Kaiyah Mercedes Releases Album ‘Trying To Hate You’

"Kaiyah Mercedes Releases Album ‘Trying To Hate You’"

Soundslikecafe has been supporting Kaiyah since her early work and we are so proud to now present this truly excellent benchmark album and outstanding videos (and all at the age of 18)

With songs that resonate beyond their years, Kaiyah Mercedes brings you her sophomore album ‘Trying To Hate You’, a sonic and cinematic exploration of unrequited love and heartbreak. At the crossroads of creativity and self-discovery, the 18 year old LGBTQIA+ artist brings vibrant hues of indie pop through her authentic voice, while connecting with listeners to find solace in her melodies and truth in their lyrics.

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Diagnosed with autism and ADHD at the age of 15, Kaiyah uses her songwriting to translate the world around them and draws sonic inspiration from an eclectic array of influences – from the introspective lyricism of Phoebe Bridgers to the infectious melodies of Soccer Mommy.

Music Video for ‘The End.’

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Music Video for ‘Trying To Hate You’

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