Graham Gouldman Album Modesty Forbids New Review

"Graham Gouldman Album Modesty Forbids New Review"


By Michael Smith

Imagine being invited to play with one of the guys who inspired you to become a musician. For Eric Stewart, that became a reality for a few productive years when he joined Paul McCartney, not only playing guitar for but cowriting songs with him for his Tug Of War, Pipes Of Peace, Give My Regards to Broadway and the unfortunate Press to Play albums. For Graham Gouldman, Stewart’s one-time partner in 10CC, it came with a call to join Ringo Starr on a tour. Well, he was never going to get a call from Paul was he, being a bass player? Gouldman may be getting on a bit but as the opening track of his third solo album, ‘Standing Next To Me’, makes clear, Gouldman remains as youthfully starry-eyed about having had the chance to play with a Beatle, who adds his drums to this most Beatleish of tunes, as he would have been when he first heard The Beatles as an aspiring 17 year old playing in bands around Salford and Birmingham back in 1963.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 1.57.54 pm

Within a year, Gouldman was churning out songs that matched his obvious inspiration, McCartney, that were being recorded by everyone from The Yardbirds – ‘For Your Love’ and ‘Heart Full of Soul’ – to Herman’s Hermits – ‘No Milk Today’ – to The Hollies – ‘Bus Stop’, even if his own band The Mockingbirds never quite managed to break through. From 1970 on, Gouldman seemed happy to submerge his gifts within 10CC, cowriting within the initial four-piece then, after the split in 1977, with Eric Stewart, until he too stepped away. Across the 11 songs on Modesty Forbids, it’s obvious we’re in the presence of a master – and versatile – songsmith who, as it happens, has proven himself far more consistent in terms of quality control than McCartney, who obviously remains an unmistakeable influence, Gouldman’s bass lines often as stylishly melodic and unexpected as anything by the Fab One. There’s even a touch of the George Harrison’s not only in the lyric and melody of ‘What Time Won’t Heal’, but in Gouldman’s voice! It’s also not just silly love songs – Gouldman still has something to say, in ‘All Around the World’, cowritten with Beth Neilson Chapman, and the melodically very 10CC ‘Hangin’ by a Thread’ joining the call to face the reality of climate change. Modesty Forbids is the album McCartney fans have been hoping their man might make for years – a pretty bold statement, I know, but really, ‘Waiting All My Life for You’ is pure McCartney. Altogether, this is a truly quality album in the classic sense.


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SLC May Playlist Additions

"SLC May Playlist Additions"

Our May Playlist Additions include some varied tunes from new releases to keep you chilled during these strange times. We hope you enjoy, just click the images to listen to individual tracks or the actual playlist.

SLC Digital Expresso Playlist

slc may list

The songs are;

1500-Gareth Koch Code Blue 3000

Code Blue by Gareth Koch(from the EP)

This is jaunty & upbeat featuring full band backing, Koch’s Aria Award Winning signature guitar and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, but there are clues to an underlying seriousness.

Crossfire Single Cover

Crossfire by Julie-Anne Marshall (from the new single)

Julie-Anne’s latest song release ‘Crossfire’ has her stepping into the dream pop genre. With her vocals taking on a whisper pop vibe in this song, she still remains true to her lyric driven evocative songwriting style. This diverse songwriter is showing that not only can she write across genre’s but her vocals are more than able to traverse the genre divide.


Dancin’ by The Mezcaltones(from the album Hillbilly Surf Rock Music)

A song who’s vintage tones and grooves lends itself to a time when lyrics had to be subtle but you still get the meaning. Another killer radio friendly tune from whats shaping up to be the bands best album yet.

