NewAge Poet added to Playlist

"NewAge Poet added to Playlist"

With his collaborative track ‘Breathe’ just added to our Playlist Soundslikecafe welcomes The NewAge Poet

“Author, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Motivational Speaker and Rapper”

NewAge Poet has stayed consistent with his style of hard hitting lyrical content and collaborated with Brianna Holm. A final 12 contestant on ‘The Voice’. Together they released the track Breathe which is available on all downloading and streaming platforms

Aiming for Gold-32
In 2009 NewAge Poet, launched his poetic career with his first written title releasing his first book, “Emotions of A NewAge Poet”. Quickly noticed for his work, NAP has featured in numerous media verticals, such as newspapers and radio. Some of his achievements so far have been, working closely with youth tackling such issues as Bullying, Drugs and Alcohol. In 2010 NAP was a state Finalist in the Australia’s most prestigious poetry competition, The Australian Poetry Slam. In 2017 releasing his debut EP ‘Enter The Poet’ which included his controversial track ‘One Nation’ which caught the attention of many listeners and achieved a daily rotation spot on Radio Metro 105.7FM.




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Throwing Shapes New Single Pavilion

"Throwing Shapes New Single Pavilion"

This track is a real journey.  It’s about someone beginning again and entering a new stage of their life.  Or metaphorically entering a new room or a ‘Pavilion’ full of novelty and new possibilities.

Another up-tempo dance floor smash from Throwing Shapes.  Beginning with frenetic drumming, arpeggio keys and vocoders this tune is fast and furious.  Reminds of Daft Punk and Kraftwerk remixes.  Keep an ear out for the prog rock inspired keyboard solos.

Throwing Shapes is Fox Shannon: a musician, DJ and producer from Perth, Western Australia. Unique and forward thinking electronic music.With influences from Pendulum, Sub Focus and Shock One to Disclosure, Deadmau5. Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Throwing Shapes have performed alongside other well established D’n’B artists such as Terrence & Phillip at local dance music festivals such as Reawakening and Back2Funk. Their energetic performances and catchy dance floor hooks have seen them feature on numerous compilations and won growing interest from community radio, with air play around the country and some US stations.

‘Pavilion’ is out NOW April 8

Download or Stream:


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Jane Walker Releases New Single ‘Wondering Why’

"Jane Walker Releases New Single ‘Wondering Why’"

One of our new artists just added to the playlist.

When a new batch of songs emerged for Sydney singer/songwriter Jane Walker, it was like some fresh wind blowing through everything, filling her with confidence.

“I thought this is me being honest, getting real, and I just got really excited,” says Walker, who suddenly found the sophisticated soul pop songs, with touches of jazz, coming in a rush. Deeply personal songs, like what would become the first single from her next album, Wondering Why.

“Wondering Why is about meeting my husband and feeling happy with him. It’s very close to the bone, it’s my story, [showing] I’ve got the intensity and the focus to go there and ask what’s my truth?”

The wind blew further, into her work co-creating Cockatoo Kids, a children’s music group whose songs emerged from the same burst of creativity that produced Wondering Why: “Songwriting these days feels liberating and fun and I’m just loving it.”

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 12.07.38 pm

Backing her on the new recordings are typically classy contributions from cross genre specialists like the rhythm section of Hamish Stuart and James Haselwood, Stu Hunter on keyboards, and co-producer/mixer Neal Sutherland.

Having already written with Chris Difford of Squeeze and Adam Levy (Norah Jones) and worked with the likes of The Cruel Sea’s James Cruickshank, producers Steve James and Barbara Griffin, Indigenous group Street Warriors and Bobby Flynn on her debut, Walk Gently, Walker knows that “working with such talented musicians lifts my level and stimulates me as an artist and gives me that freedom to go for it.”

What also stimulates this ambassador for Ocean Recovery Alliance is connecting deeply with the water and the land of her native Australia – after beginning her career in London (where she joined Radiohead and Massive Attack on a new music album) and missing home.

“More and more I aim to live in the present moment, and find when I’m there, nature rushes in,” says Walker. “[Then] things start to flow and I can write a song.”

Stream Wondering Why here:


 Official Video:

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 12.15.33 pm

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Luke Harrison – Free

"Luke Harrison – Free"

We welcome this new young Aussie talent to Soundslikecafe with his latest single – FREE

Luke has just released his original song he wrote called “Free” to encourage others to be free to be who they are and to be proud of that and always be true to yourself. Celebrate being you!

