Jessie-May Kitchen releases new single Quirky

"Jessie-May Kitchen releases new single Quirky"

Imagine being born one day on another planet.
Everybody on this planet was given detailed instructions and knowledge of how to speak the language and how the world works. The entire planet is designed for everybody’s relaxation, socialisation, and comfortability.
Everyone but yours.

Growing up it felt like I was ostracised by the entire world. I felt like I was a literal alien and didn’t belong. The loneliness that never leaves you, leads to years of questioning the why. Am I the protagonist of a movie to be mocked by an invisible audience? Am I the butt of some cosmic joke? This is the life of a neurodivergent child.  This is me. A pop single written with my entire heart from the perspective of a neurodivergent individual trying to navigate a neurotypical world.

I was called many things when I was young – freak, loner, weirdo. It never truly stopped, but the language did shift as I got older, once difference became more socially acceptable. Instead of calling me a weirdo on the playground, I would always get the sceptical phrase, “haha… you are.. QUIRKY… Aren’t you…?”

The relief and confidence I felt when discovering I’m okay, I’m not broken – my brain just works differently, was life changing! I hope Quirky can bring representation, comfort and celebration to the wonderful neurodivergent community. Branching further into the pop genre is something I’ve always wanted to do and Quirky was the perfect chance to do it!

Quirky contains fast paced electronic beats, funky bass, whacky harmonies and the message – it never hurt to be Quirky! I want to thank Jordan for the electronic instrumentals, Russel Pilling and Andrew Beck for recording, mixing and mastering this project and of course Marshall Cullen for producing and always believing in me.

 Song Description
This is a new more pop direction for Jessie May Kitchen. Up-tempo, programmed backing, ‘quirky’ keys, bass and guitar and some very ‘now’ vocal fx all go together to make this song a real winner for pop radio.

Jessie May Kitchen – Quirky is out NOW through Foghorn/MGM

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Kaijin Solo New Single Viva La Difference

"Kaijin Solo New Single Viva La Difference"

Kaijin Solo is a contemporary singer/songwriter based on the NSW Central Coast with a blues rock influence.

He has been working and honing his craft for many years with various band line-ups and the plentiful bread and butter busking jobs and pub/club gigs around the coast (most recently at Link and Pin in Woy Woy). With the advent of Covid, Kaijin spent the downtime working on new material which resulted in the recording and release of ‘Drink Deep Lovers’, a classic retro rock single. Kaijin has also been revising earlier materiel throughout the break and has had these two songs remixed and mastered to 2021 standard ready for his first release this year.

Originally recorded as part of the Watch your Head sessions, at Damien Gerard’s Balmain studio. Kaijin played guitars, bass and vocals with Chris Prendergast on drums and backing vocals from Kiersten. The track was later re-mixed by Russell Pilling. Viva La Difference celebrates the change in the atmosphere from a divisive period of black and white/cold war politics to something a bit more together. Rock Bottom speaks to the current punitive economic stinginess in the face of the pandemic from an Australian government that should know better.

Viva La Difference
A Bozz Scaggs influenced up-tempo bluesy/funky tune which is lyrically relevant to todays polarized society. The track features full band backing with Kaijin’s groovy Fender Strat featuring and his vocal driving the song along.

Rock Bottom.
A more up-tempo tune as the B Side to Kaijin Solo’s new release. This has a solid rock backing, prominent electric guitar and some keys to balance out the top line. A catchy chorus using the songs title finishes off this great track.


Viva La Difference March 19th –  via MGM
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Adam Blacksmith – I Hope i’m Wrong New Single

"Adam Blacksmith – I Hope i’m Wrong New Single"

A great new single from Adam his first from the forthcoming album on the soundslikecafe playlist

A casual loan of a classic Fender Jaguar Guitar inspires this heartfelt new single from Sydney Songman Adam Blacksmith

Adam Blacksmith is a thought provoking songwriter from Sydney, Australia.  He is a talented wordsmith and a storyteller.  He draws his influences from far and wide, from his contemporaries Augie March and the Drones to his workplace, Long Bay Gaol in Sydney where he works as a Special Education teacher.  Blacksmith’s music doesn’t fall neatly into any conventional category although musically, he gives folk and blues an indie make-over resulting in a refreshing and unique sound.


