Evening Ocean Releases New Album ‘The Great Love’

"Evening Ocean Releases New Album ‘The Great Love’"

Starting 17 years ago with Evening Ocean’s first album The Attraction, then again in 2011 with The Kiss, Evening Ocean returns 12 years later on fire with a stunning album of wordless beauty and hushed intimacy: The Great Love.

The album opens with the upbeat synths of “Believe In Good Things”, showing Evening Ocean at a creative peak and doesn’t let go until the very last note. It mesmerizes the listener with what could be called passionate ambient. The album floats over a Bermuda’s Triangle of hopeful melodies nested inside haunting strings; while fractured ambient pianos are hand painted with lush synth textures and otherworldly effects.

The Great Love has the feel of a heartbreakingly beautiful movie, with raindrop notes now a fevered séance – painting the ether with a love felt too deeply for words. Evening Ocean performs an act of sonic cinematography that lingers in a way that only a favorite album can.

Track Listing

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“The Great Love” is the third album from Evening Ocean, the band name of 17 years for Robert Shahidi who wrote, performed, mixed and produced as the two albums prior. An album 12 years in the making, Evening Ocean’s prior 2 albums “The Attraction” & “The Kiss” reached 14 million streams on Pandora and reached the top 25 on Echoes, the syndicated nationwide radio show for electronic music played on over 80 radio stations nationwide.

At 31 songs, the new album pushes the limits of a single CD. The elusive sound is captured as an unapologetic love letter to electronica. Seeking visuals that matched the album’s range of instruments and emotions: synths/strings, pianos, upbeat, melancholy and haunting, Robert studied AI mediums that were just being made available when the album was being finished. Robert’s videos for Believe In Good Things, What We Hear, The Outside World and Keepsake made their debuts on VEVO and helped Evening Ocean become a Featured Artist on the new music video platform GOGOPIX.TV

“The Great Love” is a magical, electronic instrumental album and visual journey showing Evening Ocean at their creative peak. Fans of electronica music will quickly list it among their favorite albums of 2024.

“The Great Love” was mastered by Zino Mikorey in Berlin. He also mastered for Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds and Rival Consoles.




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