Peter Sterling Releases Mystic Voyager Album

"Peter Sterling Releases Mystic Voyager Album"


Mystic Voyager

Soundslikecafe are proud to add Nightwind to our playlist lifted from Peter’s new album just out today – just one of the many outstanding pieces –  read all about it and listen below.

Calling his 16thalbum “my most ambitious and creative work to date,” Peter Sterling’s Mystic Voyager is a remarkable, genre-transcendent collection that finds the veteran award-winning harpist delving deeply into his longstanding passions for ethereal new age, contemporary instrumental/smooth jazz and global fusion music, its nine compositions serving as a reflection of his multi-faceted life journey, multitude of world travels and the inspirational people he has met along the way.

Driven by the longtime Sedona, AZ resident and spiritual sojourner’s largest recording ensemble ever, the serene yet soulful, gently grooving collection’s unique title speaks to the many mystical, otherworldly experiences that have guided his impactful, ever-beautifying life and career since he first felt the presence of angels answering a prayer on how to fulfill his life’s purpose some thirty years ago. Mystic Voyagerincludes contributions from #1 Billboard charting guitarist Steve Oliver, Grammy winning pianist Darlene Koldenhoven, Grammy nominated Renaissance flute player David Young, vocalists Chianne, Seay and Nina Starsong and Richard Hardy (flute and sax).

Mystic Voyagerincludes the previously released single “The Long Cold Winter,” a haunting, lyrical, accordion laced and largely improvisational piece whose powerful and distinct Eastern European feel sparked Peter’s visual imagination, leading him to collaborate with Sara Pozin, a 20something, award winning Slovenian animator to create a video tribute to the brave people of Ukraine as they continue to struggle and survive the 2022 Russian invasion. The video featuring Pozin’s compelling minimalist, foreboding artwork has won multiple awards at prominent international film festivals.

psterling-smiling web

Success came quickly for Peter, when the music label “World Disc” released his first album Harp Magic which was nominated in 1994 for NAIRD’s (now A2IM) Best String Album Award. In 2004 Sterling’s album Hap Dreams sat at the top of New Age Radio’s Top 100 for 8 weeks and garnered an Album of the Year nomination. In 2005 peter signed on with renowned new age music label Real Music to release his Shadow,Mist and Light cd. Peter’s self released 2008 effort The Sands of Time earned a nomination for a Hollywood Music Award for Best New Age Album. His 2012 release Patterns of Reflection soared to #1 on the ZMR 100 International Radio chart, also grabbing a nomination for Album of the Year. The very next year his album Twilight Serenade ascended to the #1 position on the ZMR Chart, while the track entitled “Isle of Light” earned a Bronze medal in the Global Music Awards for 2016. And his 2017 CD Sacred Visions went to #3 on the ZMR and won a Silver Global Music Award. In 2021 Peters album Sanctuary of Light won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best New Age Albums as well as the COVR Silver Visionary Music Award. In 2022 Peters album The Winding Way won Gold in the COVR Visionary Music Awards for Best New Age Album.

A favorite on Internet radio such as Pandora, Sirius, XM Satellite, and Soundscapes Radio as well as United and American airlines, Peter’s angelic music will continue to reach the masses, heal lives, balance brains, open hearts, and connect people to their innate spiritual essence.





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Jane Walker Releases New Single ‘Wondering Why’

"Jane Walker Releases New Single ‘Wondering Why’"

One of our new artists just added to the playlist.

When a new batch of songs emerged for Sydney singer/songwriter Jane Walker, it was like some fresh wind blowing through everything, filling her with confidence.

“I thought this is me being honest, getting real, and I just got really excited,” says Walker, who suddenly found the sophisticated soul pop songs, with touches of jazz, coming in a rush. Deeply personal songs, like what would become the first single from her next album, Wondering Why.

“Wondering Why is about meeting my husband and feeling happy with him. It’s very close to the bone, it’s my story, [showing] I’ve got the intensity and the focus to go there and ask what’s my truth?”

The wind blew further, into her work co-creating Cockatoo Kids, a children’s music group whose songs emerged from the same burst of creativity that produced Wondering Why: “Songwriting these days feels liberating and fun and I’m just loving it.”

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 12.07.38 pm

Backing her on the new recordings are typically classy contributions from cross genre specialists like the rhythm section of Hamish Stuart and James Haselwood, Stu Hunter on keyboards, and co-producer/mixer Neal Sutherland.