Luke is a 17 year old actor, singer and performer.


He has starred in several short films and commercials and is a show host and presenter with Channel 10 on 10Shake.

Luke is a triple threat and has starred as the lead role in many professional musical theatre productions. He sang live at the Closing Ceremony of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and recorded the Queens Baton Relay Song for the Opening Ceremony. Luke was recently asked to perform the Australian National Anthem at the Qld Governor’s Swearing In Ceremony at Parliament House.




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Slide Milligan – Debut Single Scores Number 1 spot

"Slide Milligan – Debut Single Scores Number 1 spot"

The new single from Slide Milligan has scored the number 1 spot on our soundslikecafe playlist this week

A perfect summer track from modern Americana/Bluesman Slide Milligan.  The up-tempo “Australiana Classic” song rolls along with infectious melody and nostalgic production.  Slide lives up to his name with guitars and his daughter stars on smooth and hooky backing vocals.

slide on slide_2387-990000079e04513c

Slide Milligan’s musical journey has been half a life in the making but sounds as exciting as the latest Australian Rock & Roll export being paraded around the world.  After years and years of playing in bands through the late 80’s/90s, Dave “Slide” Milligan gave up his musical dreams to pursue a trade in rural fencing and woodworking.  To unwind after working all day in the paddocks of rural Australia and his sawmill Dave built himself a lap steel guitar.

Over the years he started to write a collection of exceptional songs that weren’t your usual “roots” music fare, mixing his hard rock background and his ability to tap into that authentic Australian sound.  Despair and dread mixed with sunshine and water he caught the ear of local producers and with some help with production from Indie impresario Andy Clockwise (He was working on a fence on Clockwise’ farm when he was back from LA and the two lit a bonfire in the paddock) “Slide” has produced a psychedelic slide guitar masterpiece called “Blood Red River”.  A pastiche of outlaw country, psychedelic post-punk & a different approach to the slide guitar.  This music sounds familiar yet fresh in the current musical landscape. At the ripe old age of 52, this new artist is sure to make a splash in the country-indie-rock crossover here and abroad.  Blood Red River will be released later this year.

Feelin’ Fine is Out Now on Foghorn/MGM


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Kaijin Solo Releases New Single ‘Pretty Cool Hat’

"Kaijin Solo Releases New Single ‘Pretty Cool Hat’"

Pretty Cool Hat started as a response to anonymous emails from internet dating services. From there Kaijin moved to the search for the mystery that makes human relationships. Rather than complaining about what is wrong with Sydney, Kaijin reminisces about ‘The Cross’ and ‘Darlo’ in the 80’s.

Kaijin Solo is a contemporary singer/songwriter based on the NSW Central Coast with a blues rock influence.

He has been working and honing his craft for many years with various band line-ups and the plentiful bread and butter busking jobs and pub/club gigs around the coast (most recently at Link and Pin in Woy Woy). With the advent of Covid, Kaijin spent the downtime working on new material which resulted in the recording and release of a number of tracks last year.

Song Description
Pretty Cool Hat
Strong drums, bass and guitar start this retro rock tune from Kaijin Solo. Mid-tempo with a driving chorus full of catchy hooks. Kaijin’s Dylanesque vocals and lyrics weave in and out to complete the picture.

A Night In Sydney
Mid-tempo classic rock from Kaijin Solo comes to life on this narrative song of Sydney back in the hey days of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst by night. The band are rocking and Kaijin’s Marshall stack powered guitars puts the cream on the cake.

Pretty Cool Hat is OUT TODAY February 11th –  via MGM
All DSP’s


Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 11.26.20 AM

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Featured Artist Interview – Peter Sterling

"Featured Artist Interview – Peter Sterling"

We scored a QnA interview with this fascinating artist from the USA who spent time in Byron Bay busking and selling cassettes when first starting out

  1. Tell us about the moment you decided to become an artist. What did your family/friends have to say about it?

“I discovered my music while living in the outback canyons of sedona in the early 90’s. I lived in my VW van for 3 years and spent much time meditating in the silence of this ancient land scape. I heard the music in the silence and then I sensed angels around me who eventually made themselves known. They told me my life purpose and mission was to play the harp and bring thru special music for thistle of the dawning of the golden age. At first no one could believe my incredible story. My family thought I had gone off the deep end.I was in my early 30’s and music had not been a large part of my life up to that moment. But eventually everyone realized I was very serious about this. I got a small harp and made my first recording Harp Magic only 10 months later with no formal lessons. Harp Magic went on to be nominated for String Album of the year in the NAIRD Indie awards.