Angel Front Square 1500 px

Mirror of Love by Tim Walker(from the album Bridge of Angels)

Tim’s songwriting has truly come of age on this album and theres just so may good songs – this is another uptempo, hooky, and fun tune which even features an old school ragtime piano break.

prayer for rain

Prayer for Rain by Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel (from the single)

Impressionistic neo-classical piano with ethereal layered vocals featuring vocals from both of the girls. The alto from Fiona and Rebecca is the Soprano. All proceeds from this song go to bushfire affected wildlife via the Billabong Zoo Koala Hospital.


The Fatal Hour by Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch (from the album Chryse Planitia)

Another deep and vibrant tune from this acclaimed album.

A much more laid back tune showing the other possibilities on the album this song starts with only guitar and voice, drawing the listener into the Kilbey/Koch world. When the drums and bass do kick in the whole thing moves up a notch and theres some great choral ear candy featured as well.

EP8 Cover Sqaure

Wonders To Behold by Throwing Shapes(from the EP Tranquility Base)

The second playlist addition for this prolific WA Electronica Act. This tune will keep your interest and feet tapping throughout.


Gareth Koch-New EP Code Blue

"Gareth Koch-New EP Code Blue"

Proudly featuring this one on SLC for your listening pleasure

“How does an artwork or song come into being and take form where once nothing existed?

The answer has layers of complexity, and varies from artist to artist, but there are partial explanations. Usually there is some type of catalyst, a half-remembered whisper, idea or a musical phrase which forms a point of creative departure. Sometimes though, an actual event might spark inspiration.”

The song Code Blue is jaunty & upbeat with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, but these provide clues to an underlying seriousness:

‘code blue runnin outa time,…show a vital sign,… in emergency ICU…o honey i’d die for you….’

A ‘code blue’ is a hospital crisis situation in which the patient is in cardiopulmonary arrest, requiring a team to rush to the specific location and begin rescue efforts.
The narrative of the song draws on a sudden medical emergency in which Gareth was saved by the skill of medical staff.

GK PR Code Blue pic edited

Both the song Code Blue and EP are dedicated with love and gratitude to the wonderful medical professionals across the world.

The other songs on the EP Include

Come Heavy Sleep is a type of re-imagined Elizabethan ballad, so you hear Gareth’s Nylon string classical guitars prominently, harking back to his roots in the classical world, but overlaid with drums/percussion and a calming sleeplike vocal delivery.

The Flame is a more rock track with electric guitars and a rhythm section and has a certain echo of the great Blue Oyster Cult.

 ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’. In this rendering Koch re-invents the song as a sensitive ballad, laced with classical guitars and a very different vocal to the original

Check out the video premiere for Code Blue


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Tim Walker’s New Album Bridge of Angels

"Tim Walker’s New Album Bridge of Angels"

Ex-Sydney singer-songwriter Tim Walker moved back to his hometown of Adelaide earlier this year and immediately began recording this new album, his first for a while.

The album was inspired by a recent trip to Europe, where Tim was struck by a culture saturated with centuries of spiritual and religious symbols, strivings and sentiments. The new album has more universal themes than his first (Fellow Traveller), which was very Sydney-oriented.

Beginning in folk, he went into a country rock act, and now is a prolific soloist, doing gigs around Adelaide. He was a regular on the Sydney live circuit and played at several NSW festivals. He found a SA recording studio in Grange this year, and immediately began laying down tracks according to a careful plan, devised over many months.


