Halfway Homebuoy – Intermittent

"Halfway Homebuoy – Intermittent"

Central Coast-based Halfway Homebuoy have just released their new album Intermittent – and within days, their video of Burning In The Sun has already had almost 40,000 streams on Facebook!

Watch the video here:

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Intermittent is a collection of some previously-released favourite songs, performed live in the studio acoustically.

Halfway Homebuoy began as  3 Englishmen, 1 Swiss and 1 Australian and was formed in Verbier, Switzerland several years ago. After playing various bars during the ski season, they entered the UK’s biggest band comp, ‘Live and Unsigned’ and ended up in the top 100 out of 10 000.

The Current lineup is all Aussies bar founding member Jack Davidson

The band have a reputation as outstanding entertainers, performing songs that make you want to stamp your feet, with vocals and lyrics torn straight from the soul.

Halfway Homebuoy – Intermittent is out now on Foghorn through MGM.

Listen now:


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Adam Jones – Little Death Acoustic Anniversary Edition

"Adam Jones – Little Death Acoustic Anniversary Edition"

Following a recent move to Melbourne Adam has just released his Anniversary Edition of his 2017 Debut Album -Little Death. This version of the album is live in the studio acoustic featuring some pedal steel as well – a great new version of his well received first release.

The acoustic backing has given the album a new lease of life as easy listening cafe music, more accessible than the original Rock album.

Already proving popular online, you are sure to hear it in a cafe nearby soon.

Heres some words from Adam….

What inspired you to become an artist and who are your early influences?
Feedback and responses from others has always inspired me.  My early influences include listening to a lot of Beatles, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Rodruigez, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple.  Plus anyone with a melodic, meaningful, simple acoustic song inspired me as well.

Tell us a little about your music and what a crowd can expect at a live show?

My music is quite dynamic and I write in different styles such as modern blues, rock, folk and some country styles (more Eagles and Neil Young than traditional country).  People always seem to comment on my energy on stage, that I always look like I’m really into it and having fun while performing well.  I have some quieter songs that people seem to really warm to as well.  So lots of fun, energy, variety, some songs to dance to, some to listen to with interesting lyrics.

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Gareth Koch and Peter Bonner – Don’t Tempt Me

"Gareth Koch and Peter Bonner – Don’t Tempt Me"

Don’t Tempt Me 


What happens when the musical worlds of an ARIA Award winning classical guitarist and a hard-hitting rock singer collide? The answer in this case lies in an unusually refined and confident EP titled Don’t Tempt Me, Out now on Planet/MGM.

It’s not easy to describe such an accomplished EP as this one. To begin with, the arrangements are all acoustic and highly sophisticated. Little wonder, since these songwriters have roughly 1000 years of music history bubbling away in their consciousness. But alongside this knowledge is a keen awareness of contemporary sensibilities. Sparkling effervescent textures, trumpets, percussion, dobros, classical and 12-string guitars and even a 1966 ‘Beatle Bass’ all combine to create a unique and original soundscape.

This Australian songwriting team of Gareth Koch and Peter Bonner draws inspiration from medieval music to post-modern psychedelia, with every imaginable influence in between. Bonner and Koch have a strong and immediately recognisable musical identity, a new sound and aesthetic that comes with a fluid movement across genres. The result is an array of catchy pop tunes, soulful ballads, blues grooves and rock songs

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Mark Lucas – Prisoners of The Heart

"Mark Lucas – Prisoners of The Heart"

To be released Friday October 5 Soundslikecafe is proud to feature this excellent new album from Mark Lucas

Prisoners of the Heart – A retrospective

You never sang soap opera/ or wore your hair in curls/ you still want all the trappings of the post-consumer world/ come on now, admit it dear/ you’re a thoroughly modern girl” – The Ghost of Lost Creek Road

The trajectory of Mark Lucas’s career is akin to tracing a bird in flight. Perpetually restless, banking and diving and always observing – it is these characteristics, among others – that allow his unique lyrical view on the world.

In Sydney, Australia, his home since 1981, Lucas wears an awful lot of hats. Venue manager. Band booker. Activist. Adding yet another cap, he is a prolific singer-songwriter whose productive output is as inspiring as it is diverse.

Since the 1980s, Mark experimented with rock and pop, before returning to his country and folk roots in the 1990s. These are not just stories; they are as much observational as they are impressionistic. True to his English heritage as a songwriter to match Graham Parker or Elvis Costello, he also has cynicism to burn.

With the forthcoming release of Prisoners of the Heart, Mark draws deep from his 22-year career as a solo artist and bandleader, as songwriter and masterful lyricist. His songs, like those of his heroes, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia and Guy Clark, do not always tend to the personal over the abstract. In fact, sometimes the opposite is just as true.

