Leon Bridges-Coming Home

"Leon Bridges-Coming Home"

Leon Bridges-Coming Home

The album pre-order announcement and the release of the “Better Man” video comes on the heels of what can only be described as a pivotal month for Bridges. After making his successful festival debut at SXSW, he was awarded the prestigious 2015 Grulke Prize for Developing US Act. Immediately following that announcement, Bridges premiered his track River” in the new Beats commercial, which aired in the US, on ESPN surrounding the NFL Draft.

Leon then made his red carpet debut at the vaunted 2015 Costume Institute Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Leon attended the exclusive gala as a guest of Vogue Magazine, with the New York Times noting that Bridges was “…looking sharp as we expected”.

Bridges, a trained choreographer and dancer, is celebrated for his strong live presence. Fans have shown up in droves for his headline concerts; his New York City show at Mercury Lounge sold out in exactly one minute, followed by another sold-out show at Troubadour in Los Angeles. Leon will return to New York City for a Bowery Ballroom show on June 23rd, which sold out in six minutes flat.

Track List:

  1. Coming Home
  2. Better Man
  3. Brown Skin Girl
  4. Smooth Sailin’
  5. Shine
  6. Lisa Sawyer
  7. Flowers
  8. Pull Away
  9. Twistin’ and Groovin’
  10. River

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The Cafe Music Magicians – 7 Artists that You Just Can’t Miss

"The Cafe Music Magicians – 7 Artists that You Just Can’t Miss"

Walls with soothing palettes of timber, soft lighting and the aroma of freshly brewed cappuccino – your cafe is near about perfect; except for one little thing – the right cafe music. When customers walk into your cafe, they become an audience too. So, while you may have personal favourites, you need to be sure that your cafe music playlist strikes the right chord and makes for the perfect setting.
Sounds like a daunting task? Let us help you take a breather. Here’s a list of 7 artists that can work wonders with the atmosphere in your cafe:

1. David Sylvian

The English singer and main songwriter of the group, Japan has some eclectic solo albums to his credit like Gone to Earth and Brilliant Trees. Don’t forget to check out Silver Moon from Gone to Earth – it definitely makes for a romantic Saturday evening.

2. Paolo Nutini

The Scottish vocalist does not need much of an introduction. Music lovers, the world over, are familiar with his pop-rock, folk blues and soul rock renditions. Make sure to check out Sunny Side Up, These Streets and Caustic Love. His songs are jaunty yet full of emotion-packed lyrics. Show some love to your weary Monday lunch customers with his funky Pencil Full of Lead single.

3. Jessica Mauboy

The famous Australian R&B singer is known for her number-one single, Burn. Jessica’s Been Waiting has been certified platinum, plus it makes for some foot-tapping cafe music for a spirited Friday evening. Also, did you know that Nescafe marked 75 years of their brand by becoming the official sponsor of her To the End of the Earth tour? Coffee and Jessica’s music seem to blend well, eh?

4. Paul Kelly

Nothing speaks Australian better than Paul Kelly’s music. From Bluegrass to folk and country, Paul’s style of music has spanned across genres impressively. Don’t miss his albums Under the Sun and Wanted Man. Paul’s hit single To Her Door makes for some great sing-along music just in case you’re thinking about a Karaoke Thursday.

5. Paul Schoenfield

The American artist is known for beautifully fusing contemporary and folk with classical symphonies. His music defines sophistication. Give a listen to his composition, Cafe Music – something apt for a mid-week, Wednesday evening when your customers could use some soothing yet finger-snapping rhythm. In case, you like opera style, check out the brilliant crescendo in Dog Heaven (Four Parables).


6. Sarah Blasko

ARIA Music Awards’ best female artist of 2009 for As Day Follows Night, Sarah’s style of music is Indie-rock and Indie-pop. Her songs are popular for their clarity of instruments. Check out her number Perfect Now from The Overture and the Underscore – you could easily imagine someone on a worked-up Tuesday afternoon indulging in the moment with its soulful lyrics and smooth drumming.

