Product Review – Aeropress

"Product Review – Aeropress"

We recently received an AeroPress in the mail from Curtis at Aerobie. We must say that since we have opened the box we have been nothing but impressed. Let me just talk you through the thing.

The principle behind it is that it is method of brewing coffee by pressing the crema through a filter by the magic mix of air and pressure. it is remarkable how many top name baristas around the world are putting their name behind the product. there is really no need for us to try and explain how best to use it. take a look at Gwilym Davies – 2009 World Barista Champion explaining how it works.

As you can see it is frighteningly simple. This is the first kind of coffee making product i have ever used, not to mention i wouldn’t know the first thing about making coffee, and you can tell a product is brilliant when the first time i used it, not one thing caught on fire.  Not only that, the coffee i made was delicious.

In the package, comes everything you need to make you’re first cup (coffee not included) Including a year’s supply of filters. Most people recommend that the AeroPress be teamed up with a coffee grinder to keep the coffee as fresh as possible. However, for the less hardcore coffee drinkers out there, pre ground coffee will do fine as well (as long as you at least attempt to keep it in a airtight environment)


So what’s the bottom line? Aeropress is such a convenient small method of pressing up to 4 cups of coffee, in fact it is so convenient that it can be done on an aeroplane. Not to mention the end result is a cup of coffee that is just as good as – if not better than a cup you would buy in a cafe.


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