The 20-track CD Prisoners of the Heartdraws from Lucas’s ten-album output, with the focus on his adroitly authored songs. His inspirations come from the worlds he inhabits, the people whose lives brush up against his.

This retrospective album tells many inspired stories of different lives, contrasting almost impressionistic lyrics with the more direct story song approach, like the cautionary tale of ‘Between The Ditches’ against ‘Shopping Town’, a meditation on commercial enterprise taking on real lives.

Whether working with his long-time backing group, the Dead Setters, or crafting his own guitar-and-voice meditations, he captures something special from the crumbs of the everyday. Like one of his inspirations, Guy Clark, he makes plain the idea that “some days you write the song/ some days the song writes you”.

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Prisoners of the Heart is out 5thOctober through MGM

Track listing

Another Town Along the Road


The Ghost of Lost Creek Road

Walk in Beauty

Between the Ditches

Monsters Ball

Canal Road

Dryland Sea

Sisters of Mercy

Shopping Town

Until She’s Mine

Soldier’s Row

Federal Highway Blues

Small Town


All the Bonnie Birds

Prisoners of the Heart

The Onion Song

Hear the new album- 


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Check out more info and live dates Website1_Fotor_Fotor

Finally Check out A Fine History of Releases below 

1996 ‘Bootheels of Desire’ (The Parwills) Larrikin TWNG 001

1999 ‘Jukebox Jury’ Laughing Outlaw Records LORCD 003

2001 ‘The Ghost of Lost Creek Road’ “ LORCD 028

2005 ‘White Man Soul’ TWNG 002

2007 ‘Sideshow Alley’ TWNG 003

2009 ‘Eat at Joe’s’ (Live at Joe Maguire’s Pub) TWNG 004

+ Live at the Cooks River Motor Boat Club dvd

2011 “Putting on the Dog Laughing Outlaw Records LORCD130

2014 “Sin City Blues” ep TWNG 005

2015 “Little Town Blues” Laughing Outlaw Records LORC174CD

2016 “The Continental Drift” TWNG 006

Annoyed by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own

"Annoyed by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own"

From NY Times –

by Ben Ratliff

Last Autumn a friend told me a story about Ryuichi Sakamoto, the
renowned musician and composer who now lives in West Village, New
York. Mr. Sakamoto, it seems, so likes a particular Japanese

restaurant in Murray Hill, and visits it so often, he finally had to be
straight with the chef: He could not bear the music it played for its
patrons. The issue was not so much that the music was loud, but that
it was thoughtless. Mr. Sakamoto suggested he could take over the
job of choosing it, without pay, if only so he could feel more
comfortable eating there. The chef agreed, and so Mr. Sakamoto
started making playlists for the restaurant, none of which include any
of his own music. Few people knew about this, because Mr. Sakamoto
has no particular desire to publicise it. It took me a few weeks to
appreciate how radical the story was, if indeed it was true. I consider
thoughtless music in restaurants a problem that has gotten worse over
the years, even since the advent of the music-streaming services,
which – you’d think – should have made it better. If I’m going to spend
decent money on a meal, I don’t want the reservation-taker, the dishwasher or someone from the back office to be cooking it; I want someone who is very good at cooking food to do it. The same should apply to the music, which after all will be playing before, during and after the eating. I would prefer that music not seem an afterthought, or the result of algorithmic computation. I want it chosen by a person who knows music up and down and sideways: its context, its dynamism and its historical and aural clichés.

New June Sounds Like Cafe Playlist

"New June Sounds Like Cafe Playlist"

Our New June Sounds Like Cafe Playlist is up for your listening pleasure!

Spotify Link:


Check out our new line up of tunes in curated tracklist order:

Nick_press1 copy

Nick de la Hoyde, Mirror Mirror (from the single)

Mirror, Mirror reflects Nick’s own insecurities, giving a voice to those who feel they don’t have the power to speak up for themselves.

Nick’s prior releases received immediate adds to Australia’s biggest radio networks such as Southern Cross Austereo, Nova, KIIS and more as well as stateside airplay at numerous Top 40 stations nationally charting several tracks in the top 35 on the Billboard Top 40 Monitor Chart. Nick’s current single, “Hold Me Close” is also building in the UK and has been added in the Best New Pop category on BBC Radio 1, receiving airplay at KISS, Gaydio and various other regional stations. “Mirror Mirror” will launch to radio starting with an Australian Pop and specialty radio plan with stateside and UK campaigns layering into the timeline shortly thereafter. 

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Chris S, High (from the single)

‘High’ is a love song the first release from Australian artist Chris S. It’s about the first moments of new love.

After spending many years as the lead singer in an a cappella group and finishing his contemporary music course at the Institute Of Music, things started to pick up by doing various performances and scoring a first runner-up in the Kick Up The Dust band competition causing a mild controversy as his vocal duo at the time was not technically considered a band, but the judges stated that they were just too damn good not to be awarded a place.