2. What is the first record you bought and why? 

I can’t remember the first record I bought it was sooo long ago. My record buying started in high school.I listened to Genesis, Yes, Steve Hillage, and George Benson!! I had a super nice vinyl record collection with all albums protected by plastic sleeves!!


3.Tell us a little about what a crowd can expect at a live show?

My performances are called A Evening of Harp Magic with Peter Sterling. I create a magical atmosphere with atmospheric sounds. Long reverbs and delays. I use colored light s and lasers to create a mood that is dreamy and fantasy .

4 Who are your early influences and Favourite artists of all time ?

Andreas Vollenwieder, Hillary Stagg and Loreena McKennit

Beatles, Genesis. Yes, Grateful Dead.

5.Tell us a little about your writing process, how does a song come along?

All my music is born thru improvisation. Every time I sit at the harp it takes me on a journey of discovery. My award winning 2021 album Sanctuary of Light was a complete improv from start to finish. I sit at the harp, press record and began to play the music for the first time

6.What are your future plans for 2022/2023.

Releasing my new album  Visions and Dreams spring 2022. Coming soon 🙂


Peter Sterling HarpMagic Music

When he is asked, “What is the best part of being a musician?” Peter answers, “Creating music that touches the heart and soul of listeners… bringing peace and healing to people all over the world. I love receiving letters about how my music has touched peoples’ lives.” Peter looks back at his path to the present now and humbled at his worldwide success. Back when he was recording his first 8-track compositions on a cassette tape in Byron Bay, Australia, and then marketing it by going door-to-door to Sedona’s stores, he could scarcely imagine that one day his music would reach people across the planet through international airplay (Pandora, SiriusXM, Soundscapes) as well as on major airlines (United and American).

Checkout Peter’s latest Release The Winding Way

Composed & produced by Peter Sterling for Harp Magic Music (BMI)
Peter Plays a custom made Lyon and Healy electric Troubador, keyboards, vocals, percussion, freenote chimes, G-Dov Gertzweig/violin, Richard Hardy silver and bamboo flutes, Hans Christian Cello

Mastered by Eric Boulanger, The Bakery Sony studios Culver City

“I worked on this record for over one year during the time of the global pandemic and lock down. Tucked away from the world in my home studio, these songs came forth from my heart and soul during this difficult time for all of us. As in music so in life says the back cover. I have found as many others have that our life is not a trek from point A to point B, but rather a meandering journey down the Winding Way with many unexpected twists and turns along the path to the destination of our hopes and dreams. My wish is that this music will uplift and bring joy to your heart and soul as you journey forth.” PETER STERLING

The Winding Way is OUT NOW (Harp Magic Music)

Spotify album link:

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Thirty Three Degrees Release New Single ‘Drinking On My Own’

"Thirty Three Degrees Release New Single ‘Drinking On My Own’"

Thirty Three Degrees are an original rock band with a strong groove and some rootsy vibes, from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

After a brief hiatus from the music scene, Shane decided to re-enter the music world and search for like-minded musicians to write and perform with. At this same time, Chris was re-entering Australia from Los Angeles with the same goal. Thanks to musician classifieds on social media, the two met up and at the end of January 2020, Shane Romeyn and Chris Roberts formed the band.

The good vibes and good songs flowed out immediately. Due to COVID-19 gigs were off the table for the most part, so with the temporary assistance and amazing bass work of Chris’ brother Mike, the band decided to instead enter the studio and recorded their debut album.

Shane Romeyn: “This song came about in an instant when Chris started playing a Johnny Cash type rolling drum beat. From the outset it felt like a fun song which didn’t need over thinking in its structure or anything to take away its light heartedness. The cords just instantly came and before I knew it the theme was going to be a light hearted crack at falling out with your loved one and nothing you say or do gets you back in the good books. You end up drinking on your own! I’m sure many people have been there before.”

 Song Description

Drinking On My Own
Up-tempo snappy drums start this rocking new single from Thirty Three Degrees. The band kick in and with the song being all about ‘drinking’, the vocals, guitar licks and solo are appropriately gauged. You certainly get the vibe pretty quickly.

Stream/ download:


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