Jack Nolan releases new single Hold Your Horses

"Jack Nolan releases new single Hold Your Horses"

Hold Your Horses is a single from Sydney singer songwriter Jack Nolan’s upcoming 2021 album, Gabriel. Recorded for a friend, supporting them, to tell them they’re worth it, to stay the course.

Jack penned these lyrics for the song which was recorded in Nashville TN during the album sessions:
“She made some big choices, decisions, and they didn’t please everyone. Worn down by critics she was tempted, wanted to relent, go back. We said Girl, don’t expect a different result, you won’t get one. ‘Stand by your choices / Hold your horses’. We all know you’re incredible. You’ve got to believe.If you don’t believe right now, we do “We’ll shoot the lights out for ya/ Hold your horses’

Jack Nolan is a singer songwriter based in Sydney, Australia, who’s been performing and releasing music and albums since the mid 90’s. Along with a five-album solo catalogue Jack also fronted The Kelly Gang, with Rick Grossman, bassist for The Divinyls and Hoodoo Gurus, along with Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst, and guitar player Martin Rotsey. Their 2004 album Looking for the Sun was critically adored along with their energetic live shows of the time.

Within Nolan’s music, mysterious and shimmering chords unite his sound with that of the Americana genre, once quaintly described as ‘Darlinghurst Country’ uniting elements of folk, country, rock ‘n’ roll and ambient atmospheres fusing Nolan’s passion for intensely charged electric guitar and finger-picked acoustic guitar.

Hold Your Horses
The latest single from forthcoming album GABRIEL

 OUT NOW Quay Records/MGM. 

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Team Utopia release new EP The Gallery Sessions

"Team Utopia release new EP The Gallery Sessions"

Redcliffe outfit Team Utopia have come a long way in 5 years. After international support slots with Richie Ramone and Bonjah the band has gained a global cult following. Line up is Dan/Sue/Kirsti and Mick.

Team Utopia emerged unscathed from the past 18 months with a blockbuster Five Song Live set. Recorded live at an Art Space in the Seaside town of Redcliffe Qld last November 2020. They haven’t held back with production. Very nice sounds indeed. “We joined a bunch of other bands and shot a short 20 min set”, explains Drummer Sue Kennet. The project came about after many misfires and let downs from what the pandemic has continued to do to the industry. “We didn’t want to just sit around and wait for this to end. We wanted to give our fans some Lovin”, insists Kennet.

This Brisbane based Rock outfit continues to make waves. The band had a nice little tour kicking off early in July in Brisbane to coincide with the release of this EP. This was cancelled due to Covid. Many cool things happening and lots of festivals booked pre covid for Team Utopia. “That’s 3 times now”, says Kennet. “We started rehearsals for the tour and had Bob Spencer coming for the run for some fun. That got shut down, however that won’t stop us releasing this one”.

‘A great mix of good old fashioned Australian Rock done with a nice Twist’ – RS

‘This band sounds like a cross between TISM and Max Q. Nice Combo’ – Jane Gazzo Triple M

The Gallery Sessions (Live) is OUT NOW Foghorn/MGM. 

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Steve Kilbey Album 2 Weeks in Top 20 AIR Charts

"Steve Kilbey Album 2 Weeks in Top 20 AIR Charts"

Following the successful NSW Album launch Tour(Just made it pre Lockdown) The new Steve Kilbey and The Winged Heels double album ‘The Hall of Counterfeits’  is OUT NOW and has scored Top 20 chart positions in the AIR 100% Independent chart the past few weeks and a number 1 single on the soundslikecafe playlist charts.

New USA Max Alt Interview:


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Customer review highlights
“That was a really beautiful journey an experience from beginning to end. I felt transported to a bazaar or the outback – places I’ve only been in my imagination.
It was wild having heard some of these tunes in acoustic from months ago.
Now every sound – every song… nuanced and played – recorded and mixed – to perfection.
My ears – my mind strained at times to take it all in.
Hit by a tantric piano hammer.
And – like any great trip – it was worth the wait! X”

“Listened to some of the album, and it’s marvelous so far! It’s loose and weird, and everyone seemed to be having a right good time.”