Track list with Descriptions:
  1. On The Bridge (a prelude): This is a crossroad, of civilisation, of history, the course of your own life, a juncture, a leap. The “bridge” refers to Rome’s Bridge of Angels of the album’s title, which is lined with 10 angels and overlooked by a castle, on the River Tiber. A short classical piece, it provides the thematic underpinning of the entire album – a beautiful, floating spark of hope and redemption for a world in flux.
  2. The Loving Arms (those we love): The race is on from the day you are born as time and love play off against each other, and the kindness of strangers. The real currency of life, more valuable than gold or silver, never to be taken for granted.
  3. Every Story Tells a Picture (the plague): With 7.8 billion people on Earth and millions more being added every year, we are running out of everything, including our humanity and our judgement.
  4. Mirror of Love (a reflection):A photograph can lie, but love cannot lie. It is the ultimate mirror.
  5. Red Velvet Chair (a friend in need): When you sit in this chair you tell the truth, and the truth is told to you. It’s the advice of a friend, the helping hand. But hey, you can have some fun with it too!
  6. Streets of Rome (eyes are opened): The ancient capital was no stranger to the album’s themes. Without the benefit of science, its original citizensinvented their own answers to life, preserved today with respect and awe, embedded in every stone of the city. And they had to deal with the same spiritual questions as us. Rome was therefore the accidental epicentre of the album.
  7. The Bolshie Swing (the dance): Time for a break. This track started off as a playful riff and expanded into a mini-orchestra, was left on the shelf for a while, then rushed into action as track 7. It was the understudy.
  8. Face Without a Name (stare inside): Ultimately we are just one of the crowd. It’s a big world and that crowd is made up of billions. Not often can we roar; more often at most we can squeak. Not invisible -but maybe only a “hill of beans”, as Bogart said in one of his films.
  9. Fly into the Sunrise (flying home): You have been away, seen many things. Now you wing your way on a long flight home, from the nighttime behind (the past) to the sunrise ahead (the future). The huge jet streams past, its passengers look out and simultaneously look in, through half-asleep eyes; the moment is sublime.
  10. Star (inspiration): Maybe it’s love at first sight; maybe it’s the inspiration that keeps alive a distant flame. Perhaps it’s fate.


Listen on your favourite platform:

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 1.50.35 pm

Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base

"Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base"

Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base

EP8 Cover Sqaure

Throwing Shapes is Fox Shannon. An electronic and Drum and Bass producer from Perth, Western Australia. Unique and forward-thinking electronic music. With influences from Pendulum, Sub Focus and Shock One to Disclosure, Deadmau5 and Slumber Jack.  

His energetic performances and catchy dance floor hooks have won him growing interest from community radio, with airplay around the country. And seen him feature on numerous compilation albums. And secure billing at local underground dance events, such as ‘Reawakening’. 

Throwing Shapes latest release,the EP ‘Tranquility Base’ is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other streaming services. 



(Tim Fox Shannon)

Track descriptions:

Tranquility Base – (Mid to up tempo) The title track, is up lifting and euphoric. A truly majestic feeling to this track. Angelic choir pads floating over a rolling rhythm section. With synth leads in the chorus that lift you higher and higher. The song is about the beauty and fascination of creativity and fantasy, that we all possess.  

Demons Run – (Mid tempo vibe). A slightly deeper, introspective type track. The verses lend themselves to a sort of fantasy world that then drops away into a large space with a dominating bass synth, in the chorus. Gradually opening up to the more ambient, introspective sections of synth chords and leads. The title is taken from a Doctor Who episode called ‘Demons Run, When A Good Man Goes To War’. 

Wonders To Behold – (Mid to up tempo) Beautiful piano chords that build to a catchy lead synth line in the chorus, with a positive and up lifting vibe but also somehow defiant and proud. It ends with a sort of marching beat. A triumphant feeling of overcoming struggle, on this track. 

Marauder –  (Up tempo) Is probably the heaviest track on the EP but it’s also got the most funk and groove. A rolling, funky rhythm based verse which drops into a dark chorus of fat driving bass synths. The song gradually opens up to more melodic sections with a positive vibe and different chord changes, as synth lines and ambience builds the track to it’s crescendo. All the songs on this EP gradually develop and evolve throughout course of the song and take you on a journey. And this track is no exception. 

Defiant, Yet At Your Mercy – (Down tempo) Is the mellow track with the deepest vibes on this EP. It begins with slow ambient choir pads, chimes and some atmospheric ear candy that builds and drops into sort of swing’ing beat and wide synth chords, that have a slightly sad, introspective feeling followed by a lead bass synth line that drives that feeling home even more. The song evolves further and you’re introduced to a piano lead section which caries the main melody of the song and is a highlight of this release. 