7. Guy Sebastian

The only Australian artist to have 6 number-one singles, Guy Sebastian is a clearly a Soul and R&B sensation. His hit album, Armageddon has been widely popular for all the right reasons. Add Angels Brought Me Here to your playlist and there’s a pretty strong chance of finding a cosy couple swooning over it on a relaxed Sunday evening. You’re also likely to find another couple listening intently to Sebastian’s hard-to-turn-down invitation with Come Home With Me for some tips.
There! It isn’t very difficult after all, is it now? Just keep some good music and your customers in mind. Then, all you need is the passion to serve them the best topped with some fine tracks and great food, of course..

2015 Digital Releases

"2015 Digital Releases"

This years Digital playlists have included a wealth of Australian and International talent, from Anna Mannering’s debut single to Fijian Troubadour Knox the tunes have been finding many fans across the countries busy cafes.

You can hear a selection of our ‘Digital Editions’ on the sound cloud playlist below

Stay tune for our updated charts and new monthly releases.


Kelly Clarkson-Piece by Piece

"Kelly Clarkson-Piece by Piece"

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 3.20.09 PM

Playing now in cafes across the country.

Following the triumphant Stronger, Kelly Clarkson offers some of her finest work to date.

Filled with towering hooks and a host of stunning guest artists Piece by Piece finds the American Idol Champion at her most intimate.

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SoundsLikeCafe Spring 2014

"SoundsLikeCafe Spring 2014"

01 Barbra Streisand with Michael Buble. It Had To Be You

Khan / Jones (Sony/ATV) From the album ‘Partners’ (Sony)

Barbra Streisand’s PARTNERS album, features 12 inimitable new Streisand duets with the world’s greatest male vocalists. The inspired musical pairings include Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble?, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, Jason Gould, Josh Groban, Billy Joel, John Legend, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Blake Shelton and Stevie Wonder. Among the songs included are ‘New York State Of Mind’, with Billy Joel ‘Come Rain Or Come Shine’, with John Mayer, ‘Love Me Tender’, with Elvis Presley, ‘The Way We Were’, with Lionel Richie, ‘People’, with Stevie Wonder, and featured on this volume of SoundsLikeCafe ‘It Had To Be You’, with Michael Buble?,

02 Fiona Bevan. Pirates & Diamonds

Bevan (Proper music) From the album ‘Talk To Strangers’ (Navigator)

‘Rebel Without A Cause’ is the stunning new single from UK Artist Fiona Bevan. With its title referencing the classic James Dean film about alienated youth, ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ is a love song about escape, or as Bevan puts it, “It’s a let’s go somewhere else sort of love song”. The track is lifted from her debut album ‘Talk To Strangers’. The album is full of beautifully constructed, literate, alt-pop nuggets, each sung in Fiona’s distinctive, sweet voice.

03 FourPlay. This Machine

Goodridge/Hollo/Hollo/Gregory (Control) From the album ‘This Machine’ (Ind)

FourPlay String Quartet return from wowing audiences at New York’s Carnegie Hall and London’s Barbican Centre with their new album, This Machine. Australia’s favourite electric string quartet, FourPlay began life playing mostly covers. This Machine is their first album of 100% original material, and arguably their finest, most intriguing long-player to date. The four members (Peter and Tim Hollo, Lara Goodridge and Shenzo Gregorio) have played at some of the world’s most famous venues and festivals, and spent countless hours writing and jamming together. FourPlay’s sound and musicality has matured and evolved, resulting in a truly original album, which will cement their growing national and international reputation as an eclectic and diverse musical tour de force.

04 The Griswolds. 16 Years

From the album ‘Be Impressive’ (Chugg Music)

THE GRISWOLDS’ first bio simply read: ‘The chameleons of pop’. That description holds true for the Sydney indie pop group, formed almost two years ago by singer/guitarist Christopher Whitehall and lead guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez, as they look to become a globally known act. Recorded under the guidance of legendary American producer Tony Hoffer (The Kooks, Beck, M83, Ladyhawke), BE IMPRESSIVE is the band’s debut full-length album.