From Steve Kilbey:
In 1990 I released an album called Remindlessness in which I attempted to take in everything I had ever been fascinated by and reconcile the whole damn lot with a weird and wild bunch of songs.

30 years on, armed with brilliant musicians (The Winged Heels), time has enabled me to give voice to those same preoccupations: past lives, Indian and Middle Eastern music, religion, ancient history, the Beatles and the many implications of their work.

A new sprawling double album, a labour of love.  The record I had to make before I shuffle off this mortal coil and begin again all over – some other time, some other place.  But this record is the big one and even if I do get another 30 years down here it will be a hard one to ever top.

“I have never been prouder of an achievement in my life.

Please, if you will, wander through The Hall of Counterfeits and take it all in.…”

The Hall Of Counterfeits is OUT NOW
CD and Digital via MGM Official Store
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Julie-Anne Marshall releases new single SHIFT

"Julie-Anne Marshall releases new single SHIFT"

               Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Julie-Anne Marshall has just released her 8thsingle “SHIFT”.

              The song has an 80’s soft rock feel with earthy vocals and it touches upon the topic of superficial lifestyle choices.

              As an artist Julie-Anne has an ‘ease’ about her, as she goes whereever the song takes her, moving in between as well as    fusing genres.

              As a songwriter, her songs are lyric driven, melodic, simple and with a bit of sass.


Julie-Anne first started recording and releasing from her home town of Adelaide and now with her move to Melbourne has found the opportunities for collaborations and the fresh vibe of a new city has inspired her writing and performing even further.

Soundslikecafe has been supporting Julie-Anne’s work from the get go and her songs always receive a very warm welcome across the cafe network.

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New Release to radio from PG Naylor

"New Release to radio from PG Naylor"

Phil Naylor is a Sydney, Australia-based singer/songwriter who has been recording under the name PG Naylor since 2018.  He was originally rhythm guitarist/vocalist with 60s band The Quiet Ones, who played surf clubs, football clubs, suburban dances and discos, as well as country Bachelors and Spinsters and Town and Country balls during the 60s.

The Quiet Ones reformed in 2007 to support the original Aztecs for a fundraising event for Beyond Blue.  The band continued to perform at charity functions , having raised around $50k for their chosen charity -Bo Children’s Hospital in Sierra Leone.

In 2017, having left the corporate world, Phil commenced a project with legendary Australian instrumental guitarist, Kim Humphreys, to record his original compositions, releasing two albums: Sanctuary and 60’ Refugee.

The title track from Sanctuary was a semi finalist in the 2019 International Songwriting Competition based in Nashville USA.  Sanctuary and Hollywood Road were semi finalists in the 2020 Voyager International Songwriting Competition based in Melbourne  Australia.

60s Refugee, including the tracks 60s Refugee, Law ‘Biding Man and Hollywood Road represents ‘tongue -in-cheek’ reflections on life and events with a strong 60s rock beat.  The unmistakeable guitar style of Kim Humphreys and the ‘lived-in’ quality in PG Naylor’s voice are evident on all tracks.

The track 60s Refugee, with a 60s bluesy rock feel, perhaps best encapsulates the state of mind of the writer and performer yearning for the ‘good ol’ days’ of the 60s.

Law ‘biding Man has a great 60s gutsy riff which drives the song under some innovative lead guitar, while Hollywood Road brings events closer to the current era with a visit to a Hong Kong bar and civil unrest outside.

Song Descriptions:
Law ‘Biding Man
Here’s a great up-tempo, 60’s revival sounding tune with all the right elements, hooky guitars, vocals and harmonies, strong rhythm section and some poppy keyboards to boot.
Spotify link to stream:spotify_2015
60s Refugee
A more blues-based tune with some harmonica taking the riffs.  A strong chorus sets this one apart as a powerful ode to the entire era.  The Stones and The Beatles even get a mention.