Having already written with Chris Difford of Squeeze and Adam Levy (Norah Jones) and worked with the likes of The Cruel Sea’s James Cruickshank, producers Steve James and Barbara Griffin, Indigenous group Street Warriors and Bobby Flynn on her debut, Walk Gently, Walker knows that “working with such talented musicians lifts my level and stimulates me as an artist and gives me that freedom to go for it.”

What also stimulates this ambassador for Ocean Recovery Alliance is connecting deeply with the water and the land of her native Australia – after beginning her career in London (where she joined Radiohead and Massive Attack on a new music album) and missing home.

“More and more I aim to live in the present moment, and find when I’m there, nature rushes in,” says Walker. “[Then] things start to flow and I can write a song.”

Stream Wondering Why here:


 Official Video:

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 12.15.33 pm

Link Tree:


Connect with Jane Walker:

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Sensitive Chaos Releases New Album ‘Closer to Home’

"Sensitive Chaos Releases New Album ‘Closer to Home’"
Soundsliekcafe Proudly presents this brilliant set of tunes for our new feature album all the way from the USA
Sensitive Chaos is the solo project of composer/synthesist/producer Jim Combs, a collaborative music project with ambient, world, electronic, jazz, found sound, and down-tempo chillout vibes.
Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 3.44.37 pm
Sensitive Chaos compositions use live looping improvisation, and most songs have their genesis in live performances or from live recordings. 

Building on a massively successful 15-year run of worldwide airplay, live concerts, and festival appearances – as well as multiple award considerations from Zone Music Reporter and One World Music Radio to the Grammys – Sensitive Chaos proudly presents its 11th release: Closer to Home.
A selection of the tracks from this new release were chosen for cafe play,
from mid-tempo jazzy beat instrumental to more ambient sounds:
Some videos to checkout below
 Fauna Funk Fusion – (click below to watch video)
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 10.51.39 AM
Snow Laughing Matter(click below to watch video)
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 10.55.14 AM

Fast Driving Open Road(click below to watch video)
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 11.24.30 AM
Watching Embers Glow(click below to watch video
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 11.55.21 AM
As Night Unfolds(click below to watch video)
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 11.26.57 AM

Levi X – Live at The Gallery

"Levi X – Live at The Gallery"

Levi-X Live at The Gallery
Iconic Live Jazz Covers and an original with Levi’s startling voice

Release Date: November 20  (Foghorn/MGM) ALL Digital Platforms

At only 12 years old, Levi-X performs his first original composition “I Need to be Me”, in a live session set at the MerchWorx Galley Session.   Recorded on Oct 17th2020, the session lets listeners share Levi-X’s young passionate approach to music and cross over style between contemporary and easy jazz that is rarely seen in someone so young.   Supported by piano, bass, drums, and guitar, he also brings an emotional take on John Hiatt’s “Have a little faith”, freely working with his fellow musicians to create the rich delivery of the song’s roots.   He then picks up the saxophone on what can only be described as an extraordinary performance of Grover Washington’s “Winelight”.

I Need to Be Me – Levi-X
I Need to Be Meis Levi-X’s first song written wholly by himself, aged 12, lyrics and music.   The magic of this song is not only the way the song melodically flows and sweeps its listeners into an emotional centre but is also about the strength and depth of the how the lyrics speak to people of all ages.

“To be the person I need to be….I need to be me”. A simple truism relevant to young and old, whatever your walk of life.   Aim to be truthful to yourself – who you are – what you stand for.   Then comes the matching counterbalance in the song – the recognition that to really be yourself, is never a path without failure, but it is a worthwhile goal to keep reaching for. “I know I’m trying again…I gotta get back up then.”

It sometimes takes a young mind to remind us that being real to ourselves is a struggle for all, not just youth.   I Need to be Me, is a song that wholeheartedly delivers a message of compassion and encouragement to everyone.
Considering that “I Need to be Me” is Levi-X’s first debut into song writing, it is going to be very exciting to see where this Australian musician and performer takes us next.

Levi-X, live at the Gallery Sessions, is a fearless delivery of youthful talent on many levels that should not be overlooked.

Watch the Live Set Video Here

Levi-X is a young singer/saxophonist (12 yo), based in Queensland. Levi has been performing at several markets in North Brisbane with his father since he was 11 years old, entertaining crowds with his saxophone and singing. He plays all genres of music but has a style that is rooted in light Jazz improvisation.

