Adam Jones – Little Death

"Adam Jones – Little Death"
For lovers of 70’s Retro Soft Rock along the lines of Gerry Rafferty, Al Stewart and Cat Stevens this local Aussie Artist release is a winner. Sure to be Playing in a cafe near you right now.

Adam’s music is diverse with a range of subjects covered lyrically and a melodic fusion of folk, rock and blues. Adam has a deep voice which is often commented on for its quality and individual sound. He is a passionate performer and audiences respond well to his popular but unique style.

Earlier this year he recorded his debut album at Damien Gerard Studios in Balmain The album ‘Little Death’, was produced by Mark Cashin, Engineered by Russell Pilling and Mastered by ARIA nominee Peter Holz.

He has become a dedicated song writer, constantly honing his performance and song writing skills at hundreds of open mic nights and gigs with bands and as a solo performer. Adam will be performing in the Wollongong, Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle and touring the East Coast with a new band  to showcase ‘Little Death’.

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A chat with Dorina Morelli as she releases new album Make Believe

"A chat with Dorina Morelli as she releases new album Make Believe"

Dorina has her new Album Make Believe just out and we had a chat to her about how she became a singer / writer and her thoughts on influences and current artists – Spoiler – Cat Story Below……

Tell us about the moment you decided to become a singer? What did your family have to say about it?

I’ve been singing and dancing since I was 4 years old. Music was all I ever wanted to do. It was in the blood as my father played piano accordion in bands. I trained and performed to perfect my craft until I finally landed a gig that changed my life at age 21. My family could not understand my drive to become as singer and did not exactly encourage me but I did it anyway, and then they became my biggest fans.

What inspired you to become and artist and who are your early influences?

Early influences were obviously ABBA as a child. I had the pillow and socks! I also grew up with the Young Talent Time, and wanted nothing more than to be on that show. I got close as I attended their school. As a teenager I started to appreciate a great variety of singer songwriters from Rickie Lee Jones to Karen Carpenter, Sara Vaughan.

Tell us a little about your writing process, how does a song come along? What gets you going creatively?

I get so easily inspired to write when I hear a piece of music that stirs something in me, I cannot help but burst into song with a melody that I feel fits. Throw some matching lyrics in it and suddenly there is a song. On the other hand, words come to me from my own current situation as a form of expression. Then I’ll hear a tune in my head and bring to a great musician to flesh out the chords.

What current Australian acts inspire you and why? What international acts?

Locally, I’m a big fan of Meg Mac. I love her style and sentiment and expression. A great talent that I hope goes a long way. Internationally, I cannot go past Sheryl Crow. From her humble beginnings as a backing vocalist for Michael Jackson to becoming a prolific songwriter and not afraid to speak out, she is a true artist with amazing talent.

Tell us a little about your music and what a crowd can expect at a live show?

My music is basically feel-good music. As I age, I tend to write songs with uplifting and inspiring messages and I make my live shows much the same. Being a veteran on stage, I can sing anywhere, anytime without fear and give it my all. I love involving the audience to ensure that everybody has a good time. I also love to laugh so I make sure it’s fun for all.

Fave film? Fave Book? Fave place? Fave animal or pet?. And story if there is one

Film: Cinema Paradiso

Book: Anything by Dr. John Demartini

Place: Italy

Pet: Spooky (my cat) -Photo by Ron Lamoureux

2009_Spooky_Photo_by_RonLamoureuxSpooky is Canadian; I brought her back with me when I moved back home after 6 years in Winnipeg. Spooky is very relaxed and likes to travel. I built a little case for her to sit on the back of my bike so that she could come with me to work. People often stared and pointed in amazement with huge smiles on their faces. It was a sight to see. She would also follow me to work when I walked and again passer-by’s were amazed. But then it would take an hour of searching to get her to come home as she didn’t like the place I was living, especially the unruly dog!


What is the one thing you want/need that you think will make you a successful artist? Why?