 Teaming up with award-winning songwriters and producers, Chris has been working on new material and is excited to share with you the next chapter of his music. With “High” being his first release, Chris welcomes you all to join him on his musical journey.”

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Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 3.09.54 PM (2)

Joel Leffler, Speed Of Light (from the EP ‘Strip me Bare’)

Following on from his successful EP from 2016 and subsequent instrumental releases and tour. Joel Lefler is back for 2018 with a stunning new EP produced by longtime collaborator and aria winner Peter Holz (Pekin Duk, Gang of Youths)

  1. Did you choose music or did it choose you?

I recently found out that my direct blood line back to the 17thcentury had very strong links to music. They were brought over from Sweden to England to be singers in the Kings Court. In the 18thcentury, there were 5 generations of singers and instrumentalists all of whom performed at one time or another in Westminster Abbey & the London Opera. I think music chose me but I made the choice to embrace it

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Lissa Jayne Music2

Lissa Jayne, Batface Girl (from the EP)

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Lissa Jayne has held a deep-seated love affair with music all her life. Her debut EP containing six beguiling songs with enchanting titles such as Batface Girl, Towns that Make you Bizarre, Damn your Name and That Girl is Gone. “Lisa Jayne sat demurely in her sweet little Lolita dress and bow, with her pretty blonde acoustic and then served us up a love song of her own, laced with metaphor and darkness!” Reviewer.

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Jim Combs

Sensitive Chaos, Missing Vjeo (from the album ‘Walking a Beautiful World’)

Sensitive Chaos is the solo project of producer Jim Combs, with collaborators from around the world.

A core component of Sensitive Chaos compositions is improv, and songs on the albums have their genesis in live performances and recordings. This unique approach has endeared audiences and radio programmers around the world, with airplay across the U.S., Europe, and the U.K., including many “Best Of” nods over the years. Walking a Beautiful World, their 9th album, is an eclectic indie-electro-rock-world-jazz-pop travelogue of Combs’ journey around the world and an ode to the common threads that bind people across different lives and locations.

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1000crop FLOW retouched final

Flow, Free Ascent (from the album ‘Flow’)

Fiona Joy Hawkins – aussie Piano Player and vocalist of the group reveals how it came about

“We had all worked together for many years playing on each other’s albums and doing songs together, so it seemed logical to write and record as a group.  It was actually Lawrence Blatt’s idea. He called Jeff Oster and I and we instantly connected with the idea.  Lawrence wanted Will Ackerman to produce the album.  In the past, Will has played guitar on all our albums and in his own right is one hell of an amazing writer and player, so we had a head to head discussion and asked Will to join the group as the W in FLOW.  It stands for Fiona, Lawrence, Oster Will. It was an awesome move because the combination works so well, not just the instruments, but how we write as a team.  Add Tom Eaton (producer, engineer) and Bob’s your uncle !  “

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Big merino 2

BiG MERiNO, Black Cockatoos (from the album ‘Suburban Wildlife’)

Sydney-based Alt-Country/ Rock/ Soul band Big Merino just released their newest album Suburban Wildlife.

With influences like: The Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne and Glen Hansard, co-writers Davis and Craig bring their songs to life with a full tone.The album starts up with a deeply sensitive tune called “Black Cockatoos” that is soaring high with free-floating energy. –Skope Mag – USA

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The Sheyana Band, Soul Sister (from the album ‘Big Love’)

The Sheyana Band are master musicians with creating their debut album “Big Love” with toe-tapping head bopping classic Rock grooves paired with beautiful Blues lyrical storytelling. They recently performed at Forth Valley Blues Fest and have supported the likes of Hoodoo Gurus, Neil Finn, Meg Mac, Renee Geyer, Diesel, The Angels, Ian Moss and Bill Chambers.

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Lily Duval, Down to the Lake (from the single)

Down to the Lake was written as a poem first and then Lily added the music. Lily: ‘I was looking for more of a minor guitar sound and a feel that was a bit ethereal. That’s where Peter Holz came in and put that vibe into the song; he plays this beautiful understated feel.’ Lily describes the song as a little mini film clip – the story of one human reaching out to another.
Previously Lily has digitally released a number of acoustic blues originals to a warm response on Community Radio and online.

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Rachel LaFond

Rachel LaFond, Luminous (From the album ‘Encounters of the Beautiful Kind’)

Rachel LaFond’s music explores universal human experiences: feelings of loneliness, joy, pleasure, pain and the evolution we undergo as an existing relationship  fades while new connections spring to life.

Tell us a little about what a crowd can expect at a live show? My music is always inspired by something, so there is always a story or an experience to share. I tell those stories at my live shows, I think it makes the music even more meaningful in the moment. I pour everything I am into performing my music, so watching me play can be a bit intense and is certainly an engaging experience.”

