Gareth Koch-New EP Code Blue

"Gareth Koch-New EP Code Blue"

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“How does an artwork or song come into being and take form where once nothing existed?

The answer has layers of complexity, and varies from artist to artist, but there are partial explanations. Usually there is some type of catalyst, a half-remembered whisper, idea or a musical phrase which forms a point of creative departure. Sometimes though, an actual event might spark inspiration.”

The song Code Blue is jaunty & upbeat with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, but these provide clues to an underlying seriousness:

‘code blue runnin outa time,…show a vital sign,… in emergency ICU…o honey i’d die for you….’

A ‘code blue’ is a hospital crisis situation in which the patient is in cardiopulmonary arrest, requiring a team to rush to the specific location and begin rescue efforts.
The narrative of the song draws on a sudden medical emergency in which Gareth was saved by the skill of medical staff.

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Both the song Code Blue and EP are dedicated with love and gratitude to the wonderful medical professionals across the world.

The other songs on the EP Include

Come Heavy Sleep is a type of re-imagined Elizabethan ballad, so you hear Gareth’s Nylon string classical guitars prominently, harking back to his roots in the classical world, but overlaid with drums/percussion and a calming sleeplike vocal delivery.

The Flame is a more rock track with electric guitars and a rhythm section and has a certain echo of the great Blue Oyster Cult.

 ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’. In this rendering Koch re-invents the song as a sensitive ballad, laced with classical guitars and a very different vocal to the original

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