Anya Alchemy releases her second single ‘For You’

"Anya Alchemy releases her second single ‘For You’"
Soundslikecafe is proud to feature this outstanding new young artist, well worthy of support.
17-year-old Anya Alchemy is a gritty singer-song writer from the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.
Anya first erupted into the music scene with her debut single ‘Home’ featuring popular Australian rapper Pez.
Home drew attention to the protection of childhood innocence in the face of threats
including underage marriage, child labour and violence.
Anya Alchemy is now releasing her second single, ‘For You’, a heart-grasping, acoustic track
exploring a collective history of one-sided love stories—recounting a narrative built from a collage of heartbreak. 
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Employing an articulate and polyphonic atmosphere of melodic guitars and string quartets, Anya has created a piece that
perfectly embodies the emotional build-up of this supercut of doomed romances. The minimalist lyric style cuts to the core
and plucks the heart strings, perfectly complimented by her intimate delivery.

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Anya is sure to become a rising star in Australian Music with her upcoming releases, but for now join her for a deep
and heartfelt experience lined with nostalgia as you listen to ‘For You’.

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