Photo: Matt Weddis
Photo: Matt Weddis

The story behind ‘I Hope I’m wrong’
“Just prior to leaving, a friend of mine asked me to help him sell some of his guitars while he was away and gave me a white Fender Jaguar as a show of thanks. I thought this was a little over the top so I accepted and vowed to store them for him for when he returned. I have not heard from him for a few years now and I am extremely worried. (I hope I’m wrong)
This song reflects my emotions oscillating between fear, anger, sorrow and hope in relation my friend.”

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Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base

"Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base"

Throwing Shapes Feature Album Tranquillity Base

EP8 Cover Sqaure

Throwing Shapes is Fox Shannon. An electronic and Drum and Bass producer from Perth, Western Australia. Unique and forward-thinking electronic music. With influences from Pendulum, Sub Focus and Shock One to Disclosure, Deadmau5 and Slumber Jack.  

His energetic performances and catchy dance floor hooks have won him growing interest from community radio, with airplay around the country. And seen him feature on numerous compilation albums. And secure billing at local underground dance events, such as ‘Reawakening’. 

Throwing Shapes latest release,the EP ‘Tranquility Base’ is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other streaming services. 



(Tim Fox Shannon)

Track descriptions:

Tranquility Base – (Mid to up tempo) The title track, is up lifting and euphoric. A truly majestic feeling to this track. Angelic choir pads floating over a rolling rhythm section. With synth leads in the chorus that lift you higher and higher. The song is about the beauty and fascination of creativity and fantasy, that we all possess.  

Demons Run – (Mid tempo vibe). A slightly deeper, introspective type track. The verses lend themselves to a sort of fantasy world that then drops away into a large space with a dominating bass synth, in the chorus. Gradually opening up to the more ambient, introspective sections of synth chords and leads. The title is taken from a Doctor Who episode called ‘Demons Run, When A Good Man Goes To War’. 

Wonders To Behold – (Mid to up tempo) Beautiful piano chords that build to a catchy lead synth line in the chorus, with a positive and up lifting vibe but also somehow defiant and proud. It ends with a sort of marching beat. A triumphant feeling of overcoming struggle, on this track. 

Marauder –  (Up tempo) Is probably the heaviest track on the EP but it’s also got the most funk and groove. A rolling, funky rhythm based verse which drops into a dark chorus of fat driving bass synths. The song gradually opens up to more melodic sections with a positive vibe and different chord changes, as synth lines and ambience builds the track to it’s crescendo. All the songs on this EP gradually develop and evolve throughout course of the song and take you on a journey. And this track is no exception. 

Defiant, Yet At Your Mercy – (Down tempo) Is the mellow track with the deepest vibes on this EP. It begins with slow ambient choir pads, chimes and some atmospheric ear candy that builds and drops into sort of swing’ing beat and wide synth chords, that have a slightly sad, introspective feeling followed by a lead bass synth line that drives that feeling home even more. The song evolves further and you’re introduced to a piano lead section which caries the main melody of the song and is a highlight of this release. 

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Park Haven Latest Single Release Take Cover

"Park Haven Latest Single Release Take Cover"

park haven,png

The newest add to our playlist, and its a  help to the Bushfire Crisis as well – check it out…..

Hi. We’re Harry and Isobel. We’re married and we live in an apartment block called Park Haven. We’ve both been musos in our separate spaces for a while but only started making music together this summer when Isobel penned a song about her awkward teenage crush on Harry. Then we got carried away and made some more tunes. We’re inspired by 70’s apartment blocks, 80’s synthesisers and 90’s video games. To be honest we don’t really know what to call the combination of those things but we hope you find a vibe you enjoy in our songs.

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The Mezcaltones Feature Album Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music

"The Mezcaltones Feature Album Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music"

The Mezcaltones Mexican Hillbilly Surf Music
The band’s third album finds them at the top of their game with brilliantly written and played originals along with a tasteful selection of covers lifted from their live set. Recorded and mixed in just over a week at Damien Gerard’s new expanded studios on the Central Coast, the album stands as their most cohesively accessible and sonically pleasing to date.

Only released last Friday to coincide with the launch on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to their home crowd, the Album is already garnering reviews such as:
The third album from the enigmatic Mezcaltones is cranking, feelgood drinking music that crawls into your boots and drags you to the dance floor of any number of dusty roadside Mexican Saloons.” Redback Rock
“The good, the bad, the groovy, playing all things cool with a Tarantino and strong Mexican flavourBlog

The band have also been invited to co host Ross Fear’s influential Australian Spectrum show this Tuesday March 3.

The band will be playing over the next few weeks to promote the record, see dates below.


