Joel Leffler – Auburn Hair

"Joel Leffler – Auburn Hair"

The Catchy new single from Joel Leffler has earnt him the feature artist spot on Soundslikecafe.

Following on from his successful Run With The Wolves release earlier this year
Joel Leffler drops new single Auburn Hair and heads out for some live shows including the launch  in Orange on September 30 to coincide with the Guinness World Record attempt for most Red Heads in one place.

The song Auburn Hair was born into this world as a love song dedication to Joel’s red headed fiancée, Heather.

Heather was born in Scotland, a country that claims its’ fair share of red heads, however Joel has always felt that in Australia auburn haired people have copped more than their quota of derogative comments throughout the years.

This song stands as a call to arms for red headed people & their admirers to come together in celebration of Australia’s and the World’s most colourful characters.

The new EP produced by ARIA nominated producer Pete Holz has taken a turn in direction from Joel’s first EP ‘Run With The Wolves’ which not only saw International radio airplay in USA & UK but made it to the ears of radio listeners all over Australia.

Auburn Hair is OUT NOW
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shows include 3 nights opening for Casey Donovan

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Tour Dates
September 30 – Auburn Hair – Single Launch – Wade Park, Orange NSW
October 18 – Special Guest for Casey Donovan – Brass Monkey, Cronulla NSW
October 19 – Special Guest for Casey Donovan – Leadbelly, Newtown NSW
October 20 – Special Guest for Casey Donovan – Centro CBD, Wollongong NSW
October 28 – Joel Leffler Headline – Rocksalt Tapas & Winebar, Menai NSW

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Luke Escombe – Skeleton Blues

"Luke Escombe – Skeleton Blues"

Skeleton Blues lays bare the key influences in Luke Escombe’s music. It includes covers of songs by Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, as well as two electrifying renditions of the old spirituals ‘O Death’ and ‘John the Revelator,’ Although presenting a more serious side to his song writing, there is still a healthy dose of Luke’s sly humour in the first single ‘Punctuation Blues,’ a track which combines a Lightning Hopkins-inspired guitar groove with such lines as ‘punctuation is like making love/ you gotta know when to put it in,’ Meanwhile, previously released songs such as ’21st Century Blues,’ ‘Confidence,’ and ‘Axe in the House’ take on a deeper meaning when stripped of their band backings. As the title suggests, these are songs which have been cut down to their very bones.


Track List:

  1. Punctuation Blues (3:25)
  2. Confidence (3:49)
  3. John the Revelator (4:20)
  4. O Death (5:20)
  5. Axe in the House (5:25)
  6. 21st Century Blues (4:27)
  7. Man in the Long Black Coat (4:38)
  8. The Lipsi (3:56)
  9. The Wind Cries Mary (4:01)
  10. Get in the Cool Room (3:48)
  11. William Blake (4:45)

Watch Punctuation Blues here:


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Tailor Birds on the Road Update!

"Tailor Birds on the Road Update!"

Some updates from the mad mad world of the Tailor Birds – one of our fave artists currently touring Australia in their own home fitted out camper van…

How are you all?  Its’ been a while since we last emailed, but life on the road is a busy one. Now 6 weeks in, things are well, though I can’t quite remember what life was like before I jumped into the van and took this leap of faith, a calculated risk you could say, or perhaps a welcome change & development.

To get to where we’re at now, what a job its’ been, but as they say, good things come to those who wait.


And as I write this mailout, I’m in NSW, a few hours north of Sydney.  It’s thanks to you guys – through your support through donations, merch purchases, home cooked meals, a space to park our van even.  It’s all about the power of the people, I say, and this enables us to tour full time, spreading good energy wherever possible.  The Tailor Birds family is growing, and as I travel through Australia, my heart is warm.

With 27 shows through over 20 towns, in just 6 weeks – pop up gigs, street shows, venue gigs, cafés, & markets, we’ve done 3 – 8 shows per week, driven over 6,000 km through VIC, up to Northern Queensland, and seen so much beauty. Siting hundreds of kangaroos, soldier crabs, a 26 million year old extinct volcano, waterfalls, beaches, rock pools, Australia is a mighty country.


Though lucky we’re in NSW.  As you may have heard, N. QLD was hit with a category 4 cyclone, Cyclone Debbie a few days ago.  With road closures, flash flooding and more, it’s with great sadness that we have had to cancel our Sun Townsville gig.  So the Willows Market is being shifted to later in the year.  We may also have to cancel the Mackay show, we’ll see.

SO KEEP CHECKING THE WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM for all notifications, gig changes, as that’s where all the info gets updated.

But despite this extreme weather, and the impact of the past week, we’ve got to look forward not backward, and with that in mind, we’ve some really cool things coming up…:

Appearances through: Coffs Harbour, Oran Park, Glebe, Nabiac, the Hunter Valley…..

As we’re in NSW, we’ve just added the Tea Gardens Genuine Farmers Market (Sat 1st April), and Johns River Community markets (Sat 8th April).