Hollywood Road
A dark guitar riff begins this straight ahead rock tune.  Once the vocals kick in it’s a story telling song all about those classic experiences in a new city we can all relate to.  Like all of these PG Naylor tunes its up-tempo, catchy and well worth a listen.


CDs Instore via MGM

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Official website: www.pgnaylor.com

Video link: https://youtu.be/qXRx5OhkyyM

Anirban Jee releases new single ‘Move Out’

"Anirban Jee releases new single ‘Move Out’"

Australian music artist Anirban Jee just released his brand-new single MOVE OUT on 19th April 2021. The new track is another contemporary pop-urban crossover, a smashing track with a huge potential to be a hit over the radio waves. As always, an impressive and strong vocal performance, and a lyric that’s very relatable.

 The track is getting picked up by several national radio networks and is currently available for downloads and streaming via iTunes, Spotify and all popular online stores.

Soundslikecafe has made it the number 1 track on our playlist already!!

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 2.51.46 pm

This new single follows Anirban’s previous releases, Mayday (released in November 2020), Deep Down feat. Mary Ann Van Der Horst (X-Factor artist) in 2016 and Undecided feat. Judd Field in 2014. All his previously released tracks received airplay on commercial and community stations and garnered ecstatic media attention.

This success sits alongside Anirban’s numerous awards and achievements collected recently, including Songwriter of the Year 2018 (Australian Songwriting Contest) and Songwriter of the Year 2017 (SongsAlive Australia). 

Take A Listen


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Anya Alchemy releases her second single ‘For You’

"Anya Alchemy releases her second single ‘For You’"
Soundslikecafe is proud to feature this outstanding new young artist, well worthy of support.
17-year-old Anya Alchemy is a gritty singer-song writer from the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.
Anya first erupted into the music scene with her debut single ‘Home’ featuring popular Australian rapper Pez.
Home drew attention to the protection of childhood innocence in the face of threats
including underage marriage, child labour and violence.
Anya Alchemy is now releasing her second single, ‘For You’, a heart-grasping, acoustic track
exploring a collective history of one-sided love stories—recounting a narrative built from a collage of heartbreak. 
Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 12.19.20 pm
Employing an articulate and polyphonic atmosphere of melodic guitars and string quartets, Anya has created a piece that
perfectly embodies the emotional build-up of this supercut of doomed romances. The minimalist lyric style cuts to the core
and plucks the heart strings, perfectly complimented by her intimate delivery.

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 12.18.17 pm

Anya is sure to become a rising star in Australian Music with her upcoming releases, but for now join her for a deep
and heartfelt experience lined with nostalgia as you listen to ‘For You’.

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Adam Jones releases new Single ‘Keep Trying’

"Adam Jones releases new Single ‘Keep Trying’"

Since mid 2020, just after the first coronavirus restrictions lockdown in Melbourne, Adam has been working on a concept double-album called Lockdown Blues/Acoustic. The first album, an electric blues full band production of 10 songs featuring Adam’s friend and brilliant guitarist Warren Adams on electric guitar, and the second an acoustic folk-rock and blues album. The new single ‘Keep Trying’ and B-Side ‘Alternative’ have been released from the forthcoming Lockdown Blues album.

These songs are about trying to overcome adversity during tough times, and questioning our existence and future as humans. Adam will shortly be moving to Adelaide to stay a while and do some concerts, whilst travelling back to NSW to finish recording the double album.

Adam Jones studio scene

Keep Trying
Up-tempo Blues at its best from Adam Jones with signature slide guitar, rocking rhythm section and acoustic beds.

A more laid-back tune from Adam, with some thought provoking lyrics, done in live blues format, drums, bass, acoustics, electric backing – and with a copacetic guitar solo to put the cream on the cake.

Check it out –