Orchestra Indigo Releases Album ‘The Small Hours’

"Orchestra Indigo Releases Album ‘The Small Hours’"

Our first feature album for 2024

Orchestra Indigo is an ambient music project created by recording artist Rick Randlett. Like many new artistic projects, the impetus for it was the the Covid pandemic, with it’s months of isolation and no live performances. Reaching back to his college studies in composition, orchestration, and electronic music, Rick is creating a unique orchestra electronic hybrid with neoclassical overtones that envelopes the listener in relaxing waves of sound.

A message from Rick…

“The Small Hours is a soundtrack for one sleepless night from midnight to dawn. Sitting alone, in a small dark room with drink in hand, a man contemplates his life, and ponders the decisions that have brought him to this place.”

 Track Listing

1. Midnight (4:28)

2. The Small Hours (4:16)

3. Moments Of Uncertainty (5:48)

4. Walking Dark Streets (3:42)

5. After The Rain (6:22)

6. Hour Of The Wolf (4:33)

7. Meditation On Departed Friends (4:28)

8. Sleepless Once More (5:13)

9. 4:44 AM Blues (3:52)

10. Dawn’s Arrival (4:57)

11. Day Spring (5:20)

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The fascinating story behind the emergence of new age artist Orchestra Indigo and its beautifully melodic and deeply inspiring debut album ‘Farewell to Memories’ has its roots in the lockdown early in the pandemic, when musicians around the world, with their regular gigs suddenly stripped away, were trying to figure out their next creative steps.

Having released his fifth blues rock oriented album ‘Night Songs’ in February 2020, multi-talented singer/songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist Rick Randlett had every intention of hitting the road in support of the project. That had been his m.o. for years, playing up to 125 regional club and festival dates in and around his adopted home state of Florida for nearly a decade and a half after launching his solo career in 1999 with ‘All Alone’. Three of his releases reached the Top Ten on the Roots Music Report charts, and he collaborated on the album ‘Hauntings’ with fellow blues singer Cassie Keenum in 2017.

Turning his anxiety over the sudden work stoppage into a fresh stream of creativity, he began exploring ambient, new age style compositions. Rick embraced the freedom of composing longer pieces combining piano melodies with an array of dynamic colors he created using synthesized strings.




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