Levi X – Live at the Gallery is OUT NOW –  via MGM

Click below to stream and download

Connect with Levi-X:

Levi-X Releases Debut Single Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing)

"Levi-X Releases Debut Single Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing)"

Levi-X is a young singer/saxophonist (12 yo), based in Queensland. Levi has been performing at several markets in North Brisbane with his father since he was 11 years old, entertaining crowds with his saxophone and singing. He plays all genres of music but has a style that is rooted in light Jazz improvisation. His debut song, Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing) was recorded when he was 12 years old and is the first of a number of songs he is working on.

levi x vid grab

Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing) is a new interpretation of the well know traditional song, and digs into the song’s history and meaning with the rawness and innocence of the 12 year old singer, Levi-X. The songs uncomplicated composition aims to delicately remind us of the youthful simplicity where we start life; a place that we often seek to return to along the tumultuous journey that life often unknowingly takes us. Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing) is Levi-X’s debut song, which he worked on with his father, and is played with his older brother (aged 15) on guitar. Levi-X both sings and plays saxophone on this single. With his young voice soaring in all the right places and carrying the heartfelt lyrics with feeling beyond his years this is a beautiful rendition of the timeless classic.

Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing) is OUT NOW –  via MGM

levi x sales


Connect with Levi-X: 

Julie-Anne Marshall-(feat Nikolai Egel) Presents New Single Rich Woman(Dollar)

"Julie-Anne Marshall-(feat Nikolai Egel) Presents New Single Rich Woman(Dollar)"

One of soundslikecafe’s most consistent, well loved and prolific song writers Julie-Anne Marshall has stepped right up with this new tune featuring some rapping from Nikolai Egel for your listening pleasure.

Currently sitting at Number 1 on our Spotify Playlist and not going anywhere soon, a great track.


As a solo artist Julie-Anne continues to surprise us with her genre crossovers, however, her songwriting still shines through with her lyric-driven, melodic and easy listening style. Rich Woman (Dollar) is Julie-Anne’s latest single release and it has an urban pop 40’s vibe and features Melbourne based rapper Nikolai Egel.

Stream Now


Connect With Julie-Anne

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New March Playlist

"New March Playlist"

Our new additions and playlist changes for March include new releases from Karissa, Fiona joy and Throwing Shapes as well as tunes lifted from current albums by Graham Gouldman, The Mezcaltones, Steve Kilbey, Gareth Koch and more.

  1. Steve Kilbey / Gareth Koch – ‘Stay Where You are’ (from the album Chryse Planitia)
  2. Big Merino – ‘I Lay Me Down (2020 Remix)’ (remix single from the album Sweet Little Angel)
  3. Graham Gouldman – ‘Standing Next To Me’ (from the album Modesty Forbids)
  4. Karissa – ‘Utopian Coma’ (from the album Light at the End of Darkness)
  5. Park Haven – ‘Take Cover’ (single)
  6. Fiona Joy Hawkins – ‘Bushfire Moon’ (single)
  7. The Mezcaltones – ‘Shango’s Surfwaxxx’ (from the album Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music)
  8. Throwing Shapes – ‘Tranquility Base’ (from the album Tranquility Base)

Have a listen to all these songs on Our Soundslikecafe Digital Playlist On Spotify:

downloadScreen Shot 2020-03-23 at 4.24.47 pmLJX121_1400FINAL-Karissa Light at the end of Darkness 3000px

Eldafyre – Stylist Acoustic Poet

"Eldafyre – Stylist Acoustic Poet"

Soundslikecafe is proud to present our first feature artist for 2020 – Eldafyre

Heres the most recent review

Music review of the album ‘Raw’ by ELDAFYRE

Author: Adam Paul Jones

Lie back in bed with quality headphones wrapped around your head and escape into a meditative state with the grooves from ELDAFYRE’s ‘Raw’, an opus of 7 expansive modern jazz masterpieces. Mind you, I’d have this album, an indulgence for your ears and mind, blasting out of loudspeakers whilst spring cleaning the house!

38 year-old Mark, who hails from the central Victorian country town of Shepparton, and now more likely calls Byron Bay his spiritual home, is ELDAFYRE, with those dreamy and nasally new folky vocal tones reminiscent of Boy and Bear. This is a very fine album featuring sultry saxophones and trumpeting horns, that blend effortlessly with stereophonic keyboards, complimentary guitars and a beautiful dark rhythm section, topping off this modern catchy jazz-rock-funk outing.