I want and need YouTube subscribers and likes and people to listen and buy my music and visit my site and come to my shows and book me for house-gigs. I just want to get out there more and fully be who I was meant to be on this earth and entertain as only I know how. I want and need love from all of you!

What are your future plans for 2017/2018?

Future plans for the forthcoming year is to become a full time musician again. To record my next album, release it to a growing fan base, keep touring and doing what I love. I spent too long away from music and now I want embrace it all again totally! I hope you help me to do that and through the process I inspire you to do something you love! Thank you!


Soundslikecafe Feature Album

Dorina Morelli- Make Believe

"Dorina Morelli- Make Believe"

With her pedigree of being a world-class performer, Dorina Morelli is not afraid to admit she’s far from your average singer/songwriter.

Having spent 17 years in the world’s most successful tribute band Bjorn Again, Dorina has captivated audiences around the world and spent much of those years living outside of her Australian home country.

During that time and beyond she took many opportunities around the globe to co-write her own material.

This album was almost going to be called “Retrospective” as it has been hiding in the cupboard for so long but a “Make Believe” of timeless pop songs, can come true!

As Dorina returns to what she loves most in life, she hopes to inspire you to do the same!

We are sure you’ll enjoy this great new album, keep your ears open at your favourite cafe from this weekend on, or checkout the links below if you just can’t wait


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Also don’t forget to checkout our Blog Interview with Dorina who reveals much about her past – such as

  1. Tell us about the moment you decided to become a singer? What did your family have to say about it?

I’ve been singing and dancing since I was 4 years old. Music was all I ever wanted to do. It was in the blood as my father played paino accordian in bands. I trained and performed to perfect my craft until I finally landed a gig that changed my life at age 21.

My family could not understand my drive to become as singer and did not exactly encourage me but I did it anyway, and then they became my biggest fans.

Julie-Anne Marshall – New Single The Dawn

"Julie-Anne Marshall – New Single The Dawn"

Julie-Anne Marshall is an independent singer-songwriter from Adelaide who is influenced by the soft rock style of the 70’s, her songs are lightly touched by a myriad of genres ranging from rock, folk, country, jazz to blues and ballads.  ‘The Dawn’ single is the interlude between her debut album ‘Bluebird’ released 2016 and her follow-up album due early 2018. The Dawn talks to the heart of anyone who has had to re-discover their inner strength. It’s emotive and follows the ilk of Julie-Anne, her songs are lyric driven, her vocals are earthy yet ethereal.

Currently featured on our October playlist

Check it out here

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Joel Leffler – Auburn Hair

"Joel Leffler – Auburn Hair"

The Catchy new single from Joel Leffler has earnt him the feature artist spot on Soundslikecafe.

Following on from his successful Run With The Wolves release earlier this year
Joel Leffler drops new single Auburn Hair and heads out for some live shows including the launch  in Orange on September 30 to coincide with the Guinness World Record attempt for most Red Heads in one place.

The song Auburn Hair was born into this world as a love song dedication to Joel’s red headed fiancée, Heather.

Heather was born in Scotland, a country that claims its’ fair share of red heads, however Joel has always felt that in Australia auburn haired people have copped more than their quota of derogative comments throughout the years.

This song stands as a call to arms for red headed people & their admirers to come together in celebration of Australia’s and the World’s most colourful characters.

The new EP produced by ARIA nominated producer Pete Holz has taken a turn in direction from Joel’s first EP ‘Run With The Wolves’ which not only saw International radio airplay in USA & UK but made it to the ears of radio listeners all over Australia.

Auburn Hair is OUT NOW
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shows include 3 nights opening for Casey Donovan

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Tour Dates
September 30 – Auburn Hair – Single Launch – Wade Park, Orange NSW
October 18 – Special Guest for Casey Donovan – Brass Monkey, Cronulla NSW
October 19 – Special Guest for Casey Donovan – Leadbelly, Newtown NSW
October 20 – Special Guest for Casey Donovan – Centro CBD, Wollongong NSW
October 28 – Joel Leffler Headline – Rocksalt Tapas & Winebar, Menai NSW

See what else Joel is up to!