05 The Black Sorrows. Devil Came Knocking on Sunday

Camilleri/Smith (Mushroom/ Jesharo) From the album Certified Blue (Head Records)

‘These are some my favourite blues based songs I’ve recorded. I’ve aways loved this form of the blues, but somehow manage to work around it. Listening to the blues all through my musical career it’s deceivingly simple and uncomplicated. But like all things simple the blues don’t come to you in a package Elmore James, John Lee, Muddy Waters and all the greats lived it – ate it with their breakfast and dinner. I tell tale of woe and sorrow always going back to find something I might have missed.’ Joe Camilleri

06 Carl Wockner. Crayon Days

Wockner/Stokes (Control) From the EP ‘Crayon Days’ (J Music)

Instantly captivating, Carl Wockner’s beautifully crafted debut album Crayon Days, is like a breath of fresh air. It reminds of you of how music is meant to be played. It only takes one listen to Crayon Days for anyone to attest to Carl’s stellar songwriting abilities, but it’s his live performance skills that are quickly becoming highly acclaimed. It’s rare these days for an artist to sound as good live as he or she does in studio, but Crayon Days more than delivers on both fronts. Crayon Days available now on iTunes

07 Fleur Wiber. For I Once Was A Child

Wiber (Control) From the forthcoming EP (Ind)

Fleur Wiber is an up and coming singer-songwriter who released her successful debut EP ‘Orderves’ at the beginning of 2013. Fleur’s individual style of music has a dark dreampop, folk and country noir feel. She has played at numerous venues in Sydney as well as at the Gulgong Folk Festival and This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle. In 2013, Fleur embarked on an international tour, performing at Singer Songwriter Cape May (New Jersey), the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as gigs in Brighton, London and Munich.

08 Hooray For Earth. Keys

Heroux (Control) From the album ‘Racy’ (Dovecote)

An audacious debut album packed with the type of songs that make you want to sing along and dance. In 2012, Hooray for Earth made their maiden voyage to the UK and saw their single “No Love” reach the A list on BBC Radio 1. With Chris Coady (Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Future Islands) in the coproducer’s seat, the sessions for Racy took place at Dreamland in Kingston, NY and at DNA Downtown in NYC in 2013. Racy is very much a rock album. Featuring nine finely etched songs rendered to life by Coady’s crystalline production, Racy represents a bold and beautiful step into the light for Hooray for Earth.

09 Daxton. Highway One

Monaghan (Control) From the forthcoming EP (Foghorn)

Daxton has appeared at major festivals including the Sydney Blues and Roots Festival and Tamworth Country Music Festival where he supported artists such as Kasey Chambers and Beccy Cole. Following the release of his debut album, the track ‘Moody Liz’ was featured on a popular TV series Doll House. He spent time in Nashville, playing shows at the Douglas Corner Cafe and the Blue Bird Cafe?. Making the most of the songs written in Nashville and LA, Daxton recorded the album ‘Thin Tall Lily’. A heavy touring schedule and support from Blues oriented radio has seen Daxton develop a strong following. The new release was inspired by Daxton’s love of the TV series Sons of Anarchy and delivers the intense Blues/Rock style that has developed through his live shows.

10 Sunset Blush. Purple On The Inside

White (Control) From the EP ‘The Purple Scandal’ (Ind_

Sunset Blush is all about blowing the roof off the dump and great music.He isn’t a Hipster-band covered in beards.Or a poppy young chick-singer.Check the music and find out!Originally from Queensland: Sunset blush has been writing,recording,performing: guitar,keys & vocals in bars & venues since late 90s.then moving to Melb in 2005 & has been recording & performing to the current date. 2011 release “Purpledomination” has staying power saleswise .Played good strong shows at Adelaide Fringe”14 and played in band for a Melbourne Fringe”14. Currently promoting single “Sweet Barbwire”  getting bit of radioplay.

Sunset Blush will playing Launchgigs for “Sweet Barbwire”
Thu 11th  Dec @  Exeter Rundall st  Adelaide
Fri    16th  Jan  @ YahYahs  Fitzroy   Melbourne
*Pls check artist web pg for other Launch gigs will be added,thanks!

11 Daniel James. The Orange Tree

James (Control) From the forthcoming EP (Ind)

When Daniel James was growing up he formed his first band with his brother and some friends. From there it was a small step for Daniel to start writing his own songs. Drawing inspiration from some of his favourite artists: Bonnie Raitt, The Eagles, Steely Dan and Toto Daniel has released his debut EP ‘Secular’. Easily recognisable, his heartfelt acoustic tracks characterise Daniel and convey his story from his troubled beginnings to getting his life back on track through his constant focus on writing music and searching for an inner meaning.