 Imagine if an old creative Melbourne songwriter with jazz, blues and folk influences met Steely Dan and Patti Smith’s love-child, well, they would give birth to ELDAFYRE, and this ‘Raw’ album that opens quite naturally with ‘Welcome Around’ – getting that bass guitar popping with some twangy guitar and smooth trumpet before we are introduced to ‘why don’t you come inside?’, an invitation few could refuse, with that voice! As this song progresses I want to get up and dance with my special one and celebrate our love.

We can have ‘Another Wholesome Night’ with what now sounds like Rikki Lee Jones’ backing band, and yes mate, we will “be so kind to see it through”. As we keep dancing, ‘The Evening Came Together’ and we stopped to marvel at the conversation going on between Mr. Trumpet, Mr. Sax and Mr Keyboards. This is ‘Where Connection Bonds’ and we swing together like willows swaying in a warm breeze.

There is so much more to come, including some rock electric chords playing with a sax in ‘Phat Lines Down’, then we are treated to a ‘Long Pause’ (which is anything but), before ending appropriately with yet another work of art, ‘A Last Goodbye’.

Listen up lovers of fine music, do yourself an ELDAFYRE favour….

Describing himself as a ‘Sylist Acoustic Poet’ and with his new album of Dark Smokey Jazz NoirRAW” featured on soundslikecafe we managed to get him sitting on the couch and asked some in depth questions of this aspiring new artist –

  1. Tell us about the moment you decided to become a singer/writer/artist/musician? What did your family/friends have to say about it?

When I was very young I watched ‘the little shop of horrors’ and ‘the lion king’. I got my hands on the soundtrack and used to sing it over and over. The first time anyone becomes a singer is when they first start to sing. For me it was these songs to the walls of an old bungalow in Shepparton. Near the showgrounds. Down a street called Williams rd. My families way of support was to call me names and force me as far away from them as possible.  Then I found myself locked in the car so they couldn’t stop me from singing. They call it hard love.

  1. Who are your early influences?

Brian Transeau. Patti smith. Rodriguez. Melanie Safka. John Butler Trio. Jeff Buckley. Xavier Rudd.

  1. Tell us a little about your writing process, how does a song come along? What gets you going creatively?

Being alone. Where nobody can possibly here a word I’m singing. This happens in quiet spaces with just me and my guitar. Being together in the moment. Finding a ‘jam night’ and making up music in the heat of the moment. Being surrounded by a dancing crowd. I create many unheard songs this way. People tell me I look possessed. I literally have no concept of space and time. When I come out of the creative coma its like I am born again. The song is always complete the first time. If it doesn’t complete itself.. then it gets thrown away.

  1. What is the first record you bought and why?

Offspring – Smash.  It made me jump around the room and forget about school.

  1. What current/new Artists/Bands inspire you and why?

Brian Transeau. True music lovers have an artist they resonate with the most. ‘Movement in still life’ Was a transitional album for my life. Every-time I listen to that album I am transported to walking Melbourne streets. I treasure it. Its my life and blood. Ill never love an album more.

  1. Tell us a little about what a crowd can expect at a live show?

Currently I do only live acoustic poetry sessions at some pretty cool restaurants and cafes. Some magical festivals. Expect music therapy. Expect to be relaxed. Expect to forget about your worries. Most report a deep sense of healing and restoration after my performances.

eldafyre pr 2

‘Eldafyre’is a stylist acoustic poet. Sending out euphoric melancholia infused with the deep passion of love, from all things. Eldafyre grew up in Shepparton and now resides within the northern rivers of NSW or deep in the mountains near Melbourne. With four mastered studio albums we see a vast range of genres. The RAW album was 3 years in the making. Eldafyre wrote every song in one evening. Recreating the same lyrical stories to a dark jazz smokey noir band. Hand selected and collaborated with some of the best session musicians available in Australia. After three years absorbing the creation, a remix was made with an intention to finalize the work of art. Filtered organically with all ego and unwanted material omitted. With influences from Patti Smith, Rodriguez and Melanie Safka. Eldafyre thinks of himself as a storyteller. Telling this story as a studio musician.

Check what it’s all about now-


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