PLUS…..we’ve got Eumundi’s Bohemian Bungalow (June), a night-time cruise in Cooktown (June), AND…..

ST. ALBANS FOLK FESTIVAL (21st – 23rd April)

Semi-Finals – BEACH HOTEL, 8pm!!!  So come hang out, help us win this thing!!


And with numerous Aussie shows coming up, a new T.Birds lullaby release headed your way, plus a 5th European summer tour coming up, we’ve got lots happening – large and small, and each is a treat!!

You can get in touch with us via as we’d love to hear from you, about anything – how your day has been, how Cyclone Debbie has effected you, songs you might be working on, or even if you want to get us in for a bit of a house visit/house concert.

And with the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie, we’re gonna try to stay safe, otherwise, we’ll be stranded, or washed away.  So, look after yourselves, and see you along the way.
Next time we write, it will hopefully be from a patch of dry land.


Tom Eaton – Indesterren

"Tom Eaton – Indesterren"

Tom Eaton Album Cover

Tom Eaton could most accurately be called ‘the man behind the curtain’ in the field of contemporary instrumental music. That idea is doubly apt – as a producer, engineer, mixer and mastering engineer, Eaton’s skills are viewed as “wizardly” by many of the artists with whom he has worked. While deeply immersed in the folk music scene centered around Boston and Cambridge, MA, a pivotal moment occurred when he met Grammy winner Will Ackerman (founder of the pioneering music label, Windham Hill). The two soon developed a musical sense of simpatico that blossomed into what it is today.


Track List:

  1. The Red Blazer (7:16)
  2. Vervagen (6:54)
  3. Gravity (6:35)
  4. Midnight Clouds and the Great Bear (7:15)
  5. Waltz for the Seven Sister (7:14)
  6. Venus (feat. Jeff Oster) (7:04)
  7. The Raven (6:13)
  8. The False Cross (6:55)
  9. Eridanus (5:17)
  10. Spica (4:11)
  11. Argo Navis (6:54)
  12. The Little Lion (5:27)








Joel Leffler’s New Single and Video Love Thirsty is a feature track on the current Soundalikecafe Playlist –

Tell us about your new single?

The brand new single “Love Thirsty” is in a style of music like I’ve never written before. It sits in this new world of songwriting for me, where the sensibilities of pop collide with the rhythmic backbone of electric/funk.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

The work i have done in collaboration with ARIA nominated producer Pete Holz this year far exceeds anything i have ever written in the past. Even with 2 runner-up awards over the years in APRA National Songwriting Competitions, i still believe that both the single ‘Love Thirsty’ to be succeeded by the release of my EP “Run With The Wolves” in February 2017 are my favourite works to date.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

I was recently in Scotland & was offered a certain food i had never had before. So here i was staring down a plate of what looked like over-cooked toast crumbled up and placed methodically under other more well known grub to conceal its identity. With that very first bite, i had very quickly fallen in love with none other than what the Scot’s call ‘Haggis’. I guess in summation, my sound is something some people are well familiar with & others completely ignorant to. However, after that first ‘bite’ I’m sure we can all agree that it isn’t that bad J.

Checkout the  Video….



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Ann Vriend – Anybody’s Different

"Ann Vriend – Anybody’s Different"
Revered soul/pop songstress Ann Vriend (AV) is returning to Australia for her annual summer tour to showcase her new single, Anybody’s Different. Bringing her band back with her down under, the sultry songwriter will be traversing throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and even the nation’s capital. Showcasing new material from her as-yet-untitled EP–due for release in early 2017–AV will also be jammin’ out audience favourites from For The People In The Mean Time, plus a few back catalog selections.
“I can’t wait to play some of my new tunes for everybody down there,” says Ann. “Some of the new tunes we’ve been playing for a year live already and people always ask for them at the merch table. And, I’m not going to lie, Australia’s summer is such a thing to look forward to when you’re from such a cold northern city as Edmonton.”
She is bringing her acclaimed band back with her, the award-winningRooster Davis Group, who are rapidly gaining fans in Australia with their New Orleans blues and funk sound in their own right. They can’t wait to perform back down under. “We’ll play the new songs we’ll be releasing, plus some favourites from the previous albums,” says Ann. “In general, it’s a lively show on the soul-funk- pop side, with some quiet ballads on the piano here and there. Described as an enchanting cross between ‘the girly timbre of Dolly Parton and the blues-filled prowess of Aretha Frankin’, Ann is revered for her live shows–endearing audiences from the first bar to the closing song. As a musician, she loves the diversity of playing both solo and with the backing of the Rooster Davis Group, and it is that versatility that has seen Australian audiences embrace Ann and her music. She is always pushing the envelope–both in the studio and on the stage–and acknowledges the great support she receives from fans ‘down under’ for her live shows.
“I love both scenarios equally,” she says of performing in a solo or band setting. “As an artist you sometimes get pigeonholed in the music biz so that your artistic freedom gets very compromised. I’m lucky to be working with people who see my diversity as a plus and not a minus–that is a real gift.
 Don’t miss Canadian songstress Ann Vriend as she brings her exceptional live shows with The Rooster Davis Band back to Australia in 2017. Tickets are on sale now.
Thursday 9th February 2017
Brass Monkey, CRONULLA NSW
Friday 10th February 2017
Australian Blues Music Festival, GOULBURN NSW
Saturday 11th February 2017
Australian Blues Music Festival, GOULBURN NSW
Sunday 12th February 2017
Smiths Alternative, CANBERRA ACT
Friday 17th February 2017
Saturday 18th February 2017
Sunday 19th February 2017
Friday 24th February 2017
The Heritage Hotel, BULLI NSW
Saturday 25th February 2017
Venue 505, SYDNEY NSW
Thursday 2nd March 2017
Friday 3rd March 2017
Saturday 4th March 2017
63 First Ave, SAWTELL NSW
Thursday 9th March 2017
The Bison Bar, NAMBOUR QLD
Friday 10th March 2017
Nightquarter, GOLD COAST QLD
Saturday 11th March 2017
Brisbane Jazz Club, BRISBANE QLD
Sunday 12th March 2017