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Review of New Album from Graham Gouldman

"Review of New Album from Graham Gouldman"


Graham Gouldman

Album: Modesty Forbids

by Adam Jones, 21/3/2020.

I click on the link and start to listen to the opener Standing Next To Me, without taking notice of the artist name. “Mmmmmm” I think as the song commences, “this is very groovy and thats a nice feel on the drums”. Vocals start and it sounds like a cross between Paul and Ringo from those legends I have loved all my life. Now hes mentioning Ringo and the story appears to be about the songwriter being a bit awestruck working with the great drummer.

I start doing a bit of reading about Mr Gouldman and hit his Facebook page only to discover that it actually is Ringo Star playing drums on the first track!  Wow, what an honour to review this British gentlemans interestingly titled new album Modesty Forbids. He has been active in the music scene as a performer and songwriter since 1965, AND this man was a hit songwriter and member of 10CC! I loved all their hits. Okay so now Im really looking forward to writing this one. Cant call it work.

Thats love right there” we are then told to the tune of a bit of piano swing big band jazz. Im smiling and suddenly life feels fine and my foots a-tapping. All Around The World takes us everywhere with some more nice chords on piano and a Beatley sounding band. This is as enjoyable as Ringos last album which I listened to on repeat when it came out.

Its Not You Its Me rocks on with a tasty acoustic guitar part and some cool, almost dreamy hippy style vocals. Theres a nice variety of songs on this album. I think Graham could write a hit song in his sleep, as the acoustic strums with some more great band sound reminiscent of George in the 70s on What Time Wont Heal.

More luscious keyboards feature in the sadly romantic Different Times. Wake Up Dreamer is the next solid song with the opening guitars sounding like a Crosby Stills Nash and Young track. Oh, and the bridge in this one is simply magic, then Graham reminds us that even though we must accept, that doesnt mean we cant reject”. Yep!

Now Im treated to the Russian Doll instrumental with its majestic and classic melodic stylings. The last 3 tracks treat my ears to more cruisey acoustic folk rock with some beautifully played guitar and perfect harmony backing vocals on the closing track New Star. When all is over, when all is done, only love survives”. Yes. So true. Modesty Forbids is a real gem, that is well worth searching for, and when you find it, give it a good shine!


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Review of New Single from Karissa

"Review of New Single from Karissa"



by Adam Jones. 20/3/2020

The piano notes tinkle gently as they introduce a voice with the huskiness of Stevie Nicks and the passion of the great late Janis Joplin. The light at the end of the darkness in so much piano rock is here, with a well-written song and the perfect level of emotion for the lyrical subject. This is what Delta might have been like when she came out, if she had some Aussie guts! And don’t forget the B-side “it was only me in this delirium..this reality…only to be with you” in a Utopian Coma, a gently contrasting but equally emotional performance from Karissa Hambilton, along with some complementary electric rock rhythm guitar.

This strong woman really does rock hard, well, hard enough for me. And those floating piano notes are always entrancing, every time it features momentarily during these songs. Karissa has been tapping the ebony and ivory and smashing out her dynamic vocals since 2011, and her latest offering reveals the maturity and development of a fine artist delivering from the pocket that she fits snugly into.

This is what I call ‘good driving music’. I can take the wheel and engage in her emotional rollercoaster whilst still happily avoiding those giant road trains!  Although, I could have this on during a dinner party, and it would make nice vibrations for my guests’ ears to occasionally tune into, indulge in, during that sweet but brandy-drenched dessert. 

So, without further ado, I tip my glass to you, Karissa, and say a simple ‘thank you for your music’. Never give up, because you’ve got this!



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New March Playlist

"New March Playlist"

Our new additions and playlist changes for March include new releases from Karissa, Fiona joy and Throwing Shapes as well as tunes lifted from current albums by Graham Gouldman, The Mezcaltones, Steve Kilbey, Gareth Koch and more.