Favourite artists of all time? There are so many! Ingrid Michaelson, Rachmaninov, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Jason Mraz. Really, I could go on and on, it’s so hard to pick a favourite!”

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Loren Evarts-031_preview

Loren Evarts, Home Again – (from the album ‘Home Again’)

Loren Everts newest album Home Again is the 6th original album, of this amazing contemporary pianist. It revisits several pieces previously recorded by Loren in the 1980’s, and eight new ones.

Fave film? Fave Book? Fave place? Fave animal or pet?.”I Loved “The Lord of the Rings” movies. (It was great to visit the filming sites when I was recently in NZ.) I have always loved England, but very much enjoyed an extended visit to Australia several years ago. (Spent 6 weeks touring the country.) Definitely a cat person, but I have 2 border collies.”

Fave food or drink and is there a story associated with that”Pizza! No story there. I’m lucky to live near the pizza capital of the world- New haven, CT. (If you are ever there, try Sally’s on Wooster St.) And I like a good non-IPA beer to go with that.”

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Tom Moore 2 copy Sherry Finzer Phoenix Flutist 2 copy

Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer, Sacred Ground (from the album ‘Let there be Light’)

Let There Be Light is the second collaborative album from multi-instrumentalist Tom Moore and award-winning flutist, Sherry Finzer. This album’s music is an expression of a journey, it is about movement not only in our outer life, but equally on the inner plane. The universe is made up of light, which then becomes vibrations and sound. The purpose of this album is to bring ‘light’ to the listener is as many forms as possible.

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Big Merino – Suburban Wildlife

"Big Merino – Suburban Wildlife"

The Sydney-based band Big Merino their debut album “Suburban Wildlife” is a smashing it, getting rave reviews overseas and their our featured album.

Beach sloth – “Big Merino goes for a powerful, heartfelt sound on the symphonic folk musings of Suburban Wildlife.”


Dancing About Architecture (by Dave Franklin) – “The art of pinning down a band in just a few generic descriptions or a handy soundbite is the stock-in-trade of the music reviewer but I have to admit that it will take a better man than me to concisely pin down Big Merino.”


Middle Tennessee Music.com (by Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman) – “Comprising of a team of seasoned music makers, Big Merino is the culmination of various musical styles, years of various experiences and the talented personalities which have come together like Voltron to form an appealing, soul-infused rock record that can be listened to from beginning to end…multiple times…without getting old.”


Formed a little over two years ago, Big Merino play original songs that blur the lines between rock, country, blues, roots, soul, funk and grunge – occasionally making forays into lesser-known genres such as New Orleans 2nd Line.

Their major influences Glen Hansard, The Frames, Jackson Browne and The Rolling Stones, co-songwriters Alex Craig and Stuart Davis write socially and politically-charged songs that are sometimes gentle and nostalgic and at other times nothing less than a fierce cry for revolution.


1. Black Cockatoos

2. How Can You Be Sure

3. Turn This Boat Around

4. Hand Grenades

5. Blackwater

6. Love Letter From A Fool

7. Sometimes

8. Hands In The Fire

9. Dramamine

10. Maybe I Was Sleeping

Links to music:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bigmerino/

Offical: https://bigmerinoband.com.au/INFO.html

The Sheyana Band – Feature Album Big Love

"The Sheyana Band – Feature Album Big Love"

A fine album of easy listening blues rock that harkens back to the greats of the 70’s as well as maintaining a modern flavour.

Having just played Party In The Paddock the band are set for big things. The Sheyana Band are a collective of rock-solid rhythms, impassioned vocals and tightly packaged toe-tapping grooves steeped in blues and storytelling.


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THE MEZCALTONES – Newest album Second

"THE MEZCALTONES – Newest album Second"


Favourites at Tamworth and other Festivals we are proud to have this great new album to send to cafes.

It’s more than a band, its a show… With ATTITUDE!

THE MEZCALTONES are inspired by cool tunes from Tito and Tarantula, Dick Dale, Link Wray, Los Lobos, Santana and other artists from this genre. The attitude of those famous Tarantino/ Robert Rodrigues flicks, Cowboy movies and B grade low budget 1960’s teen movies.

Mezcaltones promo 2018 copy

Featuring a Tex Mex, 60’s, cowboy rockabilly surf guitar style of twang and incorporating Mimi’s spellbinding dance moves, they are hard to pigeonhole. They have performed at the Sydney Winterfest BLUES festival, four Tamworth COUNTRY music festivals and the Sydney BLUES & ROOTS festival. Their debut CD was voted #6 in the Top Ten CDs of 2016 by 100% ROCK magazine. They have been described by some as Mexican Hillbilly surf music, Alt country, Cowboy Blues Brothers, cowpunk, Surferbilly and more… one thing everyone does agree upon is THE MEZCALTONES are highly entertaining!


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