Kelly Andrew – Rendezvous

"Kelly Andrew – Rendezvous"
Kelly Andrew’s latest album is a veritable showcase of his eclectic versatility in both composing and performing some of today’s finest contemporary instrumental music. Working with the production team of Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton of Imaginary Road Studios, Andrew is joined by a truly stellar cast of talented guest stars. Whether it’s the sexy hot “Chasing Twilight,” the seductive slumber of “Awake in a Dream,” the chill reflection of “Lonely Road,”or the graceful beauty of “Painted Butterfly”, Kelly’s keyboard draws the listener into the soul of the song with warmth and passion. No matter what the tempo, the mood or the style of the individual track, Kelly Andrew treats the listener with his consummate musicianship in this romantic rendezvous.
“Kelly Andrew has taken the canvas of human emotion and painted a picture that turns into a Rembrandt of musical interpretation that you will want to experience more than once. Set up your Rendezvous with Kelly as soon as you can.”
– New Age Music Reviews
“Kelly Andrew, the master of many musical faces has just added a sophisticated contemporary jazz smile courtesy of his latest ultra smooth romantic Rendezvous”
Michael Debbage –
“Rendezvous is a masterpiece of contemporary instrumental music. Kelly sets the bar high with a collection of songs that stand out for their exceptional writing, arranging, and musicianship. Highly recommended!”
Michael Diamond – Music and Media Focus
Track List
  1. Chasing Twilight
  2. Hand In Hand
  3. Painted Butterfly
  4. Awake In A Dream
  5. Rendezvous
  6. Serenade Of The Night Sky
  7. Looking Back
  8. Promise
  9. Lonely Road
  10. Hope



New Single for Straalen

"New Single for Straalen"

Straalen is an 18-year-old singer songwriter from Queensland’s Gold Coast. Straalen’s  life is centred around his music, balanced with his daily life of surfing, with a strong passion for being healthy and fit. Over the past two years Straalen has travelled to Sydney to write with a number of established writers, the result of some of the demo recordings that came out of those writing session was a contract being offered, however Straalen continued to follow an independent path.

In February 2016 he released his first single Be Mine Tonight. The video has been viewed over 250,000 times on Facebook & YouTube and the song has achieved 700,000 streams on Spotify alone.

His second single Help is set to be released on 25th November and will be accompanied by a stunning video shot on the Central Coast of NSW. Help is the second track that features on the SoundsLikeCafé November digital.

“I want to develop as acredible singer songwriter. I love creating music that I believe in”.

Straalen will begin touring and performing live after the release of the single. He has his sights set on developing as an artist and eventually taking his music internationally. Straalen is all about his music and surfing. Check out his new single Help.

Find ‘HELP’ here:



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Julie-Anne Marshall-Bluebird

"Julie-Anne Marshall-Bluebird"

Hailing from Adelaide, Julie-Anne Marshall is a late comer to the music world and has self-funded and independently released her debut album, ‘Bluebird’. Growing up Julie-Anne used poetry to express herself and deal with situations in her life, but it wasn’t until her 30’s that she decided to follow her passion for music. She performed with bands around Adelaide working on her performing and song writing skills making the piano her instrument. Her vocal style is earthy yet ethereal – to connect, uplift, heal, that’s the power and purpose of her songs.

Track list:

  1. BLUEBIRD (3:45)
  3. RUNNING MAN (3:52)
  4. SUPERHERO (5:33)
  5. SERENDIPITY (3:17)
  6. WONDERFUL WAY (3:47)
  7. WILD WOMAN (3:43)
  8. NOW FRIEND OF MINE (3:25) English/French
  10. GONE (3:50)


Buy links:


CD: Clarity Records –


Checkout the Video for Something About You