And now to the band – Just what is it about the Mezcaltones –
Four guys dressed as cowboys and two women dressed like Spanish Mexican Senoritas that you might find in a Quentin Tarantino movie – two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a crazy front man and a beautiful dancer/percussionist. Whilst their original songs have an alt country flavour with rich cowboy guitar sounds reminiscent of another century, the guitar tones also reach into the realms of 60’s surf instrumentals.

See them live at

Album – Out Now – Foghorn/MGM
CD on sale at Shows
Click below for DSP’s

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Connect with The Mezcaltones:

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For further information please contact:
Marshall Cullen at Foghorn Media
0416 143 030



What unites the musical spheres of an Australian rock icon and a Viennese-trained classical musician?

The answer lies in a shared aesthetic and approach to their craft. There is a wistful and haunting lilt to the Kilbey/Koch songs, as they float seamlessly through a narrative of fallen crownsfatal hours, and enchanted gardens. To complement the poignant lyrics is delicious instrumentation, weaving and wafting, ghostly and waif-like, alternately brimming with rhythmic drive, present yet somehow elusive.

Hot on the heels of two critically acclaimed singles, the debut album Chryse Planitiapulses with a strong and immediately recognisable musical identity. Kilbey and Koch have forged an entirely new sound characterised by a fluid and elegant movement across genres. Their partnership draws inspiration from medieval music to post-modern psychedelia, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, with every imaginable influence in between.


(photo credit: Tony Mott)

Steve Kilbey, also known as the frontman of veteran rock band The Church, has generated a lifetime of beautifully crafted songs. His subtly esoteric lyrics create an aura of mystery, posing questions and teasing the listener with riddle-like answers. Kilbey’s words evoke a succession of images, half-remembered whisperings at the edge of our consciousness. He is a poet-master of unsaid things whose writing arouses the dreamer within us.

Gareth Koch is a European-born classical guitarist and composer who has recorded most of the major repertoire. His compositional style reflects a lifelong engagement with classical, folk and flamenco music. Although not easy to define, Koch’s music is often characterised by medieval gestures, influenced by the unrequited longing style of the French Trouveres (singer-poets) of the 12thcentury.

Expertly mixed by Russell Pilling of Damien Gerard Studios and superbly mastered by Grammy Award-winning King Willy Sound, Chryse Planitia is a feast for the ears.

Release Dates February 7 (Foghorn/MGM)  Digital Platforms and CD Instore, April/May Vinyl LP 


Connect with Steve Kilbey:

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Diana Anaid – Leaving Town single and tour

"Diana Anaid – Leaving Town single and tour"

Diana Anaid – New Single – Leaving Town
Diana’s new single , number 3 from the My Queen album,  is out now  and an East Coast Tour will follow taking in a few festivals such as Airlie Beach along the way. From this time last year when Diana opened for Adam and The Ants across Australia and New Zealand on the release of My Queen – (her first album in 7 years) things have gone from strength to strength.

I am super proud to announce the release of my new single Leaving Town.The single features three live and acoustic tracks beautifully recorded by Paul McQueen(SWAA). The heartfelt music video (out in October) by Northern Rivers artist Kerry Negus further highlights the emotive and courageous lyrical content of the album, focusing this time on climate change, the drought, corporate greed and personal inner peace. I am so humbled by the amazing creatives who have thrown their weight behind the new My Queen release, helping to make it one of my defining albums, emboldening and bolstering my personal and creative growth and inner strength”

webDIANA -2373

The Leaving Town Single  features 3 intimate Acoustic Bonus Tracks“Better Girl”, “Into Your Heart”, “Leaving The Country” recorded earlier this year live in the studio for an Aussie Music WeeklyRadio Special.

The Single is also available on CD as part of the current My Queen Full Length CD LP available at all good music stores
Co-written with longtime guitarist Nathan Correy,produced and mixed  by Aria Award Winning Steve James and mastered at Metropolis London, the album has earned high praise such as
“Anaid’s luscious and rich vocals are tones for the soul.. The excellent production and mastering makes this record stand out from the crowd.”
Reviewed by FVReviews August 2018
“A gorgeous mixture of pop, indie rock, blues and folk…A timeless classic. My Queen possesses an intense array of color to it, proving Diana to be a master storyteller”.My Queen review by Beach Sloth 2018

The single is on the current soundslikecafe digital playlist so you should catch it in a cafe.

If you just can’t wait the direct link is here