3:52)
  4. SUPERHERO (5:33)
  5. SERENDIPITY (3:17)
  6. WONDERFUL WAY (3:47)
  7. WILD WOMAN (3:43)
  8. NOW FRIEND OF MINE (3:25) English/French
  10. GONE (3:50)


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CD: Clarity Records –


Checkout the Video for Something About You