Joseph L Young – Ethereum

"Joseph L Young – Ethereum"

We are pleased to add this acclaimed album to our featured section –

Ethereum, the acclaimed fourth album from flutist/multi-instrumentalist Joseph L Young, cements his standing as one of the most talented artists in the world fusion/world flute genre on today’s instrumental music scene. Using a wide assortment of flutes from premier flute makers, as well as saxophone, percussion, and keyboards, Young weaves a captivating, immersive tapestry that sweeps the listener up, transporting them to a musical landscape suffused with beauty, mystery, and deep peace—in a word, mesmerizing. Your listeners will fall in love from the first track to the last note.


  1. Wavelength 3:48
  2. Ethereum 4:11
  3. Shimmer 3:26
  4. Boundless 3:27
  5. Illumination 4:39
  6. Past Lives 3:17
  7. Entangled 4:45
  8. Drift 3:43
  9. Free 5:27
  10. Crystal Sunrise 3:28
  11. Flirting with Fireflies 3:36
  12. Sapphire Moon 4:41

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Ethereum has performed superbly on both broadcast and Internet radio. It placed in the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 for seven months, debuting at #6. It reached #1 on One World Music’s Top 100 and was in the top 5 for seven months. Our Radio Place named it as #2 Best Album of 2016. One World Music named it #3 Best New Age Album in the same year. The Global Music Awards awarded Ethereum Triple Silver Medals for Outstanding Achievement: Composer, Instrumentalist, and Album. And the prestigious Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) selected the songs “Boundless,” “Ethereum,” and Past Lives” as finalists in the Native Spirit category.

Ethereum is an album of pure bliss; it has a perfect sense of balance in its overall manifestation and creation, the tones are calming, the flutes are Young’s paint brushes and here our artist in residence has demonstrated and exhibited his best works for us to all enjoy. … Joseph L Young and Ethereum, is a must for all who seek a little moment of sanity in a world filled with craziness.

Steve Sheppard/One World Music



Diana Anaid My Queen New Album and Tour

"Diana Anaid My Queen New Album and Tour"

Our Female Feature Album and Video for September is the eagerly awaited My Queen Alternative Singer Songwriter Album.

“My Queen” sees the return of a truly talented Aussie singer/songwriter, Diana Anaid.

Co-written with longtime guitarist Nathan Correy, My Queen’s 11 songs reveal the tremendous personal and musical growth of the artist with themes of endurance and transformation, capably backed by some of the countries best players and produced by ARIA award winner Steve James (Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees).

Diana takes lyrical inspiration from the transgender journey of her sister, with first two singles Can’t Apologise and Better Girl amongst the songs that empathise with her sisters inspiring story.

Her first album in 7 years, with video clip for Can’t Apologise by Rock n Roll Hall of Fame recipient Nick Egan (Oasis, Duran Duran )already premiered on The Music.

My Queen was mastered in the UK by Tim Young ( Massive Attack/Madonna ) and it’s list of impressive contributors help to create the album of Diana’s career.

Tour Dates

Sunday 17th September  Nimbin Roots Fest (DUO) . 2.30pm Nimbin Bush Theatre stage & 9pm Phoenix Rising Cafe stage

Thursday 12th October The Tivoli, Brisbane   Opening for Adam and the Ants

Friday 13th October Enmore Theatre, Sydney   Opening for Adam and the Ants

Sunday 15th October The Palais Theatre, Melbourne   Opening for Adam and the Ants

Monday 16th October Metropolis, Fremantle  Opening for Adam and the Ants

Sunday  22nd October Cruelty Free Festival Sydney Headline act (SOLO)

Wednesday November  1st- Fri 3rd Australian Music Week  Cronulla Sydney BAND SHOWCASE SET (TRIO)