  1. Steve Kilbey / Gareth Koch – ‘Stay Where You are’ (from the album Chryse Planitia)
  2. Big Merino – ‘I Lay Me Down (2020 Remix)’ (remix single from the album Sweet Little Angel)
  3. Graham Gouldman – ‘Standing Next To Me’ (from the album Modesty Forbids)
  4. Karissa – ‘Utopian Coma’ (from the album Light at the End of Darkness)
  5. Park Haven – ‘Take Cover’ (single)
  6. Fiona Joy Hawkins – ‘Bushfire Moon’ (single)
  7. The Mezcaltones – ‘Shango’s Surfwaxxx’ (from the album Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music)
  8. Throwing Shapes – ‘Tranquility Base’ (from the album Tranquility Base)

Have a listen to all these songs on Our Soundslikecafe Digital Playlist On Spotify:

downloadScreen Shot 2020-03-23 at 4.24.47 pmLJX121_1400FINAL-Karissa Light at the end of Darkness 3000px

The Mezcaltones Feature Album Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music

"The Mezcaltones Feature Album Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music"

The Mezcaltones Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music
The band’s third album finds them at the top of their game with brilliantly written and played originals along with a tasteful selection of covers lifted from their live set. Recorded and mixed in just over a week at Damien Gerard’s new expanded studios on the Central Coast, the album stands as their most cohesively accessible and sonically pleasing to date.

Only released last Friday to coincide with the launch on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to their home crowd, the Album is already garnering reviews such as:
The third album from the enigmatic Mezcaltones is cranking, feelgood drinking music that crawls into your boots and drags you to the dance floor of any number of dusty roadside Mexican Saloons.” Redback Rock
“The good, the bad, the groovy, playing all things cool with a Tarantino and strong Mexican flavourBlog

The band have also been invited to co host Ross Fear’s influential Australian Spectrum show this Tuesday March 3.

The band will be playing over the next few weeks to promote the record, see dates below.


And now to the band – Just what is it about the Mezcaltones –
Four guys dressed as cowboys and two women dressed like Spanish Mexican Senoritas that you might find in a Quentin Tarantino movie – two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a crazy front man and a beautiful dancer/percussionist. Whilst their original songs have an alt country flavour with rich cowboy guitar sounds reminiscent of another century, the guitar tones also reach into the realms of 60’s surf instrumentals.

See them live at

Album – Out Now – Foghorn/MGM
CD on sale at Shows
Click below for DSP’s

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 11.36.51 am

Connect with The Mezcaltones:

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For further information please contact:
Marshall Cullen at Foghorn Media
0416 143 030

Nick De La Hoyde – A Beautiful Mess Debut Album

"Nick De La Hoyde – A Beautiful Mess Debut Album"

Soundslikecafe is proud to present this brilliant young aussie kicking goals both here and overseas with his modern positive sounding tunes and lyrics – 

Growingup in a multi-cultural home with a Syrian mother and British father, Sydney based, singer songwriter Nick de la Hoyde was exposed to many global influences that he now weaves into his music. Melding his love of hip hop, pop and R&B with introspective lyrics that chronicles a young musician’s journey to adulthood, overcoming life and artistic challenges along the path, Nick and his long-time producer/collaborator/older brother Joseph (ZUZU) de la Hoyde, have together crafted a sound that is simultaneously intimate, expansive and engaging. Having penned confessional, real life anthems, such as High,Ghost, Animals, California,Mirror Mirror, Hold Me Close, and Love Takes Time,that oscillate between moody, textured R&B, anthemic synth laden future-pop and hip hop, combined with a lyrical earnestness that speaks directly to today’s younger generation.  Nick has quickly made a name for himself, cultivating a large and dedicated on-line following and is establishing himself a powerful voice for self empowerment and positivity.

1000 ndlh pr

Check it out NOW !!


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