The Cafe Music Magicians – 7 Artists that You Just Can’t Miss

"The Cafe Music Magicians – 7 Artists that You Just Can’t Miss"

Walls with soothing palettes of timber, soft lighting and the aroma of freshly brewed cappuccino – your cafe is near about perfect; except for one little thing – the right cafe music. When customers walk into your cafe, they become an audience too. So, while you may have personal favourites, you need to be sure that your cafe music playlist strikes the right chord and makes for the perfect setting.
Sounds like a daunting task? Let us help you take a breather. Here’s a list of 7 artists that can work wonders with the atmosphere in your cafe:

1. David Sylvian

The English singer and main songwriter of the group, Japan has some eclectic solo albums to his credit like Gone to Earth and Brilliant Trees. Don’t forget to check out Silver Moon from Gone to Earth – it definitely makes for a romantic Saturday evening.

2. Paolo Nutini

The Scottish vocalist does not need much of an introduction. Music lovers, the world over, are familiar with his pop-rock, folk blues and soul rock renditions. Make sure to check out Sunny Side Up, These Streets and Caustic Love. His songs are jaunty yet full of emotion-packed lyrics. Show some love to your weary Monday lunch customers with his funky Pencil Full of Lead single.

3. Jessica Mauboy

The famous Australian R&B singer is known for her number-one single, Burn. Jessica’s Been Waiting has been certified platinum, plus it makes for some foot-tapping cafe music for a spirited Friday evening. Also, did you know that Nescafe marked 75 years of their brand by becoming the official sponsor of her To the End of the Earth tour? Coffee and Jessica’s music seem to blend well, eh?

4. Paul Kelly

Nothing speaks Australian better than Paul Kelly’s music. From Bluegrass to folk and country, Paul’s style of music has spanned across genres impressively. Don’t miss his albums Under the Sun and Wanted Man. Paul’s hit single To Her Door makes for some great sing-along music just in case you’re thinking about a Karaoke Thursday.

5. Paul Schoenfield

The American artist is known for beautifully fusing contemporary and folk with classical symphonies. His music defines sophistication. Give a listen to his composition, Cafe Music – something apt for a mid-week, Wednesday evening when your customers could use some soothing yet finger-snapping rhythm. In case, you like opera style, check out the brilliant crescendo in Dog Heaven (Four Parables).


6. Sarah Blasko

ARIA Music Awards’ best female artist of 2009 for As Day Follows Night, Sarah’s style of music is Indie-rock and Indie-pop. Her songs are popular for their clarity of instruments. Check out her number Perfect Now from The Overture and the Underscore – you could easily imagine someone on a worked-up Tuesday afternoon indulging in the moment with its soulful lyrics and smooth drumming.

7. Guy Sebastian

The only Australian artist to have 6 number-one singles, Guy Sebastian is a clearly a Soul and R&B sensation. His hit album, Armageddon has been widely popular for all the right reasons. Add Angels Brought Me Here to your playlist and there’s a pretty strong chance of finding a cosy couple swooning over it on a relaxed Sunday evening. You’re also likely to find another couple listening intently to Sebastian’s hard-to-turn-down invitation with Come Home With Me for some tips.
There! It isn’t very difficult after all, is it now? Just keep some good music and your customers in mind. Then, all you need is the passion to serve them the best topped with some fine tracks and great food, of course..