Cafe Review – De Clieu Fitzroy

"Cafe Review – De Clieu Fitzroy"

We here at SoundsLikeCafe like to visit as many cafe’s as possible. When the opportunity arises we seize it with both hands and usually knock a drink all over our laptop while in the process (we’re not joking, that actually happened here at HQ… Disaster). So you can imagine what we are like when the opportunity arises to review one of Fitzroy’s hottest little cafe’s at the moment. Marshall from our office reports directly from Cafe De Clieu:

“I had the pleasure of breakfast at De Clieu Cafe in Getrude St Fitzroy on the weekend while on tour with the band – Real Estate (New York) who are playing Laneway Festival. I Only found out later that it was THE reccomended place locally and it certainly lived up to the reputation.

breakfast was a no-brainer with the nice and simple Poached eggs on sourdough with kismet relish-wonderful, eggs were perfect, and all was well. what really gets an outstanding mention was the awesome coffee – a flat white which was smooth yet strong and the sure sign was i ordered another one straight away. The service also worth a mention- quick, friendly but not over the top unlike most other cafe’s of the same ilk. The scene was Saturday morning with locals relaxing. pushbikers coming and going in their clunky riding shoes, wake up, low stress, engaging scene. The music had a great range from heard Massive Attack to Paul Kelly and Sarah Blasko, all topped off when the Real estate boys rocked in later on and the cafe staff were more than happy to play their album.”

There you have it. If you are in the area then definitely worth a stop by. Especially with free wi-fi to go with your coffee.