If you are starting a cafe you will be thinking about the music you are going to play. You may have noticed by now how music can change the ambience of your cafe, and the ambience you create is one of your best marketing tools. Playing the  right music can attract customers into your cafe.  It has been proven that music can alter the length of time people stay in your cafe, and the amount of food and drink they purchase. See our blog about how music can help your business.

To play music for the benefit of your customers and staff, it is important  that you seek permission from the copyright owners and pay for the right to use their music.

Cafes will need two licences to play music in their cafe.

1. APRA/AMCOS – Provides licences covering the copyright in the song (lyrics, composition etc) and represents the interests of composers and publishers.
2.PPCA – Provides licences covering the recording and/or music video of the song (a particular recorded performance) and represents the interests of recording artists and record labels.

The licence fees that are collected are by APRA|AMCOS and PPCA are then distributed in the form of royalty payments to musicians. Both APRA and PPCA licences are based on size and seating capacity visit  The APRA website  and The PPCA website for more details.