12 Slipsta. Highway

Slip (Control) From the EP ‘Slipsta’ (Ind)

Ben Slip aka ‘The Slipsta’, lit his musical fire in the red centre of Australia and continues to play pubs and bars travelling across the country to perform. Ben composes his songs with happening melodies, grunge n beats living his dream carving a way across the high and low we all deal with in life. His Lyrics cover life, love and world issues including raising a family, singing honest to connect with people, arranging a melody a beat searching for the perfect hook to write


Soundslikecafe Winter

"Soundslikecafe Winter"


The Second in the new Seasonal Format, Stay tuned for Spring, coming very soon

1- Fiona Bevan – Rebel Without a Cause – Indie Pop

2- Diana May Clark – Batacuda Bonde – indie Pop

3- Brian Setzer – Lets Shale – Rockabilly

4- Roy Mackonkey – Great Divide – Rock

5- Slipsta – Temptation – Rock

6- Bob Pigott – Slap-Blues

7- Fiona Joy Hawkins – The Journey – Instrumental

8-Tim Walker – Newcastle Ships – Folk

9- Super 7 – Superseven a Go Go – Soundtrack

10- Halfway Homebuoy – No Word – Rock

11- ZAC – Revelation – Dance


Counting Crows-Somewhere Under Wonderland

"Counting Crows-Somewhere Under Wonderland"

For more than two decades, Counting Crows have enchanted listeners worldwide with their intensely soulful and intricate take on timeless rock & roll. Now, on Somewhere Under Wonderland —their seventh studio album, the Bay Area-bred alt-rock band push into new terrain with a revamped songwriting approach that’s adventurous and visionary but still rooted in raw emotion.


Propelled by the same earthy passion that’s instilled their songs since 1993’s multiplatinum August and Everything After, Counting Crows (vocalist Adam Duritz; guitarists David Bryson, David Immergluck, and Dan Vickrey; bassist Millard Powers; keyboardist Charlie Gillingham; and drummer Jim Bogios) build each of Somewhere Under Wonderland’s sprawling songs around rich sonic tapestries and a storytelling-esque lyricism that yields some of their most grandiose yet intimate songs so far.

Official Site – http://countingcrows.com/

Official buy  – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/somewhere-under-wonderland/id893448765.

The Kooks – Listen

"The Kooks – Listen"

“It’s a word that looks and sounds beautiful,” says Luke Pritchard. “I love the roundness of it, the simplicity of it.” The word the Kooks singer is extolling is “Listen” – which also happens to be the title of the band’s new album. Luke’s reasons for choosing that title become clear the moment you dive into the new record – as they do when he starts to describe its genesis, and the personal and emotional transformation he experienced while making it. “To me,” Luke continues, “this album is about pure expression. Even the way we made the album felt fresh. Rather than us just being a band in a room, playing our guitars with the vocal over the top, which is what we’d always done before, we were really listening to what was going on around us, picking up ideas. The whole thing was much more natural.”

Official Site – http://thekooks.com/

Official buy   – https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/listen/id860944640.

Griswolds – Be Impressive

"Griswolds – Be Impressive"



THE GRISWOLDS’ first bio simply read: “The chameleons of pop.” That description holds truefor the Sydney indie pop group, formed almost two years ago by singer/guitarist ChristopherWhitehall and lead guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez, as they look to become a globally known act.
Recorded under the guidance of legenday American producer Tony Hoffer (The Kooks, Beck,M83, Ladyhawke), BE IMPRESSIVE is the band’s debut full-length album. Featuring breakoutsingle ‘Beware The Dog’ (Top 40 US Alternative Radio / triple j high-rotation), the album willreceive a global release via Chugg Music (AU / NZ) and Wind-Up Records (Worldwide) inAugust.
Melbourne 25-Sep The Corner
Ballarat 26-Sep Karova Lounge
Canberra 27-Sep Zierholz @ UC Live
Wollongong 4-Oct Yours and Owls
Newcastle 9-Oct Small Ballroom
Sydney 11-Oct The Metro
Adelaide 17-Oct Jive
Perth 18-Oct Amplifier Bar
Brisbane 23-Oct The Brightside
Maroochydore24-Oct Sol Bar