Sunday November 12th World Vegan Day Melbourne Headline act (SOLO)

Track List

1/Into Your Heart

2/Better Girl

3/Can’t Apologise

4/Reassure Me

5/Mortify Me

6/My Queen


8/Twisted Love

9/Wish You Well

10.Leaving Town

11/Fallen For You

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Social media links

-Official site


Tania De Jong – Australian Soprano – New Album – Flying Free

"Tania De Jong – Australian Soprano – New Album – Flying Free"



Flying Free is a classical crossover recording bringing together the angelic voice of soprano Tania de Jong with the virtuosic genius of pianist, composer and arranger Anthony Barnhill. Also appearing on the album is one of Australia’s most acclaimed violinists Zoe Black and baritone Jonathan Morton. The album has been recorded with some of Australia’s leading musicians.

The album includes originals Flying Free and The Everlasting Light with compositions by Barnhill and lyrics by de Jong. There are also reinventions of some gorgeous standards including Shenandoah and Danny Boy and sacred songs including two versions of Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus and the Yiddish prayer Avinu Malkeinu. This incantation seeks compassion and peace and an end to war and famine, hate and oppression. Very timely in a world that is ever more divided.

The recording features the work of Schubert, Handel, Caccini, Dvorak, Lehar, Korngold and Gershwin though not always in the way you may expect. There is a divine and timeless nature to these incredible works and Barnhill has created some magical re-inventions.

The songs speak of love, compassion, hope, peace and light, which are very relevant to Tania’s inspirational work as Founder of Creativity Australia’s With One Voice. These innovative programs use the neuro-scientific benefits of singing and bring the fortunate and the marginalised together as ONE community to reduce growing inequality and create a sense of ‘WE’ rather than the current ‘us and them’ environment.

Official Worldwide Release Date Flying Free Single July 21(MGM) Digital Only
Flying Free Album Release September 1 (MGM)  CD and Digital(14 tracks)

 Flying Free

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  1. Flying Free [4:50]
  2. Shenandoah [4:16]
  3. Avinu Malkeinu [3:46]
  4. Ave Maria [4:17]
  5. Panis Angelicus [3:22]
  6. Ombra mai fu [2:46]
  7. Ave Maria [4:17]
  8. Song to the Moon [4:38]
  9. Danny Boy [4:38]
  10. Summertime [2:45]
  11. La vie en rose [3:53]
  12. Vilja Lied [3:07]

Plus Bonus tracks-            13. Glück das mir verblieb  [4:42]
14. Everlasting Light [4:25]

-Social media links

-Official site

YouTube channel

Sam Buckingham- New Album The Water

"Sam Buckingham- New Album The Water"

Our new feature album is the fabulous Sam Buckingham’s new album The Water – heading out to cafes for June to coincide with the start of her 3 month National Tour, just scroll down to this pages footer for the amazing title track video as well….

Four time finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, Sam has graced the stages of Australia’s premier music festivals and played alongside the likes of Katie Noonan, Megan Washington and Lior. At once a seasoned performer and an exciting emerging talent in Australia’s burgeoning singer/songwriter and Americana scenes, Sam Buckingham’s new album ‘The Water’ speaks true to the core of her reputation as an authentic and prolific songwriter, each song rich with intricate storytelling and her timeless and enduring voice.

“Gorgeous and moving… with an authenticity that is undeniable”The Au Review

The Album is OUT NOW -Get It Here

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1.The Water
2.Living In The Dark
3.In My Baby’s Arms
4.Compra Los Pantalones
6.Green Water
7.Little Old Train
10.Elephant Man
11.Hammer & Love
12.Little Water
Tour Dates
Sam is on tour RIGHT NOW Throughout JUNE/JULY/AUGUST
Catch her in your town soon – see dates here and click for tix
sam b tour datye header
For more info and all social media links see-

sam b blue dress