Jessie-May K Releases Single ‘Do What We Want’

"Jessie-May K Releases Single ‘Do What We Want’"

‘When I was little there was one thing I would always say. I’ve always clung to my independence like a badge of honour too precious to lose. So when others tried to reign authority over me or tell me what to do, my answer was always the same. “I can DO WHAT I WANT!”.

As one might have already suspected, this personal, inner fire was both good and bad depending on the situation. However, luckily as I grew, it was more often a positive trait and ended up saving me from a life of cycle repeating, bad decisions and abusive relationships. I’m very grateful that I kept such a strong connection to my inner compass and that I never lost that part of me. I made my own choices, I chose my own path.

Concealed inside the electronic, synthetic pop, is a mantra for individualism all can express. And I can only hope that if anyone out there relates, that they never forget, you can be whoever you choose to be, no matter what you’ve gone through, where you started, or who’s tried to tear you down. The only thing that is in charge of you is you. Live authentically, don’t be afraid to express yourself, stand up for what you believe in, this is YOUR life. Let’s do what we want.’

Another modern pop gem from young Central Coast singer Jessie -May K. The song has an intriguing telephone sound on the vocal chorus plus brilliant backing created by producers Dave Hunt (Sarah Blasko) and Andrew Beck (Steve Kilbey, Natalie Gauci). Mid tempo, great beats, hooks and plenty of lush vocals.

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About Jessie

Jessie-May K is a young, Singer, Songwriter, Director, Actor & Artist. Most successful as an internet personality, Jessie has released four singles and a collection of episodic works that accompanied their 5 track EP Zone Out (2020).

Originally trained in Musical Theatre, Jessie transferred to music when they were 16, teaching themselves guitar from YouTube to elevate their musical career, as they had been writing songs with lyrics and melody since they were 5 years old.

Jessie is passionate about social justice and activism, often releasing music about movements that are important to them, raising awareness and sharing donation links in the hopes it will make a difference. Jessie is Neurodivergent and was born with ASD, ADHD, OCD and developed PTSD as a result of their early hardships and extreme childhood trauma. Jessie believes that the world thrives on diversity and that benign individuality is something to be celebrated and not feared.


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